[33] Binding Together: Collective Noun Examples showcasing Unity and Harmony

A collective noun is a word used to represent a group or a collection of people, animals, or things. In the case of the word "bind," there are a few examples of collective nouns that can be associated with it:

1. A bind of books: Used to describe a collection of books bound together or kept together in one place, typically found in a library or a personal book collection.

Example: The library had a vast bind of ancient manuscripts dating back several centuries.

2. A bind of contracts: Refers to a set or group of legal agreements or documents that are bound together, typically used in the context of business transactions.

Example: The company's comprehensive bind of contracts ensured their legal obligations and protected their rights.

3. A bind of vines: Portrays a gathering of intertwined or interconnected plants, commonly referring to climbing plants like ivy, honeysuckle, or grapevines.

Example: As we walked through the garden, we were greeted by a colorful bind of vines decorating the walls and fences.

4. A bind of obligations: Signifies a collection of commitments, duties, or responsibilities that need to be fulfilled or managed.

Example: As the project manager, John found himself overwhelmed with a growing bind of obligations, making it necessary to delegate some tasks.

It is important to note that while the term "bind" can be loosely associated with these collective nouns based on a certain concept of binding or coming together, collective nouns themselves might not be in regular everyday usage. Nonetheless, these examples demonstrate the possibilities of using "bind" to symbolize a collection or group of related items.


Bind Of Albums

A bind of albums is an assortment or collection of music albums that are bound together by a common theme, genre, or artist. It is a grouping of musical bodies of work that are often individually unique, yet collectively share a distinct quality or charac...

Example sentence

"I went to the music store and bought a bind of albums to add to my ever-growing collection."


Bind Of Books

A bind of books refers to a gathering or collection of books bound together in a group or a series. The phrase bind alludes to the act of binding, wherein multiple books are enclosed in a shared cover or casing, creating an aesthetically pleasing assembla...

Example sentence

"The librarian was pleased to see a bind of books neatly arranged on the shelves."


Bind Of Catalogs

A bind of catalogs refers to a specific gathering or collection of catalogs. It entails a considerable number of catalogs belonging to any given theme, industry, or merchandise assortment. Whether it is an assortment of fashion catalogs boasting the lates...

Example sentence

"I walked into the storage room and was greeted by a bind of catalogs stacked to the ceiling."


Bind Of Compilations

Bind of Compilations is a creative and unique collective noun phrase that conveys a sense of unity, adaptation, and collaboration among a diverse array of compilations. The term bind suggests bringing together or curating a collection of compilations, whi...

Example sentence

"A bind of compilations was meticulously organized by the librarian for easy reference."


Bind Of Contracts

A bind of contracts refers to a group or collection of contracts that are interconnected or linked together in some way. The term bind indicates a strong connection or bond between these contracts. It signifies a collection of legal agreements that comple...

Example sentence

"A bind of contracts was signed between the two parties, ensuring the terms and conditions are agreed upon."


Bind Of Correspondence

A bind of correspondence is a unique collective noun phrase that refers to a specific grouping of letters or written communications. It is a term used in the context of historical archives or correspondence collections, reflecting the traditional practice...

Example sentence

"A bind of correspondence is a group of written letters or documents that are bound together for storage or reference."


Bind Of Diaries

A bind of diaries refers to a distinct grouping or collection of diaries. Just like a flock of birds or a pack of wolves, a bind of diaries emphasizes the connection and shared characteristics among a specific set of written records. Each diary within the...

Example sentence

"A bind of diaries lined the shelves in the antique bookstore, their leather covers worn and aged."


Bind Of Documents

A bind of documents refers to a collection or group of documents that have been organized and bound together. This collective noun phrase encapsulates the notion of neatly packaging and categorizing various written or printed materials, such as reports, m...

Example sentence

"A bind of documents sat on the shelf, neatly organized and waiting to be accessed."


Bind Of Dossiers

A bind of dossiers is an intriguing and organized collection of documents or files. The term bind carries a sense of cohesion and harmony, implying that these dossiers are bound together either physically or figuratively, enabling them to thrive as a cohe...

Example sentence

"The bind of dossiers contains valuable information regarding the company's financial records."


Bind Of Editions

Bind of Editions is a fascinating collective noun phrase that describes a unique assemblage of books sharing common characteristics of binding. Delving into the world of books, it captures the essence of a gathering or collection of editions that are boun...

Example sentence

"A bind of editions were auctioned off at the rare book fair."

Some of these collective noun phrases are traditional, while others showcase a touch of creativity. Choose the one that best fits your narrative or discussion.

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