[28] Unleashing the Majesty of Language: Collective Noun Examples with Obeisance

Obeisance, derived from the Old French word obeir (meaning "to obey"), is a term used to describe a gesture or movement made to show respect, submission, or deference to someone of higher authority or social status. Although it is not extensively used, the term "collective noun examples with the word obeisance" could imply expressions of obeisance made collectively by a group of individuals as opposed to an individual act of reverence.

In the context of collective noun examples, one can envision scenarios where various groups or assemblies symbolically or ceremonially perform obeisance as a unifying gesture. Here are a few fictional collective nouns that could illustrate such a concept:

1. A Veil of Obeisance: Reimagining a veiled ritual followed by a collective act of obeisance, this collective noun represents a group of devout individuals uniting under a shared belief system to exhibit their deep respect and reverence to a deity, leader, or revered figure.

2. A Gatherage of Obeisance: This collective noun visualizes a scene where a multitude of people, whether in religious sanctuaries, ancestral gatherings, or political affiliations, convene to perform their respective obeisant customs with a perceptible sense of fulfillment by expressing their unity and loyalty towards a higher purpose or vision.

3. A Drapery of Obeisance: Imagining a scenario in a royal court or diplomatic gathering, this collective noun depicts dignitaries, officials, and envoys collectively curtseying, bowing, or paying obeisance before royalty or esteemed hosting figures. The theatrical drapery of respectful gestures constitutes a symbol of unity, acknowledgement, and diplomatic etiquette.

4. An Order of Obeisance: Representing an organized body or institution where routine ceremonies, rituals, or traditions emphasizing obeisance are practiced collectively, this collective noun refers to members of a specific establishment who gather together to demonstrate recognition, adherence, and deferential respect to their respective leaders, ideologies, or principles, fostering a sense of unity and solidarity.

It is important to note that these collective noun examples with the word "obeisance" are purely imaginative, created to exemplify a hypothetical scenario where groups partake in a collective gesture of reverence and obedience.


Obeisance Of Acolytes

An obeisance of acolytes refers to a group of individuals who are dedicated participants or followers in a certain field or organization. The term acolyte traditionally represents a person who assists in religious ceremonies, particularly within the Chris...

Example sentence

"As the High Priestess entered the temple, an obeisance of acolytes bowed in unison, showing their reverence for her."


Obeisance Of Admirers

Obeisance of Admirers is a collective noun phrase that encapsulates a group of individuals presenting great admiration, respect, and homage towards a person, idea, or concept. In this context, obeisance denotes a profound reverence, demonstrated through d...

Example sentence

"As the famous actor stepped onto the red carpet, an obeisance of admirers eagerly gathered, their eyes following his every move."


Obeisance Of Ambassadors

An obeisance of ambassadors refers to a gathering or group of diplomatic representatives who are sent by one country to another to promote friendly relations and negotiations. This unique collective noun phrase captures the profound respect and deference ...

Example sentence

"An obeisance of ambassadors gathered in the grand hall to show respect and honor to the visiting dignitaries."


Obeisance Of Apprentices

An Obeisance of Apprentices refers to a collective group or gathering of individuals who are currently undergoing training or apprenticeship in a particular field or discipline. In this context, obeisance signifies the homage or respect paid by these appr...

Example sentence

"An obeisance of apprentices gathered before their master, bowing respectfully in order to showcase their diligence and commitment to learning."


Obeisance Of Attendants

Obeisance of Attendants is a unique collective noun phrase that resonates with respect, elegance, and a sense of formality. It refers to a group of individuals who are trained and dedicated to fulfilling their roles as followers or supporters in various f...

Example sentence

"An obeisance of attendants gathered around the head of state, standing dutifully and attentively during the official address."


Obeisance Of Congregants

An Obeisance of Congregants is a truly awe-inspiring sight, as it refers to a gathering of individuals paying profound respect and deference in a religious setting. This collective noun phrase perfectly captures the atmosphere of reverence and obedience d...

Example sentence

"The obeisance of congregants bowed reverently before the altar, their collective act of submission showing deep respect for their religious ritual."


Obeisance Of Courtiers

An obeisance of courtiers refers to a group of individuals who are epitomes of etiquette and refined manners within a royal or imperial court setting. The use of the specifically chosen noun phrase highlights the formal and traditional nature of courtly l...

Example sentence

"An obeisance of courtiers gathered around the King, bowing deeply and expressing their utmost respect."


Obeisance Of Delegates

An obeisance of delegates refers to a group or assembly of individuals who have been chosen or appointed to represent a larger body or organization. The term obeisance implies a deep respect or deference, highlighting the significance of the delegates' ro...

Example sentence

"An obeisance of delegates could be seen at the conference as they greeted one another with nods and respect."


Obeisance Of Devotees

Obeisance of Devotees is a collective noun phrase that describes a group of individuals who profoundly demonstrate deep respect, loyalty, and devotion towards a person, deity, or a cause. Obeisance signifies a highly respectful and honoring gesture, often...

Example sentence

"An obeisance of devotees gathered at the temple, offering their prayers with unwavering faith."


Obeisance Of Disciples

Obeisance of Disciples is a compelling collective noun phrase that speaks to the depiction of a revered and devoted gathering of individuals. This phrase encompasses a sense of reverence and respect that permeates those who choose to pay homage or show de...

Example sentence

"As the master entered the room, an obeisance of disciples bowed deeply, humbling themselves before their wise leader."

Some of these collective noun phrases are traditional, while others showcase a touch of creativity. Choose the one that best fits your narrative or discussion.

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