[51] When Women Unite: Exploring the Marvelous Collective Nouns for Women

Collective nouns are common in the English language and are used to describe a group of people, animals, or things. While many collective nouns refer to people in general, some specifically specify groups of women. These collective nouns play an essential role in concise, vivid communication and allow us to describe collective activities or characteristics unique to a group of women. Here are some examples:

1. Sisterhood: It showcases the powerful bond and understanding among women, emphasizing their support, empathy, and camaraderie. Sisterhood symbolizes an overarching connection between women that often transcends blood ties.

Example: The sisterhood took to the streets to protest for equality and justice.

2. Circle: Implies an intimate gathering of women who come together for friendship, support, and shared interests. Symbolic of unity and inclusiveness, a circle allows for open dialogue and provides a safe space for sharing feelings or experiences.

Example: The book club gathered in a circle to discuss their favorite authors and exchange ideas.

3. Coven: Primarily associated with witchcraft or pagan traditions, a coven indicates a group of women practicing rituals or sharing esoteric knowledge. The term often conveys secrecy, mysticism, and a shared spiritual connection among its members.

Example: The midnight coven performed a ceremony to celebrate the full moon and honor the goddess.

4. Ladies: Informally used to refer to a group of women, this collective noun potentially evokes a sense of elegance, dignity, or formality. It carries an aura of sophistication and class and is commonly employed in situations where gender-specific identity or behavior is emphasized.

Example: The theatre was packed with well-dressed ladies attending the opening night of the opera.

5. Choir: Often used in a metaphorical sense, a choir represents a group of women, typically singers, joining their voices harmoniously. This collective noun highlights their dedication to cooperation, teamwork, and unity in creating beautiful music together.

Example: The women's choir showcased their talent by performing a moving rendition of a classical symphony.

Collective nouns provide a colorful way to portray female groups, reflecting their unique roles, traits, and relationships.


Alliance Of Women

The Alliance of Women is a collective noun phrase used to describe a group of individuals united by a common goal of promoting and advocating for the rights, equality, and representation of women. This group consists of women from diverse backgrounds, inc...

Example sentence

"The Alliance of Women is a powerful force advocating for gender equality in the workplace."


Assembly Of Women

An Assembly of Women is a captivating and powerful collective noun phrase that encapsulates the idea of unity, strength, and the potential for transformative change. This evocative term refers to a gathering or union of females coming together for a share...

Example sentence

"An assembly of women gathered in the town square to discuss women's rights and advocate for equal opportunities."


Association Of Women

The Association of Women is a powerful and inspiring collective noun phrase that represents the unity and strength of women across various backgrounds, ethnicities, and walks of life. Committed to empowering women and promoting gender equality, this influ...

Example sentence

"The Association of Women held a conference discussing women's empowerment and gender equality."


Audience Of Women

The collective noun phrase Audience of Women refers to a gathering or assemblage of individuals who are exclusively female and engaged in observing or listening to a particular event, performance, presentation, or form of entertainment. It represents a gr...

Example sentence

"The audience of women cheered in unison as the female speaker took the stage."


Band Of Women

A band of women refers to a group of women who come together for a specific purpose or outcome. This collective noun phrase depicts a united and connected gathering of female individuals, typically driven by shared interests, aspirations, or objectives. W...

Example sentence

"I recently joined a band of women who are passionate about empowering each other through various initiatives."


Bevy Of Women

A bevy of women represents a charming and enchanting gathering or assemblage of females. This collective noun phrase implies a joyous atmosphere characterized by the presence of a group of women of diverse ages, backgrounds, and personalities. It can depi...

Example sentence

"A bevy of women walked down the runway in elegant gowns, their grace and confidence stealing the audience's hearts."


Board Of Women

The collective noun phrase Board of Women refers to a group of female individuals who have been elected or appointed to form a governing body, steering committee, or advisory panel within an organization. Typically, this phrase describes a group of women ...

Example sentence

"The Board of Women met to discuss important issues impacting women's rights."


Bond of Women

A Bond of Women refers to a gathering or group of women who share a common goal, interest, or identity. It encapsulates the strength of their deep connection, solidarity, and support they provide to each other, highlighting the unique and cohesive quality...

Example sentence

"A bond of women gathered at the annual conference to empower each other through shared experiences."


Brigade Of Women

A Brigade of Women is a powerful and united group comprising of accomplished and empowered females. This collective noun phrase embodies strength, resilience, and a shared purpose towards breaking barriers, challenging stereotypes, and effecting positive ...

Example sentence

"A brigade of women volunteered to help rebuild the school after it was damaged by the storm."


Cast Of Women

A cast of women is a unique and diverse assembly of female individuals who come together for a specific purpose or are part of a common group. This collective noun phrase encapsulates the presence and power of multiple women who bring their unique perspec...

Example sentence

"The cast of women in the play was incredibly talented and brought a new energy to the stage."

Some of these collective noun phrases are traditional, while others showcase a touch of creativity. Choose the one that best fits your narrative or discussion.

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