[112] A Gallantry of Unicorn Riders: Collective Noun Examples Explained with the Word 'Brigade'

A brigade is a powerful and unified force, consisting of a group of individuals with similar skills, tasks, or goals. As a collective noun, it represents bringing together a large number of people to efficiently work towards a common objective. Commonly used in military and emergency service contexts, a brigade encapsulates a sense of hierarchical structure, coordination, and discipline.

Here are a few examples of collective nouns featuring the word "brigade":

1. Fire Brigade: Comprised of firefighters and specialized personnel, a fire brigade acts as an organized unit with the purpose of combating fires and rescuing people, animals, and property from potentially dangerous situations.

2. Health Brigade: A health brigade, often known as a medical or healthcare brigade, refers to a group of medical professionals, such as doctors, nurses, and volunteers, who collaborate to provide vital healthcare services to vulnerable or underserved communities.

3. Kitchen Brigade: In the gastronomy world, a kitchen brigade signifies the team working in a professional kitchen. Led by a head chef, it includes various positions like sous-chefs, line cooks, pastry chefs, and dishwashers, working in harmony to create exquisite culinary offerings.

4. Civilian Brigade: A civilian brigade is an assembly of individuals from different backgrounds, united by a strong sense of activism or a common objective. It emerges in various scenarios like election campaigns, community service projects, or social movements and promotes the power of collective action.

5. Combat Brigade: Commonly used in military contexts, a combat brigade symbolizes a fighting unit within an army. It usually consists of soldiers with specialized training, assigned to perform specific combat operations or missions under the command of a brigadier general.

In each example, a brigade serves as a collective and unified force, utilizing the variety of skills and dedication of its members to achieve a particular goal. Whether it is firefighting, healthcare provision, culinary expertise, social initiatives, or military engagements, brigades epitomize the power and efficacy of collective efforts.


Brigade Of Advocates

A Brigade of Advocates is a befitting term used to describe a group of dedicated and highly skilled legal professionals who share a common goal of supporting, defending and championing the rights and interests of their clients in various legal matters. Th...

Example sentence

"The Brigade of Advocates rallied together to bring attention to the housing crisis in the city."


Brigade Of Aeroplanes

A Brigade of Aeroplanes is a spectacular sight to behold in the skies. The term brigade denotes a large group of military units, signifying the awe-inspiring strength and coordination of these airborne machines. Imagine the sight of numerous aircraft soar...

Example sentence

"The Brigade of Aeroplanes flew overhead in perfect formation, awe-inspiring spectators below with their synchronized maneuvers."


Brigade Of Artillery

Brigade of Artillery refers to a specific collective noun phrase used to denote a group or unit of military personnel specializing in the field of artillery. As a cohesive force, this brigade harnesses their skills and expertise to effectively operate art...

Example sentence

"The Brigade of Artillery showcased their skills during the annual artillery exhibition."


Brigade Of Artisans

The phrase Brigade of Artisans aptly conveys a truly dynamic collective of skilled craftspeople and creative individuals dedicated to the pursuit of artistic excellence. The word brigade adds a sense of camaraderie and united action, reflecting their join...

Example sentence

"A brigade of artisans gathered in the workshop, each of them wielding different tools as they worked on their individual masterpieces."


Brigade Of Athletes

A brigade of athletes refers to a remarkable and ambitious group of individuals who are dedicated to excelling in various sporting disciplines. United by their passion, determination, and shared pursuit of achievement, this collective noun phrase encapsul...

Example sentence

"The Brigade of Athletes trained diligently for months in preparation for the upcoming tournament."


Brigade Of Aunts

A Brigade of Aunts is a delightful and endearing collective noun phrase that brings to mind a group of cheerful, caring, and authoritative women. Extending far beyond familial ties, this brigade can include aunts' fellow sisters, friends, and a range of o...

Example sentence

"When the news broke that I was starting a new job, I immediately received a brigade of aunts filling my house with flowers and congratulations."


Brigade Of Baboons

A brigade of baboons refers to a group of these curious and intelligent primates. Known for their distinct social structures and complex behaviors, baboons are often found gathering together in troops or brigades, which can consist of several dozen or eve...

Example sentence

"As I walked through the African savannah, I saw a large Brigade of Baboons climbing the trees and foraging for food."


Brigade Of Bakers

A Brigade of Bakers is a captivating collective noun phrase that brings together a group of skilled culinary artisans dedicated to the craft of baking. Imagine a bustling kitchen filled with delicious aromas and a symphony of mixing bowls, rolling pins, a...

Example sentence

"The Brigade of Bakers gathered early in the morning to prepare fresh croissants and pastries."


Brigade Of Basketball Players

A Brigade of Basketball Players refers to a highly skilled and cohesive group of basketball athletes. This collective noun phrase brings to mind a sense of unity, teamwork, and unquestionable competence in their chosen sport. Just as a brigade in the mili...

Example sentence

"The brigade of basketball players stormed the court, ready for another intense scrimmage."


Brigade Of Beavers

A brigade of beavers is an awe-inspiring sight to behold, comprising a group of highly skilled and industrious rodents. These admirable creatures, as if coordinated by an invisible force, diligently work together to transform their surroundings and build ...

Example sentence

"A brigade of beavers the size of an army quickly set about constructing their dam along the riverbank."

Some of these collective noun phrases are traditional, while others showcase a touch of creativity. Choose the one that best fits your narrative or discussion.

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