[11] The Curious Cases of Collective Nouns: Exploring Uncommon Column Examples

A collective noun is a single term used to refer to a group of people, animals, or things. When it comes to collective nouns associated with the word "column," there are a few examples that beautifully depict the organized and structured nature of certain groups.

Starting with people, we have the collective noun "column of soldiers." When a group of soldiers marches in an organized line, they form a powerful and disciplined column, ready to defend and protect. This term highlights the unity and efficiency of a military force, as they stand shoulder to shoulder, presenting a formidable sight.

Moving on to animals, the collective noun "column of ants" perfectly showcases the impressive collaboration and organization of these tiny creatures. When foraging for food, ants often form long lines, resembling a row of marching soldiers. With each ant carrying out its designated tasks, such as collecting food, supporting the queen, or building their nests, they exhibit an incredible sense of teamwork and indication of their efficient colony structure.

Lastly, in architecture, the collective noun "column of pillars" brings to mind grand ancient structures like temples or cathedrals. Rows of majestic pillars standing tall, side by side, constitute a striking sight that symbolizes strength, stability, and aesthetic beauty. These columns often support ceilings or roofs, showcasing the remarkable engineering achievements of human civilizations.

In conclusion, collective nouns that involve the word "column" evoke imagery of organized groups, whether they are soldiers creating an imposing line, ants showcasing their outstanding teamwork, or majestic pillars standing as architectural marvels.


Column Of Artillery

A column of artillery is a formidable spectacle on the battlefield. It refers to a group or procession of heavy military cannons, pulled by horses or mounted on vehicles, that are organized in a single file and collectively move towards a strategic locati...

Example sentence

"A large column of artillery advanced slowly on the battlefield, their cannons shining in the sun."


Column Of Geese

A column of geese is a captivating sight, as it refers to a formation of geese flying in a distinctive orderly and organized manner. The term column gives a sense of structure and symmetry to this group of graceful birds. Vibrant, wild, and elegant, a col...

Example sentence

"As the sun began to set, a magnificent column of geese soared effortlessly through the sky, their honks filling the air."


Column Of Horses

A column of horses refers to a group of horses moving or standing in a single file formation. This collective noun phrase vividly describes a visually striking and compelling sight to behold. It reflects a disciplined and orderly arrangement, where each h...

Example sentence

"The rodeo parade featured a magnificent column of horses, showcasing their strength and grace as they trotted through the city streets."


Column Of Marchers

A column of marchers is a vivid and captivating sight, evoking images of unity, strength, and purpose. When gathered and organized, individuals come together to form a powerful and awe-inspiring group, moving in perfect unison, under a shared objective or...

Example sentence

"The column of marchers wound its way through the city streets, determined to make their voices heard."


Column Of Martins

A Column of Martins is a beautiful and captivating sight in nature. Typically seen soaring through the skies or perched together in large flocks, martins create a mesmerizing display with their swift and acrobatic flight patterns. This collective noun phr...

Example sentence

"In the evening sky, a magnificent column of martins flew gracefully, providing a mesmerizing performance of synchronized aerial movements."


Column Of Police Vehicles

A column of police vehicles is a term used to describe a formation or grouping of multiple police vehicles moving in a single file or in close formation. This collective noun phrase refers to a procession or convoy of police cars, motorcycles, vans, or ot...

Example sentence

"A column of police vehicles patrolled the streets, their sirens wailing and lights flashing."


Column Of Reporters

A column of reporters refers to a group of journalists or news correspondents gathered together with a shared purpose to cover and report on a particular event, situation, or news story. This collective noun phrase highlights the organized and cohesive fo...

Example sentence

"The column of reporters rushed towards the entrance to catch a glimpse of the arriving celebrity."


Column Of Ships

A column of ships is a visually striking sight that captures the imagination and invokes a sense of awe and power. This collective noun phrase refers to a formation of multiple vessels sailing together in a linear arrangement. It embodies a sense of unity...

Example sentence

"The column of ships gracefully sailed into the harbor, their masts standing tall and their navigation skills honed."


Column Of Tanks

A column of tanks refers to a group of tanks lined up one after another in a continuous formation, often in a military or tactical context. This collective noun phrase evokes solidarity, power, and strategic mobility. The word column captures the image of...

Example sentence

"The column of tanks moved slowly through the battlefield, the rumbling of their tracks drowning out all other sounds."


Column Of Troops

A column of troops refers to a group or formation of armed personnel who march together in an orderly manner. This collective noun phrase depicts a specific arrangement where soldiers are organized in a long and narrow line, with each person following the...

Example sentence

"As the general inspected the troops on the parade ground, he was impressed by the impressive display of discipline and precision of the column of troops."

Some of these collective noun phrases are traditional, while others showcase a touch of creativity. Choose the one that best fits your narrative or discussion.

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