[2] Collective Nouns: A Sample of Examples for a Comprehensive Understanding

A collection of words that describe and refer to a group of specific things or entities is known as a collective noun. These nouns help classify and identify a set of related objects or individuals, highlighting their unity or similarity. Oftentimes, collective nouns encapsulate a shared trait, purpose, or behavior associated with the group they represent. Here are some sample collective nouns:

1. A bunch of bananas: Depicting a cohesive cluster of bananas, this collective noun emphasizes their gathering, remaining intact from the original stalk.

2. A flock of birds: Displaying a vast conglomeration of birds flying or resting together, this collective noun underlines a sense of harmony and movement among feathered creatures.

3. A fleet of ships: Describing a group of ships sailing together for a particular purpose, this collective noun gives a vivid picture of maritime cooperation and coordination.

4. A school of fish: Portraying a multitude of fish swimming and schooling together, this collective noun conveys the sense of collaboration and collective action seen in many aquatic species.

5. A pack of wolves: Highlighting a close-knit group of wolves working and hunting cohesively, this collective noun emphasizes their trust, teamwork, and hierarchical structure.

6. A bouquet of flowers: Imagining a beautiful arrangement of flowers, this collective noun highlights the aesthetic appeal and artistic expression often associated with presenting flowers as a gift or for decoration.

7. A herd of cattle: Representing a sizable collection of cows or bulls grazing together, this collective noun reflects their habit of congregating, allowing for mutual protection and social interaction.

8. A team of players: Illustrating a unified group of athletes collaborating to achieve a common objective, this collective noun encapsulates the core essence of teamwork, coordination, and sporting competitiveness.

9. A colony of ants: Depicting the extensive network of ants sharing a particular nest or territory, this collective noun symbolizes their social organization, division of labor, and collective effort towards survival.

10. A troupe of actors: Representing a group of performers brought together to entertain, this collective noun captures the unity and collaboration needed in theater or any performing arts ensemble.

Collective nouns like these enrich language by offering concise descriptors that encapsulate the nature and behavior of various groups, be it their cooperation, movement, hierarchy, or purpose.


Sample Of Bacteria

A sample of bacteria is a collective noun phrase that refers to a group or collection of bacteria gathered or taken from a specific source or environment for study, analysis, or research purposes. This phrase implies that the bacteria in question represen...

Example sentence

"Scientists collected a sample of bacteria from the contaminated water source to conduct further research."


Sample Of Grain

A sample of grain refers to a collection or selection of different types of grain, such as wheat, rice, barley, oats, and corn. This collective noun phrase signifies a small representation or portion of various grains often taken for analysis, research, o...

Example sentence

"The farmer brought in a sample of grain to the agricultural fair for display and judging."

Some of these collective noun phrases are traditional, while others showcase a touch of creativity. Choose the one that best fits your narrative or discussion.

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