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A collective noun starting with the letter Z is a "zeal" of zebras. This unique phrase is used to describe a group of these beautiful and distinctive African animals. zeal in this context refers to an energetic and enthusiastic group of zebras working together as a cohesive unit. When observing a zeal of zebras, you may witness their stunning black and white striped pattern that serves as a natural camouflage, as well as their remarkable social behaviors. Whether grazing peacefully on grasslands or alertly standing in a protective circle, a zeal of zebras showcases a sense of togetherness, fortitude, and unity in the animal kingdom.


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Collective nouns refer to a single group or collection of people, animals, or things. One delightful aspect of the English language is that some collective nouns are wonderfully unique, tying back to certain themes or characteristics specific to the colle...


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