[25] The Marvelous World of Wings: Exploring Collective Noun Examples with Avian Excellence

A collective noun is a word that represents a group of individuals or things. When it comes to collective nouns associated with the word "wing," there are various examples that depict a cluster or gathering of specific entities:

1. Flock of birds: A flock of birds that fly together creates a mesmerizing scene in the sky, resembling a constantly shifting and organized "wing" formation. The wing's collective force demonstrates a unity that enables them to travel great distances and create outstanding visuals.

2. Squadron of aircraft: This collective noun refers to a group of military aircraft that operates together. In the skies, multiple planes flying side by side form a powerful wing, showcasing strength, coordination, and extraordinary maneuverability.

3. Swarm of butterflies: Butterflies may seem delicate and fragile individually; however, when they gather in large numbers, they create a magnificent spectacle known as a swarm. The colorful flapping of their wings produces enchanting patterns as they move in unison.

4. bevy of angels: "Bevy" is an appropriate term to describe a collective noun for a gathering of angels. With wings symbolizing divine intervention and ethereal existence, a bevy of angels encompasses the image of a blissful, celestial assembly.

5. Coven of bats: Often associated with mystery and the supernatural, a coven of bats refers to a group of these flying mammals. Their distinctive “wing” structure allows them to soar silently through the night, contributing to their fascinating collective noun.

Collective nouns reflect not only the beauty of nature and the animal kingdom but also the powerful, harmonious, and coordinated spirit that emerges when groups link together, creating a distinct trait associated with the word "wing".


Wing Of Airplanes

A wing of airplanes refers to a peculiar sight where a group of airplanes are seen together, showcasing their intricate design and remarkable engineering. This collective noun phrase captures the awe-inspiring scene of several aircraft gathered side by si...

Example sentence

"A wing of airplanes soared gracefully through the clear blue sky."


Wing Of Angels

A Wing of Angels is a poetic and evocative collective noun phrase that captures the essence of a group of ethereal and divine beings, known as angels, united in purpose and harmony. With the word wing emphasizing both the celestial nature of these heavenl...

Example sentence

"A wing of angels descended from the heavens, their glowing presence filling the room with peace and harmony."


Wing Of Bats

A wing of bats is a captivating and eerie collective noun phrase that vividly captures the image of a group of bats – small, flying creatures characterized by their leathery wings and nocturnal habits. When used to describe a gathering of bats, the term...

Example sentence

"We encountered a wing of bats as we walked through the dark cave."


Wing Of Bees

A wing of bees is a poetic and evocative collective noun phrase that paints a vivid image of a group of bees in flight. Bees, being world-renowned for their ability to fly together in a synchronized manner, demonstrate utmost coordination and unity, makin...

Example sentence

"The wing of bees buzzed through the meadow, pollinating the flowers as they went."


Wing Of Birds

A wing of birds refers to a magnificent display of several birds flying together with synchronized movements in the sky. Whether soaring high above or gliding in majestic formations, a wing of birds captivates with its sheer beauty and grace. This collect...

Example sentence

"As the sun set over the horizon, a majestic wing of birds emerged from the distant trees, creating a breathtaking spectacle."


Wing Of Butterflies

A wing of butterflies is a breathtaking spectacle that embodies grace, beauty, and fascination. It refers to a group of delicate, multicolored insects gracefully fluttering their wings in perfect unison, creating a spectacle that captivates the eye and fi...

Example sentence

"A colorful wing of butterflies fluttered by, painting the garden with vibrant hues."


Wing Of Doves

A wing of doves refers to a group or flock of doves assembled together, charmingly characterizing their flight patterns and collective behavior. This beautifully evocative phrase captures the graceful and synchronized movement of these peaceful birds as t...

Example sentence

"As I strolled through the park, a wing of doves gracefully took flight in unison, their feathers shimmering in the afternoon sun."


Wing of Dragons

A wing of dragons is a captivating and awe-inspiring collective noun phrase that evokes visions of a majestic group of these mythical creatures soaring together through the skies. It implies a graceful yet powerful display, as the dragons' expansive wings...

Example sentence

"A majestic wing of dragons soared through the sky, their scales glimmering in the sunlight."


Wing Of Eagles

A wing of eagles refers to a group or flock of eagles soaring together in the sky. As one of the most iconic and majestic birds, eagles captivate with their honorable characteristics such as strength, agility, and prowess. In a wing of eagles, these awe-i...

Example sentence

"The majestic wing of eagles soared gracefully through the sky, their powerful talons gripping tightly onto the currents of air."


Wing Of Falcons

A Wing of Falcons is a captivating collective noun phrase used to describe a group of magnificent birds of prey known as falcons. It evokes imagery of these aerial hunters in full flight, showcasing their astonishing agility and grace. With their slender ...

Example sentence

"As the sun set, a wing of falcons soared gracefully across the sky."

Some of these collective noun phrases are traditional, while others showcase a touch of creativity. Choose the one that best fits your narrative or discussion.

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