[1] The Elusive Cabal: A Rogue's Gallery of Collective Noun Examples

A cabal is a secretive and clandestine group of individuals or entities who conspire together for a specific purpose. As a collective noun, "cabal" is used to describe a powerful and influential group that operates behind the scenes, usually involving politics, business, or a combination of both. These secretive cabals often work relentlessly to achieve their objectives, wielding their influence and intelligence with utmost discretion.

Examples of collectives that can be described as a "cabal" include:

1. The Political Cabal: This group comprises influential politicians, lobbyists, and behind-the-scenes power players who collaborate to manipulate the political landscape, shape policies, or advance certain agendas that may not align with the public's best interest.

2. The Corporate Cabal: In the business world, a corporate cabal refers to a group of high-ranking executives or board members who strategically come together to enforce their interests, influence key decisions, consolidate power, and maintain their dominance over a particular industry.

3. The Intelligence Cabal: Within the realm of intelligence agencies, a covert cabal may form when agents, spies, or operatives secretly join forces to carry out operations beyond the knowledge of their respective governments. These clandestine gatherings often involve exchanging sensitive information, orchestrating covert missions, or manipulating information resources on a global scale.

4. The Financial Cabal: This collective term could refer to a group of influential individuals, such as bankers, investors, or hedge fund managers, who collaborate informally to control financial markets, exploit regulatory loopholes, or execute various financial maneuvers for their personal gain, often raising concerns about the fairness and ethics of their actions.

In summary, the word "cabal" is used as a collective noun to describe a secretive and scheming group of individuals or entities united by a common objective or agenda. The activities of such cabals are often driven by power, influence, and secrecy, giving them an aura of mystery and intrigue.


Cabal Of Toucans

A Cabal of Toucans is an intriguing and evocative collective noun phrase used to describe a particular grouping of toucans. A cabal typically refers to a secret, exclusive, or conspiratorial group, and when applied to toucans, it adds a mystique and encha...

Example sentence

"A cabal of toucans flew in perfect formation through the lush rainforest canopy, their vibrant plumage and distinctive beaks creating a mesmerizing sight."

Some of these collective noun phrases are traditional, while others showcase a touch of creativity. Choose the one that best fits your narrative or discussion.

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