[17] Factions in Action: Exploring Collective Noun Examples in Various Contexts

A collective noun is a type of noun that names a group of individuals or things. When it comes to grouping people with divided interests or motives, the word "faction" is commonly used. A faction is a collective noun that refers to a small, organized subgroup within a larger group or society, typically characterized by distinctive goals, beliefs, or ideologies. It represents a subset of individuals united by a sense of shared purpose, often separating themselves from the broader population.

Here, society's inherent diversity and diverging viewpoints give rise to numerous factions that act as distinct entities within the whole. These factions can represent various interests, political ideologies, religious beliefs, or even rivaling cults. The primary feature of a faction is its self-identification and separation from the larger group, operating with a higher level of cohesion and common goals.

Examples of factions can be seen across numerous areas of human life. In political settings, factions may emerge within political parties, identifying with specific ideologies like conservative or progressive. They unite to advocate for particular policies or causes, such as a faction pushing for environmental regulations or tax reforms.

Within historical narratives, factions can often be found, often representing opposing sides during significant events or conflicts. For instance, during the American Civil War, the factions were divided between the Unionists and the Confederates, both seeking their own sovereignty and political systems.

Furthermore, religious organizations can also experience factions, where differing beliefs or interpretations lead to divisions within the faith community. This can result in the creation of distinct sects or splinter groups, coexisting alongside and often in contrast to the wider constituted religion.

It is important to note that although factions may operate independently, they do not represent the entire spectrum of beliefs within a group or society. They are a specific subset, embarking upon achieving their goals or promoting their interests in distinct ways. The concept of factions exemplifies the diversity and complexity inherent in human societies, highlighting the coexistence of a variety of interests and opinions within a larger collective.


Faction Of Communists

A faction of Communists refers to a cohesive group or segment of individuals who advocate for and support the principles and ideology of Communism. United by a common political, social, and economic vision, this collective noun phrase portrays a group of ...

Example sentence

"A faction of Communists gathered in secret to discuss their revolutionary plans."


Faction Of Conservatives

A faction of conservatives refers to a group or subset of individuals within the conservative ideology or political spectrum who unite with a shared set of values, beliefs, or objectives. As a collective noun phrase, faction emphasizes the existence of di...

Example sentence

"The faction of conservatives in the party is known for its strong stance on fiscal responsibility."


Faction Of Courtiers

A faction of courtiers is a descriptive term referring to a distinct group or faction composed of individuals who are influential members of a royal or noble court. Courtiers are individuals who reside at a court, typically serving in a variety of roles l...

Example sentence

"The Faction of Courtiers was divided on the issue of taxation, with some advocating for higher levies and others fervently arguing against it."


Faction Of Democrats

Faction of Democrats refers to a group or subset within the Democratic party that shares common interests, values, or policy goals, while having distinct perspectives or approaches. Unlike the monolithic image of Democrats as a single unified entity, a Fa...

Example sentence

"The faction of Democrats who supported healthcare reform celebrated the passage of the historic bill."


Faction Of Elves

A Faction of Elves refers to a specific group or branch of elves who have come together with a common purpose, shared goals, or similar ideals. The term faction signifies a division within a larger group, suggesting that this particular collective noun ph...

Example sentence

"A faction of Elves gathered in the enchanted forest, their diverse magical abilities sparking with energy."


Faction Of Generals

A faction of generals refers to a specialized collective noun phrase that connotes a group of highly experienced, influential, and distinguished military leaders who hold powerful positions within a larger armed forces hierarchy. In terms of military spec...

Example sentence

"The Faction of Generals met in secret to discuss their plans for the upcoming war."


Faction Of Gossips

A faction of gossips is a highly engaging and - to some, somewhat intriguing - group of individuals who possess an insatiable curiosity for the latest tidbits of information, rumors, and secrets circulating within their social circles. This collective nou...

Example sentence

"The faction of gossips gathered eagerly around the water cooler, whispering scandalous details about their unsuspecting colleagues."


Faction Of Haters

A Faction of Haters refers to a particular group or assembly of individuals who share a common bond of animosity or spite towards a specific person, concept, or entity. This collective noun phrase characterizes a cohesive group that derives a sense of ide...

Example sentence

"The faction of haters seems to grow stronger every day, spreading negativity wherever they go."


Faction Of Hoodlums

A faction of hoodlums is a term coined to describe a group of lawless individuals who operate with a common purpose and engage in criminal activities. Faction denotes the internal divisions within this collective, highlighting the various subgroups or riv...

Example sentence

"A faction of hoodlums was seen roaming the streets, causing havoc and unrest in the neighborhood."


Faction Of Liberals

A faction of liberals refers to a group or body of individuals who identify themselves as liberals and share similar political beliefs and ideologies. This collective noun phrase is often used to depict a specific subset or subgroup within the broader lib...

Example sentence

"The faction of Liberals in Congress can be seen advocating for progressive policies and social justice reforms."

Some of these collective noun phrases are traditional, while others showcase a touch of creativity. Choose the one that best fits your narrative or discussion.

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