[51] The Danger Dares: Exploring Unique Collective Noun Examples with a Spooky Twist

A collective noun is a word used to describe a group of people, animals, or objects. When combined with the word "danger," these collective nouns represent groups that are associated with risky or perilous situations. Here are some examples of collective nouns with the word "danger":

1. Cluster of Bombs: This collective noun refers to a group of explosive devices that pose a potential threat of causing harm or damage.

2. Mob of Protesters: This collective noun denotes a large assembly of people who have gathered together to express their dissent or opposition to specific issues, often involving potential risks, dangers, or conflicts.

3. Troop of Snipers: This collective noun depicts a group of highly skilled marksmen trained in precision shooting, often deployed in high-risk scenarios or combat situations.

4. Herd of Predators: This collective noun characterizes a group of wild animals characterized by their carnivorous instincts, often found hunting for prey, presenting a danger to other animals in their environment.

5. band of Robbers: This collective noun signifies a gang or group of thieves who cunningly band together to carry out illicit activities that pose a risk to victims and society.

6. Swarm of Hornets: This collective noun describes a large group of highly aggressive stinging insects known for their painful and dangerous venom, emphasizing the imminent threat they pose.

7. Bundle of Live Wires: This collective noun portrays a collection of exposed electrical cables charged with electric current, highlighting the inherent danger of coming into contact with them.

Overall, these examples illustrate how collective nouns can be effectively combined with "danger" to convey a sense of risk, peril, or vulnerability associated with specific groups.


Abyss Of Danger

An abyss of danger is a gripping and evocative collective noun phrase that conjures a sense of imminent peril and uncertainty. It paints a vivid picture of a vast, ominous chasm filled with perils from every imaginable corner. The word abyss brings forth ...


Barrage Of Danger

A barrage of danger represents an overwhelming onslaught or bombardment of various threats and perils. This collective noun phrase describes a situation or environment characterized by an intense and constant presence of imminent harm and adversities. Lik...


Cascade Of Danger

A cascade of danger refers to a formidable and alarming sight, characterized by a continuous and relentless series of hazardous events or situations that unfold rapidly and sequentially. This collection of perils seems to cascade or flow one after the oth...


Cluster Of Danger

A cluster of danger refers to a bewildering collection or grouping of hazardous or threatening elements looming in a particular setting. This collective noun phrase vividly conveys the notion of multiple perils converging together, creating an intensified...


Danger Of Adversaries

The collective noun phrase Danger of Adversaries refers to a group or gathering of adversaries that pose a significant risk or threat. An adversary typically signifies an opponent, rival, or enemy, and when used collectively as a danger, it emphasizes the...


Danger Of Aggressors

The collective noun phrase Danger of Aggressors refers to a group of individuals or entities who pose a significant threat or risk due to their aggressive nature or tendencies. This phrase represents a concise and impactful way to describe a situation or ...


Danger Of Alligators

A danger of alligators, a truly ominous collective noun phrase, refers to a group or assemblage of these formidable reptiles lurking in their natural habitat. Danger implies an imminent risk or potential harm associated with encountering alligators in the...

Example sentence

"The danger of alligators becomes more pronounced during mating season when these predatory reptiles can exhibit more aggressive behavior."


Danger Of Challenges

A danger of challenges refers to a collective group or gathering of various potentially risky or demanding tasks or obstacles. This phrase encompasses the idea of a multitude of challenges, each carrying its own set of risks and potential harm. The term d...


Danger Of Cliffs

A danger of cliffs is a collective noun phrase that refers to a group or collection of cliffs that collectively pose a significant threat or potential harm due to their natural characteristics and hazardous nature. Cliffs, sturdy edges of rock or land tha...


Danger Of Complications

A Danger of Complications refers to a group of potential issues or challenges that could arise in a particular situation. This collective noun encompasses all the possible pitfalls, hurdles, and complex circumstances that may lead to adverse outcomes or h...

Some of these collective noun phrases are traditional, while others showcase a touch of creativity. Choose the one that best fits your narrative or discussion.

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