[6] In the Animal Kingdom: Singular Wonder or Majestic Collective? Exploring Collective Noun Examples

A kingdom, in the context of collective nouns, can lay reference to a fictional or historical realm of power and authority. In this regard, it serves as a captivating and regal collective noun example. Kingdom is frequently used metaphorically as an allegory to describe a unified group or collection of living beings, objects, or ideas. Just as a monarch rules over a kingdom with a sense of supremacy and direction, a collective of entities associated with the word kingdom showcases similar unity under a common umbrella.

For instance, "a kingdom of writers" portrays a group of talented and skilled wordsmiths who collaboratively create literary masterpieces. Similarly, "a kingdom of musicians" signify a unified ensemble of exceptional musical talents, working collectively towards a singular aesthetic or vision. The sense of cohesion, coordination, and shared purpose inherent in these examples reflects the harmonious existence demonstrated within an actual kingdom.

Moreover, figuratively extending the concept, one could use the phrase "a kingdom of ideas" to refer to a profound collection of innovative and revolutionary concepts championed by exceptional thinkers. Furthermore, "a kingdom of species" terminology might encapsulate a biodiverse environment brimming with various flora and fauna sharing an ecosystem. Lastly, "a kingdom of fashion" aptly describes a vibrant creative community dedicated to exploring clothing trends, styles, and uniqueness.

In summary, the usage of kingdom in collective nouns signifies the cohesion, unity, and order that is inherently associated with monarchies. By utilizing this majestic collective noun example, we can effectively portray various groups, organizations, or collections embodying the attributes typically associated with a kingdom - a powerful assembly of subjects governed by shared goals and a sense of affiliation.


Kingdom Of Dinosaurs

The Kingdom of Dinosaurs is a captivating collective noun phrase that conjures up images of a long-lost world teeming with prehistoric giants. This evocative phrase refers to the ancient domain in which dinosaurs, the colossal reptilian rulers of Earth's ...

Example sentence

"The Kingdom of Dinosaurs once ruled the Earth millions of years ago."


Kingdom Of Humans

The collective noun phrase Kingdom of Humans is a captivating portrayal of the entirety of humanity united as a cohesive entity governed by common bonds and shared experiences. It symbolizes the harmonious domain where all individuals, irrespective of the...

Example sentence

"The Kingdom of Humans is a diverse and bustling society."


Kingdom Of Kings

The Kingdom of Kings is a grand and majestic collective noun phrase that represents a regal assemblage of powerful and influential rulers. Within the peaceful boundaries of this distinguished domain, kings from different realms congregate and merge their ...

Example sentence

"The Kingdom of Kings was a glorious empire ruled by an assembly of powerful monarchs."


Kingdom Of Princes

The collective noun phrase Kingdom of Princes alludes to an exceptional group of individuals encompassing royalty, nobility, or influential figures with princely Hereditary titles. Used to symbolize opulence, prestige, and regal superiority, this collecti...

Example sentence

"The Kingdom of Princes is a ruling body comprised of all the royal heirs from neighboring lands."


Kingdom Of Princesses

The collective noun phrase Kingdom of Princesses evokes an enchanting world filled with sovereignty, resplendence, and feminine power. Within this captivating realm, a multitude of princesses exist, each possessing unique qualities and exuding grace, eleg...

Example sentence

"The Kingdom of Princesses was a land filled with brave and kind-hearted women who ruled with grace and nobility."


Kingdom Of Queens

The Collective Noun Phrase Kingdom of Queens refers to a group or gathering of powerful, influential, and empowered women who operate as the rulers or leaders in their respective fields or communities. Within this majestic and harmonious collective, indiv...

Example sentence

"The Kingdom of Queens is known for its vibrant culture and unity among women leaders."

Some of these collective noun phrases are traditional, while others showcase a touch of creativity. Choose the one that best fits your narrative or discussion.


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