[4] Going Down the Flush: A Curious Collection of Collective Noun Examples

Flush is often used as a collective noun to refer to a group of birds of the same species spontaneously taking off together from a common location. It is commonly used in the context of game birds such as ducks or grouse. When a group of these birds suddenly leaves their hiding places en masse, it creates a spectacular sight and a burst of wings can be heard. This usually occurs when a perceived threat, such as a predator or disturbed tranquility, causes the birds to scatter simultaneously to evade danger. The term "flush" eloquently captures this occurrence as it signifies the sudden, synchronized movement of the birds. Whether it is a flurry of ducks rising off a placid pond or a cacophony of grouse dispersing from dense bushes, witnessing a flush of birds can be an awe-inspiring display of nature's harmony and adaptation.


Flush of Ducks

A flush of Ducks is a collective noun phrase used to describe a group of ducks coming into flight or taking to the water simultaneously. This imagery represents the dynamic nature of a group of ducks when startled or in synchronization. As these birds bur...

Example sentence

"I spotted a magnificent flush of ducks gracefully gliding across the shimmering lake."


Flush of Mallards

Flush of Mallards is a captivating collective noun phrase used to refer to a group of mallards in flight or disturbance, adding depth to the evocative imagery surrounding this beautiful gathering of ducks. The word flush particularly amplifies the sense o...

Example sentence

"I spotted a colorful flush of mallards swimming gracefully in the lake as I took a walk in the park."


Flush Of Mushrooms

A flush of mushrooms is a captivating sight that brings to mind a mystical realm of nature. Primarily used to describe a group or gathering of mushrooms, this collective noun phrase highlights the multitude and abundance of these fascinating fungi. When a...

Example sentence

"While hiking in the woods, we stumbled upon a flush of mushrooms growing on the decaying tree trunk."


Flush Of Pheasants

A flush of pheasants refers to a group or gathering of these majestic birds. The collective noun flush invokes the image of pheasants suddenly and fleetingly taking flight together, resulting in an impressive visual display. Pheasants, known for their vib...

Example sentence

"We spotted a magnificent flush of pheasants emerging from the tall grasses."

Some of these collective noun phrases are traditional, while others showcase a touch of creativity. Choose the one that best fits your narrative or discussion.


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