[26] Exploring the World of Collective Nouns: A Comprehensive Guide to Examples and Usage

Dive into the fascinating realm of collective nouns with our comprehensive guide. From the familiar "pack of wolves" to the poetic "exaltation of larks," collective nouns are more than mere linguistic curiosities; they are vibrant expressions of our culture, imagination, and relationship with the world around us. This page provides an extensive list of examples, organized by categories, including animals, people, and objects. Whether you're an English language enthusiast, a curious student, or simply someone who loves the nuances of language, our guide offers insights into the history, meaning, and charm of these unique phrases. Discover how collective nouns add color and creativity to our language, and learn how to use them in your writing and conversation.


List Of Examples

A List of Examples is a collective noun phrase that refers to a collection of various instances, instances, or illustrations that are provided to highlight or explain a concept, idea, or argument. It is a compilation that comprises several examples relate...

Example sentence

"The teacher provided us with a list of examples to better understand the topic."


Litter of Cats

A litter of cats refers to a group of feline kittens that are born to a single mother at the same time. This adorable cluster of fluffy little creatures elicits an image of playfulness and mischief. With their tiny paws, round noses, and bright curious ey...

Example sentence

"A litter of cats can often be seen playing and climbing trees in the backyard."


Mob of Crows

A mob of crows refers to a captivating spectacle of these intelligent and social members of the Corvus family. It captures the essence of their unified presence, as they gather together in large numbers, creating a mesmerizing display against the sky. Com...

Example sentence

"As the sun began to set, a mob of crows gathered on the trees, their cawing filling the air."


Nest of Hornets

A nest of hornets is an awe-inspiring sight and serves as the collective noun phrase for a group of hornets in their natural dwelling. Hornets are part of the wasp family, known for their aggressive behavior and venomous sting. This group or nest of horne...

Example sentence

"The pest control team wore full protective gear before attempting to remove the nest of hornets from the tree."


Orchestra of Musicians

An Orchestra of Musicians is a dynamic and harmonious gathering of highly skilled individuals dedicated to the art of creating impactful and beautiful music. This delightful ensemble consists of adept musicians who play a wide range of instruments, rangin...

Example sentence

"The Orchestra of Musicians assembled on stage, tuning their instruments and preparing for a breathtaking performance."


Panel of Judges

A Panel of Judges refers to a group of individuals, specifically appointed or selected, with the authority and responsibility to evaluate and make decisions in various types of competitions, contests, or legal proceedings. These judges, typically experts ...

Example sentence

"The panel of judges carefully deliberated on each contestant's performance before reaching a decision."


Quiver of Arrows

A quiver of arrows is a stunning collective noun phrase that refers to a grouping of arrows typically held together in a container called a quiver. Derived from the Old French term quivre, meaning female serpent or snake, this visually evocative phr...

Example sentence

"The archer carefully selected a quiver of arrows before heading out to the range."


Rookery of Seals

A rookery of seals refers to a captivating sight of seals gathered together in a specific location for breeding, molting, and rest purposes. The collective noun phrase rookery is used to describe a group of seals congregating typically on coastal areas or...

Example sentence

"As we approached the shoreline, we were amazed to witness a massive rookery of seals, basking in the sun along the rocky coast."


School of Fish

A school of fish refers to a fascinating and harmonious spectacle provided by a large group of fish swimming together in a coordinated and synchronized manner. Resembling a well-orchestrated dance, these aquatic creatures move as one unit, creating mesmer...

Example sentence

"I watched in awe as a school of fish gracefully swam through the crystal-clear waters."


Set Of Examples

A set of examples refers to a collection or group of instances, cases, or samples that are used to demonstrate or illustrate a particular concept, principle, or phenomenon. It is a comprehensive compilation of diverse instances carefully selected to portr...

Example sentence

"The set of examples provided in the training module helped illustrate the concept clearly."

Some of these collective noun phrases are traditional, while others showcase a touch of creativity. Choose the one that best fits your narrative or discussion.

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