[3] Cortege: Unveiling the Beauty of Unique Collective Nouns

A cortege, in the context of collective nouns, refers to a group or procession of individuals that typically accompanies an important figure or participate in a ceremonial event. This collective noun exemplifies a sense of elegance, grandeur, and formality. One can imagine a cortege as a procession surrounding a highly esteemed person, often involving honor and respect.

Examples of collective nouns using the term "cortege" could include:

1. Royal Cortege: This would refer to the entourage of individuals accompanying members of a royal family during official ceremonies, such as a coronation or a funeral.

2. Funeral Cortege: In this case, it would portray the group of mourners, family members, friends, and attendants who make up the procession during a funeral or memorial service.

3. Presidential Cortege: This collective noun describes the entourage accompanying a president or head of state during public appearances, inaugurations, or official events.

4. Wedding Cortege: This term refers to the group of people escorting or following the bride and groom during the marriage ceremony and processional.

5. State Cortege: This would depict the prominent dignitaries, members of the government, and political officials comprising the procession or convoy during state visits or official state funerals.

These examples illustrate how the term "cortege" lends an air of ceremony, elegance, and reverence to collectives that are connected to influential events or people.


Cortege Of Deer

A cortege of deer refers to a group or procession of these elegant and majestic animals. Derived from the French word cortège, which means a ceremonial procession, this collective noun phrase beautifully captures the presence and grace of a gathering of ...

Example sentence

"As I wandered quietly through the dense forest, a cortege of deer suddenly emerged from amidst the trees, their graceful movements in perfect sync."


Cortege of Mourners

A Cortege of Mourners refers to a solemn and somber group of individuals who gather together to pay their respects and express grief at a funeral or memorial service. This collective noun phrase particularly emphasizes the visual impact of an organized pr...

Example sentence

"The cortege of mourners followed the hearse to the graveyard in a solemn procession."


Cortege Of Ships

A cortege of ships refers to a grand procession of marine vessels acting in unison or sailing together. This collective noun phrase evokes a sense of majesty and grandeur while also showcasing the power and grace of multiple ships moving in rhythm. The te...

Example sentence

"A grand cortege of ships sailed into the harbor, their sails billowing in the wind."

Some of these collective noun phrases are traditional, while others showcase a touch of creativity. Choose the one that best fits your narrative or discussion.

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