[43] The Regal Gathering: Exploring Collective Nouns for Ibises

Collective nouns are used to describe a group of animals belonging to the same species. When it comes to ibises, a collective noun such as "a colony of ibises" is commonly used. The term "colony" evokes the image of a cohesive group of ibises- distinctive birds known for their long, curved bills, elegant flight, and congregational behaviors.

Ibises are water-loving birds found across various regions, and they are known to gather in large numbers for feeding, roosting, or breeding purposes. Hence, the noun "colony" effectively captures the idea of an organized and coordinated collective. When a colony of ibises gathers, their combined presence creates a spectacle of beauty and collective activity.

Within this ibis colony, they are often observed engaging in synchronized behaviors, signaling a sense of unity and cooperation. The iridescent plumage of the birds stands out beautifully against the backdrop, creating a striking visual display. Both visually and behaviorally, a colony of ibises exemplifies a harmonious group dynamic in the avian world.

Moreover, "colony" emphasizes that these birds have established a place of their own, be it in marshes, wetlands, grasslands, or even coastal areas. Collecting as a community allows them to inhabit a shared environment with relative safety, as collectively, their alertness to predators is heightened.

In conclusion, a collective noun like "a colony of ibises" aptly captures the essence of ibises' communal behaviors and their striking presence as a group. These avian gatherings demonstrate the remarkable ability of these birds to adapt, communicate, and thrive as a unified collective.


Array Of Ibises

An array of Ibises is a fascinating sight to behold in nature. These magnificent birds, characterized by their long legs, slender bodies, and distinctive curved beaks, congregate in large groups known as arrays. Watch as this array gracefully takes flig...

Example sentence

"An impressive array of ibises could be seen gathered near the river, with their long beaks and brilliant white plumage standing out against the background."


Assembly Of Ibises

An assembly of Ibises refers to a group of these majestic and long-legged birds gathered together in one place. Ibises are known for their distinctive appearance and elegant demeanor, featuring long curving bills and vibrant feathers typically in shades o...

Example sentence

"An assembly of ibises gracefully strolled across the wetland, their long beaks perfectly poised for catching fish in the shallow water."


Band Of Ibises

A band of ibises refers to a captivating sight where a group of these elegant, long-legged birds congregate, displaying a strong sense of unity and grace. This collective noun phrase aptly captures the essence of their tight-knit social structure. As they...

Example sentence

"A band of ibises soared gracefully overhead, their long curved bills distinguishing them against the clear blue sky."


Bevy Of Ibises

A bevy of ibises refers to a captivating sight of beautiful ibises, a grouping of these fascinating long-legged wading birds. When a bevy of ibises is spotted, it is truly a spectacle to admire. These elegant creatures are often seen, with their long curv...

Example sentence

"I saw a beautiful bevy of ibises flying gracefully over the marshlands."


Brigade Of Ibises

A Brigade of Ibises is an awe-inspiring sight, as it represents a gathering of these graceful and exotic bird species. Ibises, known for their long curved bills and slender bodies, exhibit remarkable coordination and social behavior when they come togethe...

Example sentence

"A majestic brigade of ibises soared above the wetlands, their long curved beaks gleaming in the sunlight."


Brood Of Ibises

A brood of Ibises refers to a specific group or collection of Ibises, which are long-legged wading birds with distinctive curved bills. These graceful creatures are renowned for their elegance and communal behavior. When Ibises come together in a brood, i...

Example sentence

"A brood of Ibises gathered by the riverbank, their long curved beaks probing the water for food."


Cluster Of Ibises

A cluster of ibises refers to a group of these elegant, long-legged wading birds congregating together in their natural habitat. Known for their distinctive long curved bills and beautiful plumage, ibises form a mesmerizing spectacle as they gather in num...

Example sentence

"A cluster of ibises gracefully fish for their meals along the shore."


Collection Of Ibises

A collection of ibises refers to a group of these graceful and distinct wading birds that are mostly found near wetlands, marshes, and shallow water bodies. Known for their long, curved bills and unique appearance, ibises are easily recognizable in this c...

Example sentence

"A collection of ibises gracefully flew over the river, their long curved beaks glistening in the sunlight."


Colony Of Ibises

A colony of ibises is a magnificent gathering of these elegant long-legged birds. These gregarious creatures prefer to live and nest in large groups, often in wetland areas near rivers, lakes, and marshlands. Their crests, longish curved beaks, and vibran...

Example sentence

"The colony of ibises was a magnificent sight as they flew gracefully in formation."


Company Of Ibises

A company of ibises is a captivating sight to behold, a congregation of these magnificent long-legged birds, aptly named for their distinctive curved bills. With an air of elegance and grace, a company of ibises captivates observers with their distinctive...

Example sentence

"A company of ibises flew gracefully across the sky, their wings gliding effortlessly in perfect formation."

Some of these collective noun phrases are traditional, while others showcase a touch of creativity. Choose the one that best fits your narrative or discussion.

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