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A collective noun refers to a group or collection of people, animals, or things. When we add the word "yield" to a collective noun, it generally signifies a gathering or culmination of elements that come together to produce a plentiful result or outcome.

One example of a collective noun with the word "yield" is a "yielding harvest." In this context, "harvest" refers to the crops or products that are gathered from fields at the end of a growing season. The word "yielding" gives the collective noun a sense of abundance and productivity, denoting a bountiful harvest resulting from the collective efforts of farmers, agricultural workers, and natural elements like sunlight and rain.

Another example is a "yielding congregation." This phrase highlights the unity, devotion, and spiritual collective effort of members attending a religious gathering. It suggests an environment where believers, clergy, and the community all contribute their energies to the shared spiritual goals and growth.

Additionally, a "yielding team" captures the idea of a cohesive and high-performing group working towards a common objective. This collective noun could apply to a sports team, work colleagues, or any organized group that collaborates, combines talents, and supports each other to champion achievements and attain victorious outcomes.

In all these examples, the word "yield" emphasizes the unity, combined effort, and cooperative nature of the grouping, resulting in fruitful, productive, and successful outcomes, whether that be abundant crops, spiritual enlightenment, or remarkable achievements.


Yield Of Crops

The collective noun phrase Yield of Crops refers to the total amount of agricultural produce or products that a group of different crops generates in a specific time period or growing season. Yield of Crops encompasses the outcome of various cultivated cr...

Example sentence

"The yield of crops this season was spectacular, thanks to good weather and diligent farming practices."


Yield Of Investments

Yield of Investments is a collective noun phrase used to refer to the return or profitability obtained from different investment activities within a portfolio. It encapsulates the total gains or income generated by multiple investments over a specified pe...

Example sentence

"The yield of investments refers to the total earnings or profits generated by a portfolio of investments."


Yield of Strawberries

A yield of strawberries refers to the collective quantity or harvest of strawberries obtained from a specific area or period of time. Encapsulating both the concept of producing and gathering strawberries, this phrase depicts a bountiful accumulation of t...

Example sentence

"The yield of strawberries this year has exceeded our expectations, resulting in a bountiful harvest."


Yield Of Yams

Yield of Yams is a collective noun phrase that is used to describe a specific measure or quantity of yams that have been harvested or produced. It signifies the collective result or output of a yam harvest or cultivation process. Yams, being a staple fo...

Example sentence

"The yield of yams this year was lower than expected due to the unfavorable weather conditions."

Some of these collective noun phrases are traditional, while others showcase a touch of creativity. Choose the one that best fits your narrative or discussion.


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