[54] Discover the Power of Unity: Incredible Examples of Collective Nouns with 'Union'

A collective noun refers to a group or collection of people, animals, or things. When it comes to examples of collective nouns with the word "union," multiple options associate with various groups coming together with a common purpose or goal.

1. Union of Workers: A union of workers symbolizes a collective noun that brings employees across different professions or industries together. Its purpose is to protect their rights, negotiate better working conditions, and advocate for fair treatment.

2. Union of States: In the context of political structure, a union of states represents the coming together of different regions or districts under one central governing body. These states collaborate to promote unity, address common issues, and drive progress collectively.

3. Union of Nations: Similarly, a union of nations refers to a group of countries joining forces with a shared goal of fostering peace, stability, economic cooperation, and cultural exchange among member states. Examples include the United Nations, European Union, or African Union.

4. Union of Artists: Creative professionals, such as painters, sculptors, writers, musicians, or actors, can form a union of artists. This collective aims to protect their rights, improve working conditions, negotiate fair contracts, and advocate for the arts on a larger stage.

5. Union of Professionals: Various professions within a specific industry or field may come together to form a union of professionals. The primary purpose here is to support members' career growth, establish professional standards, resolve workplace issues jointly, and ensure ethical practices.

6. Union of Students: Reflecting the interests of a student body, a union of students is often found within educational institutions, such as universities or schools. This union works toward enhancing students' welfare, amplifying their voice, organizing events, and coordinating student-led initiatives.

Overall, collective nouns incorporating the word "union" serve as a strong representation of diverse individuals or entities uniting under a common umbrella with shared objectives, whether in labor relations, politics, international affairs, creative industries, or educational environments.


Union Of Advocates

The Union of Advocates is a prominent and esteemed collective noun phrase that represents a group of highly skilled and dedicated legal professionals within a particular jurisdiction. As a tightly-knit network, they aim to provide expert legal services, g...

Example sentence

"The members of the Union of Advocates work tirelessly to promote justice and uphold the rule of law within our society."


Union Of Anthropologists

The Union of Anthropologists is a distinguished and collective noun phrase consisting of a group of highly knowledgeable and dedicated individuals. Comprised of experts from various subfields of anthropology, this collaborative body serves as a remarkable...

Example sentence

"The Union of Anthropologists is hosting a conference next month in which experts from various fields will share their research findings."


Union Of Architects

The Union of Architects is a prestigious collective noun phrase that embodies a group of highly skilled and knowledgeable professionals dedicated to architecture. Composed of architects from various disciplines, this collective serves as a prominent assoc...

Example sentence

"The Union of Architects held its annual conference in the grand ballroom."


Union Of Artisans

The Union of Artisans refers to a collective noun phrase that represents a group or organization comprised of skilled and dedicated craftsmen and artists from various trades. This harmonious collective endeavor focuses on preserving traditional craftsmans...

Example sentence

"The Union of Artisans gathered to celebrate their craftsmanship and exchange innovative ideas."


Union Of Aunts

The Union of Aunts represents a unique and extraordinary collective noun phrase that encompasses the gathering, coordination, and collective power of the esteemed aunts. It brings together a group of individuals that embody a nurturing and supportive fami...

Example sentence

"The Union of Aunts gathered at the family reunion, filling the room with wisdom and warmth."


Union Of Bakers

The Union of Bakers is a collective noun phrase that refers to a gathering or association of individuals who are professional bakers. This organized collective embodies the principles of collaboration, unity, and expertise within the art of baking. The ba...

Example sentence

"The Union of Bakers convened for their annual meeting to discuss industry trends and challenges."


Union Of Boys

The Union of Boys is a dynamic collective noun phrase used to describe a specific group of young males who have chosen to collaborate and work together towards common goals and objectives. This democratic alliance emphasizes cooperation, camaraderie, and ...

Example sentence

"The Union of Boys gathered in the park for their weekly meeting."


Union Of Brothers

The Union of Brothers refers to a group or collective of male siblings who have come together to accomplish a specific goal or share a common purpose. This phrase is metaphorically used to depict a harmonious and cohesive bond among these brothers, emphas...

Example sentence

"The Union of Brothers was a group of men dedicated to promoting camaraderie and support among siblings."


Union Of Chiefs

The Union of Chiefs is a powerful collective noun phrase that brings to mind an assembly or alliance of respected leaders in influential positions. It represents a group of chief executives, commanders, or authority figures who converge and collaborate to...

Example sentence

"The Union of Chiefs convened to discuss important matters pertaining to their communities."


Union Of Communists

The phrase Union of Communists is a collective noun phrase that refers to a group or organization comprising individuals who adhere to communist ideology and principles. As a collective, Union of Communists signifies the unity and solidarity of individual...

Example sentence

"The Union of Communists was founded in 1920, aiming to promote socialist ideals worldwide."

Some of these collective noun phrases are traditional, while others showcase a touch of creativity. Choose the one that best fits your narrative or discussion.

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