[17] The Vivid Variety of Collective Nouns: Brilliant Examples Explained

Collective nouns, such as "variety," serve as important tools in language to refer to groups of people, animals, or things. When combined with the word "variety," these collective nouns become expressive words that brilliantly encapsulate the diverse and expansive nature of a particular group. Just as the word "variety" suggests a range of types or forms, so do the following collective noun examples using "variety," which convey this same notion in a vivid and eloquent manner:

1. A variety of artists: This collective noun vividly illustrates the wide range of artistic talents, backgrounds, and styles that constitute a group of artists. From painters to sculptors, poets to musicians, dancers to actors, this compelling phrase emphasizes the individuality and unique contribution each artist brings to their collective.

2. A variety of birds: Within this collective noun lies a world of ornithological diversity. Be it swallows, flamingos, parrots, eagle species, or countless others, a variety of birds captivates the imagination with its distinct colors, shapes, songs, and behaviors, highlighting the awe-inspiring beauty found in nature's feathery realm.

3. A variety of opinions: This collective noun effortlessly encapsulates the various viewpoints held by a group of individuals. Acknowledging the human capacity for different perspectives and beliefs, a variety of opinions inspires courteous dialogue, encourages empathetic understanding, and fosters robust intellectual exchange.

4. A variety of flowers: Nature's bounty manifests through this collective noun, comprising an array of vibrant petals, fragrances, and textures. From roses to tulips, orchids to sunflowers, and everything in between, this diverse profusion of colors and scents evokes joy, symbolizing the ephemeral and marvelous essence of life.

5. A variety of vehicles: This collective noun encompasses all forms of transportation and means of travel that exist. From cars to motorcycles, bicycles to airplanes, ships to trains, each with distinct designs, capabilities, and purposes, this phrase evokes both urban and adventurous undertakings, embodying the ceaseless movement of humanity.

Through the incorporation of "variety" within these collective noun examples, language becomes a powerful vehicle for encapsulating the wide-ranging and captivating characteristics of a particular group or category, fostering a richer understanding and appreciation of the splendid diversity found in our world.


Variety Of Clothes

A variety of clothes refers to a collective noun phrase that describes a diverse assortment or range of garments and attires. This phrase signifies a mixture of different types, styles, designs, colors, and sizes of clothing items. A variety of clothes re...

Example sentence

"The boutique displayed a stunning variety of clothes, ranging from elegant dresses to casual tops."


Variety Of Events

A variety of events is a vibrant and diverse gathering of different types of activities or occasions that captivate and satisfy a wide array of interests and preferences. This visually vivid and thrilling collection features a plethora of events, offering...

Example sentence

"A variety of events are scheduled throughout the week to keep visitors entertained."


Variety Of Farts

A variety of farts refers to a diverse and extensive range of flatulence emissions produced by different individuals, each distinct in sound, scent, or intensity. Associated with the bodily function of passing gas, this collective noun phrase encompasses ...

Example sentence

"A variety of farts was unleashed after that spicy meal."


Variety Of Genres

A variety of genres refers to a rich and diverse collection or assortment of styles, categories, or forms of artistic expressions within a particular medium. This collective noun phrase is commonly used in the context of literature, film, music, or any ot...

Example sentence

"In a bookstore, you can find a wide variety of genres to suit every reader's taste."


Variety of Goods

Variety of Goods refers to a diverse assortment of items or products, typically found within a particular context, industry, or market. This collective noun phrase portrays a rich collection that encompasses a wide range of options, distinguishing it from...

Example sentence

"The store offers a variety of goods, ranging from clothing and accessories to home decor and appliances."


Variety Of Grain

A variety of grain is a diverse and plentiful assortment of cereal crops that encompasses numerous types, species, and varieties of grains grown for human consumption, animal feed, and industrial purposes. This collective noun phrase denotes a rich and ex...

Example sentence

"A variety of grain is grown on the farm, including wheat, barley, and corn."


Variety Of Ice Cream

A variety of ice cream refers to a diverse assortment or selection of ice cream flavors, textures, and toppings available for consumption. It represents the vast array of options that ice cream lovers can enjoy, featuring an exquisite and enticing range o...

Example sentence

"On a hot summer's day, an ice cream parlor showcased a vast variety of ice cream flavors."


Variety Of Jobs

A variety of jobs refers to a diverse range of job types or occupations within a particular context or setting. It encompasses a wide array of professional, vocational, or technical positions available in various industries and sectors. This collective no...

Example sentence

"There is a variety of jobs available in the hospitality industry, ranging from hotel management to guest services."


Variety Of Knobs

A variety of knobs refers to a diverse collection or assemblage of objects that are characterized by their knob-like appearance. Knobs commonly serve as a means of control, manipulation, or ergonomics in various settings, whether they are found on doors, ...

Example sentence

"I saw a variety of knobs displayed in the hardware store."


Variety Of Magazines

A variety of magazines is a diverse group of printed publications that span a wide range of styles, subjects, and interests. This collective noun phrase encompasses a multitude of titles, such as entertainment, lifestyle, fashion, sports, health, cooking,...

Example sentence

"I was browsing through a variety of magazines at the bookstore, trying to find something new to read."

Some of these collective noun phrases are traditional, while others showcase a touch of creativity. Choose the one that best fits your narrative or discussion.

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