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"A collective noun for knights is a 'chivalry.' As these brave and gallant individuals banded together to uphold the code of chivalry and protect their lord or kingdom, they formed an organized group known as a chivalry. Comparable to a brotherhood or fellowship, a chivalry united knights from various noble backgrounds, reinforcing their dedication to noble ideals, valiant prowess in battle, and the pursuit of honor. Throughout medieval times, these knights in distinctive armor, adorned with heraldic symbols and carrying their lances, swords, and shields, rode together into the fray, sharing valor and camaraderie in the face of danger. Whether participating in tournaments, undertaking epic quests, or marching to war, these noble companions embodied the esteemed ideals of courage, loyalty, and selflessness, leading them to be referred to collectively as a chivalry, a testament to their collective mission to preserve justice and defend their realm."


Assembly Of Knights

An assembly of knights refers to a group or gathering of highly skilled and noble warriors who are sworn to uphold chivalry and defend their kingdoms. This collective noun phrase evokes an image of bravery, camaraderie, and dedication to the code of honor...

Example sentence

"The grand hall filled with an exquisite assembly of knights as they prepared for battle."


Banner of Knights

A Banner of Knights refers toa group of knights gathered under one common banner or flag, symbolizing their allegiance to a particular leader or noble cause. Like a knight's coat of arms, the banner represents their house or faction, impart's the values t...

Example sentence

"The Banner of Knights rode valiantly into battle, their armor gleaming in the sunlight."


Brace Of Knights

Brace of Knights is a captivating and formidable collective noun phrase that designates a group of two brave, accomplished, and valiant knights. Derived from the Middle English word brace which means pair or couple, this phrase emphasizes the unity and sy...

Example sentence

"A brace of knights stood at attention, their armor glistening under the sun's rays."


Brigade Of Knights

A brigade of knights is a formidable and noble collective noun phrase used to describe a group of highly skilled and chivalrous warriors from medieval times. Comprised of courageous and loyal men who dedicated their lives to the pursuit of honor, justice,...

Example sentence

"A brigade of knights rode through the countryside, their armor glinting in the sunlight."


Cavalry Of Knights

A cavalry of knights is a spectacular and formidable group defined by skill, bravery, and unwavering dedication to chivalry. This collective noun phrase depicts a gathering of mounted warriors whose code of conduct requires both martial expertise and hono...

Example sentence

"The cavalry of knights charged forward with their lances leveled, ready to engage the enemy forces."


Charge Of Knights

A Charge of Knights is a resplendent and dynamic collective noun phrase that captures the essence of a bold and courageous cavalry unit. Evoking images of medieval chivalry, it brings to mind a dramatic and electrifying scene where a group of armored knig...

Example sentence

"The Charge of Knights made their way towards the castle in perfect formation."


Code Of Knights

Code of Knights is a powerful and impressive collective noun phrase that encapsulates a group of fierce and noble individuals united by the unyielding principles of chivalry, honor, and valor. Consisting of individuals who have excelled in various forms o...

Example sentence

"The Code of Knights is a set of principles and values that governs the behavior and conduct of knights in medieval times."


Company Of Knights

A Company of Knights refers to a group or assembly of individuals, typically men, who are knights or hold a high-ranking position within a medieval society. This noble collective seamlessly reflects the traditional chivalry, honor, and military prowess as...

Example sentence

"The Company of Knights rode through the village on their majestic horses, causing quite a commotion."


Court Of Knights

A Court of Knights refers to a prestigious group or an esteemed assembly of individuals who have been nobly bestowed with the distinguished title of a knight. This collective noun phrase evokes images of chivalry and valiant defenders of honor, as knights...

Example sentence

"In the medieval times, a powerful Court of Knights was established by the king to serve as his personal guard."


Crusade Of Knights

A Crusade of Knights carries a vivid and stirring image of courage, honor, and chivalry. Rediscovering an era marked by the heroic pursuit of noble causes and the defense of Christian ideals, this collective noun phrase refers to a group of valiant warrio...

Example sentence

"In the historic tale, a massive Crusade of Knights embarked upon a mission to reclaim the Holy Land."

Some of these collective noun phrases are traditional, while others showcase a touch of creativity. Choose the one that best fits your narrative or discussion.

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