[22] Grouse Galore: Unveiling the Fantastical Collective Nouns for Grouse!

A collective noun is a term used to refer to a group of animals, objects, or people. When it comes to grouse, several collective nouns are commonly used to describe different configurations of these fascinating birds.

A "covey" is the most recognized collective noun for grouse and can refer to a group of chickens or other game birds, but it especially pertains to various species of grouse, such as ruffed grouse and sage grouse. A covey typically consists of a compact gathering of grouse, typically ranging from a few individuals to a dozen birds.

Another collective noun used for grouse is a "leash". Traditionally used in Scotland, this term indicates a group of three specific species of grouse: red grouse, black grouse, and ptarmigan. A leash often includes a male and two females and is used mainly would mainly be seen during the breeding season.

For a larger number of grouse, "pack" or "swarm" may be used. These terms are less common but still appropriate for larger groups, providing a vivid image of numerous birds congregating together. These collective nouns might apply during specific times of the year when gathering occurs, such as mating rituals or winter roosting.

These collective nouns capture the essence of the different formations and behavior displayed by grouse. It is worth noting that the usage and acceptability of certain collective nouns may vary depending on regional language conventions, personal preference, or even the species of grouse being referred to. Nonetheless, they all evoke a sense of unity and recognition in describing these beautiful birds in group settings.


Bevy Of Grouse

A bevy of grouse is a charming and picturesque scene that evokes visions of the natural world. This collective noun phrase refers to a group of closely-knit birds known as grouse, which are typically found foraging and inhabiting various forested areas or...

Example sentence

"A bevy of grouse suddenly flew out of the tall grass, startling the hikers nearby."


Brace of Grouse

Brace of Grouse is a vivid collective noun phrase that typically refers to a small gathering or pair of birds belonging to the grouse family. Known for their remarkable beauty, remarkable adaptability, and challenging hunting pursue, the Grouse is a rem...

Example sentence

"A brace of grouse flew over the meadow, their feathers shimmering in the sunlight."


Breast Of Grouse

Breast of Grouse is a captivating collective noun phrase that refers to a group of one of the most sought-after game birds, the grouse, specifically emphasizing their succulent breast meat. Grouse are medium to large-sized birds belonging to the Phasianid...

Example sentence

"The recipe called for Breast of Grouse, a delicacy known for its rich flavour."


Brood of Grouse

A brood of grouse refers to a group of these distinctive game birds that congregate together. Grouse are characterized by their impressive plumage, compact bodies, and distinct fan-shaped tails. When referring to them as a brood, it typically denotes a sp...

Example sentence

"A brood of grouse gathered at the water's edge, their feathers gleaming in the sunlight."


Brush Of Grouse

A brush of grouse refers to a group of grouse birds gathered together in a specific setting. Grouse are plump, round-bodied game birds belonging to the subfamily Tetraoninae. Known for their feathered legs and short, sturdy bills, these ground-dwelling bi...

Example sentence

"As people walked among the trees, a brush of grouse suddenly took flight, their wings beating in perfect synchronization."


Bustle Of Grouse

A bustle of grouse is a charming and picturesque collective noun phrase that refers to a group of grouse, fascinating upland game birds known for their stocky build and intricate plumage. The term bustle evokes a sense of energetic activity, capturing the...

Example sentence

"As the morning sun rose, a bustle of grouse emerged from their roosts, stretching their wings and fluffing their feathers."


Cluck Of Grouse

A Cluck of Grouse is a unique collective noun phrase used to describe a gathering or group of grouse birds. Grouse are medium-sized, ground-dwelling birds belonging to the family Tetraonidae. Found across several continents, these birds are known for thei...

Example sentence

"A Cluck of Grouse was seen foraging for food in the dense underbrush."


Covey of Grouse

A covey of grouse refers to a unique and remarkable gathering of grouse, a type of bird species that are known for their intriguing behaviors and distinct appearances. The noun covey signifies a group or assembly of these remarkable creatures, displaying ...

Example sentence

"A covey of grouse startled me as I wandered through the woods."


Display Of Grouse

A display of grouse refers to a gathering or assembly of these fascinating birds. Grouse, which are medium-sized, plump-bodied birds with feathered legs, are known for their magnificent displays during mating season. This display of grouse is a spectacle ...

Example sentence

"During the fall season, we witnessed a magnificent display of grouse in the dense forests."


Drumming Of Grouse

A drumming of grouse is a captivating collective noun phrase used to describe a gathering or flock of these wonderful birds. Grouse are known for their beautifully intricate plumage and distinctive behaviors, and when many of them come together, they crea...

Example sentence

"The forests came alive with the rhythmic drumming of grouse, as the males showcased their brilliant plumage and displayed their territorial might."

Some of these collective noun phrases are traditional, while others showcase a touch of creativity. Choose the one that best fits your narrative or discussion.

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