[11] Elevate Your Vocabulary: Exploring Echelon in Collective Nouns

Echelon is a term used to describe a hierarchical arrangement or ranking system. When it comes to collective nouns, echelon is more commonly seen as a word to denote a group or collection of individuals or ranks within a certain field or domain. These individuals typically share a common purpose or occupy similar positions within the hierarchy.

Here are a few examples of collective noun usage with the word echelon:

1. Military Echelons: Referring to different levels or layers of military ranks, such as generals, officers, soldiers, or divisions within a particular force. For example, "The highest echelon of the military comprised military officers from various branches."

2. Corporate Echelons: Depicting different hierarchical levels within a business, like executives, managers, supervisors, or staff members. For instance, "The topmost echelon of the corporation held the responsibility for strategic decision-making."

3. Academic Echelons: Representing various levels of academic positions or title holders in an institution, including professors, associate professors, lecturers, or researchers. For instance, "The highest scholarly echelon was populated by esteemed professors renowned in their respective fields of study."

4. Political Echelons: Signifying different levels of political power, officials, or representatives in a government. For example, "The political echelon consisted of elected officials, ranging from local representatives to members of the national cabinet."

In each usage, echelon describes not just a collection of individuals, but a hierarchical system in which those individuals play distinct roles and possess varying degrees of authority or expertise.


Echelon Of Bees

An Echelon of Bees is a captivating collective noun phrase that evokes imagery of a mesmerizing formation taking to the skies. It refers to a group or collection of bees tirelessly working together in complete synchronization and organization. Just like e...

Example sentence

"An echelon of bees could be seen buzzing around the garden, diligently collecting nectar from the flowers."


Echelon Of Cars

An Echelon of Cars refers to a visually striking sight where a group of vehicles are stretched out uniformly, typically in a line or formation. Comparable to a beautiful choreography, this collective noun phrase captures the meticulous arrangement and pre...

Example sentence

"The annual car show showcased an extensive echelon of cars, ranging from classic models to futuristic prototypes."


Echelon Of Cyclists

Echelon of Cyclists denotes an assemblage of individuals united by their shared love and passion for cycling. This collective noun phrase encompasses a dynamic group of cyclists forming a distinctive formation while riding together, reminiscent of a perfe...

Example sentence

"An echelon of cyclists battled the treacherous winds as they cycled up the steep mountainous terrain."


Echelon Of Marchers

An echelon of marchers signifies a group or formation of individuals moving together with a shared purpose in a synchronized manner, creating a visually striking and compelling sight. The word echelon conveys a well-ordered hierarchy, signifying the organ...

Example sentence

"An echelon of marchers took to the streets, raising their voices for justice and equality."


Echelon Of Motorbikes

An echelon of motorbikes is a visually stunning display of power and precision, characterized by a well-coordinated formation of motorcycles, each placed at slightly different heights, forming an angled structure. The term echelon signifies an organized a...

Example sentence

"As the parade began, an echelon of motorbikes revved up their engines in synchrony."


Echelon Of Runners

Echelon of Runners is a powerful collective noun phrase that evokes imagery of a unified and focused formation of dedicated athletes, driven by their love for running. Derived from a military term, echelon, meaning a row or level, this phrase implies a hi...

Example sentence

"An echelon of runners can be seen sprinting through the park, legs pumping and hearts racing."


Echelon Of Sailboats

An echelon of sailboats is a breathtaking sight to behold, as it encompasses a majestic collection of these elegant vessels navigating the open waters in a harmonious formation. This collective noun phrase aptly captures the organized and strategic arrang...

Example sentence

"An echelon of sailboats gracefully glided across the open ocean, their colorful sails billowing in the wind."


Echelon Of Skaters

An echelon of skaters refers to a group or formation of individuals skating together in a calculated and synchronized manner. Just as echelons in other realms, such as military or aviation, involve individuals arranged in a distinctive line or staggered p...

Example sentence

"An echelon of skaters gracefully glided across the ice, effortlessly performing their intricate routines."


Echelon Of Skiers

Echelon of Skiers is a captivating collective noun phrase that refers to a group or gathering of skilled winter sport enthusiasts who share a passion for skiing. Just like echelon formations encountered in military or cycling contexts, this term paints a ...

Example sentence

"An echelon of skiers lined up at the top of the slope, eagerly awaiting their turn to glide down the mountain."


Echelon Of Snowboarders

Echelon of Snowboarders refers to a captivating sight on the slopes, where a group of snowboarders glide down a mountain in synchronized motion, displaying skill, agility, and camaraderie. As shimmering sunlight reflects off the pristine snow, this collec...

Example sentence

"An echelon of snowboarders descended down the slope, gracefully carving their way through the fresh powder."

Some of these collective noun phrases are traditional, while others showcase a touch of creativity. Choose the one that best fits your narrative or discussion.

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