[28] Unraveling the Weight: Interesting Collective Noun Examples to Add Some Heft to Your Vocabulary!

Collective nouns refer to groups or collections of people, animals, things, or concepts. When it comes to using the word "weight" as a collective noun, it typically refers to a group of objects or individuals grouped according to their weight category. Here are a few examples of collective noun usage with the word "weight":

1. A set of weights: This collective noun refers to a collection of weighted objects used for exercise or physical training, usually consisting of a range of different weights to accommodate various fitness levels.

2. A cluster of weights: Similar to a set of weights, a cluster represents a group of weighted objects or individual weights typically found in sports or science datasets where different weight categories are grouped together.

3. A pack of weightlifters: In the realm of sports or competitive weightlifting, a pack refers to a group of weightlifters who train, compete, or work together, sharing knowledge, techniques, and motivation to achieve their goals.

4. A herd of heavyweight boxers: This collective noun describes a group of professional boxers in the heavyweight category. It could refer to the individuals who compete at the same time, train together, are affiliated with the same gym or promotional company, or are considered as a collective unit in boxing conversation.

5. A fleet of overweight vehicles: When dealing with vehicles, a fleet usually refers to a group or collection of similar vehicles owned or managed by the same organization or involved in a similar activity. In this context, a fleet of overweight vehicles could refer to a group of trucks or machinery specifically designed or configured to carry heavy loads.

In summary, collective noun examples with the word "weight" usually pertain to gatherings of objects or individuals classified by their weight category or abilities. These examples help emphasize the collective nature and shared characteristics of groups associated with weights.


Weight of Albatrosses

The collective noun phrase Weight of Albatrosses refers to a grouping of the magnificent seabirds known as albatrosses, focusing on their considerable mass. Albatrosses are renowned for their size and physical stature, with wingspans reaching up to an imp...

Example sentence

"The weight of albatrosses is staggering, as these majestic birds can weigh up to 25 pounds."


Weight Of Anchors

Weight of Anchors refers to an organized grouping of heavy objects essential for stabilizing marine vessels and structures such as boats, ships, and offshore platforms. Anchors serve a significant purpose in the maritime world, ensuring safety during dock...

Example sentence

"The weight of anchors used on large ships is typically several tons."


Weight Of Burdens

The collective noun phrase Weight of Burdens evokes powerful imagery and captures the heavy burden or load one carries in various aspects of life. It characterizes the deep, emotional challenges and responsibilities that individuals can experience. This p...

Example sentence

"The Weight of Burdens lay heavy on their shoulders as they faced one challenge after another."


Weight Of Consequences

Weight of Consequences is a striking and evocative collective noun phrase that embodies the profound impact and intricate ramifications following a particular action or decision. It encapsulates the idea that every choice, no matter how small, carries a s...

Example sentence

"The weight of consequences for unethical business practices can be crippling for a company's reputation."


Weight Of Decisions

Weight of Decisions is a compelling and thought-provoking collective noun phrase that metaphorically captures the significance and burdensome nature of the choices we make in our lives. Like an invisible force, the weight of decisions encompasses the grav...

Example sentence

"The weight of decisions rests heavily on the shoulders of leaders."


Weight Of Desires

Weight of Desires is a captivating and thought-provoking collective noun phrase that encapsulates the intriguing essence of human longing and yearning. It metaphorically reflects the accumulative burden or significance attributed to the multitude of desir...

Example sentence

"The weight of desires burdened my heart as I struggled to prioritize them."


Weight Of Disappointment

Weight of Disappointment is a thought-provoking and evocative collective noun phrase that embodies the heavy burden that disappointment can bring upon individuals, relationships, or even societies. It represents the psychological, emotional, and sometimes...

Example sentence

"The weight of disappointment filled the room as they realized their efforts had been in vain."


Weight Of Doubts

Weight of Doubts is a captivating collective noun phrase that evokes a sense of ponderousness and unease. It refers to the accumulation and heaviness of uncertainties and indecision that weigh upon an individual or a group of people. Like a burden carried...

Example sentence

"The weight of doubts overwhelmed his decision-making process, leaving him unsure of the best course of action."


Weight Of Dreams

Weight of Dreams is a vivid and compelling collective noun phrase. It encapsulates the immense emotional and psychological burden that dreams can carry within a person or a community. Just like dreams hold the power to inspire, motivate, and drive us forw...

Example sentence

"The Weight of Dreams lies heavy on their shoulders as they chase their aspirations."


Weight Of Duty

Weight of Duty is a captivating collective noun phrase that conjures up images of immense responsibility and unyielding commitment. It is a metaphorical expression that represents the combined amount of obligations, duties, and expectations weighing heavy...

Example sentence

"The weight of duty bore heavily on their shoulders as they faced the challenges of protecting their country."

Some of these collective noun phrases are traditional, while others showcase a touch of creativity. Choose the one that best fits your narrative or discussion.

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