[6] Unkindness: Exploring the Dark Side of Collective Nouns

An unkindness is a unique and intriguing collective noun used to describe a grouping of ravens. ravens are large, intelligent, and captivating birds belonging to the crow family. United under the enchanting description of unkindness, ravens demonstrate their presence as an embodiment of mystery and an impenetrable allure. This peculiar and evocative term encapsulates their famously dark and enigmatic nature. Within the unkindness, ravens exhibit remarkable cooperative behavior, forming strong social bonds and supporting one another in the harsh realms they reign over. Their feathers reflecting an opulent midnight hue, these powerful birds take flight with an essence both radiant and eerie, commanding the skies with majestic precision. Within an unkindness, their black silhouettes etch an unyielding and indomitable impression, leaving those who witness them forever fascinated by their collective presence.


Unkindness Of Crows

An unkindness of crows is a striking collective noun phrase used to describe a group of crows, known for their eerie collective behavior. The word unkindness in this context refers not to their actual temperament, but rather their ominous and mysterious p...

Example sentence

"As I walked through the empty park, an unkindness of crows perched on the withered trees, their dark forms contrasting against the grey sky."


Unkindness Of Jackdaws

Unkindness of Jackdaws is a highly evocative and contextually intriguing collective noun phrase used to describe a particular group of jackdaws. Comprising a collection of terms that is inherent to the colorful world of collective nouns, Unkindness stands...

Example sentence

"As we walked through the field, an unkindness of jackdaws descended from the treetops, creating a raucous atmosphere."


Unkindness Of Magpies

Unkindness of Magpies, a captivating collective noun phrase, brings together a group of these enigmatic and elegant avian beings in a unique and poetic way. The term perfectly captures the essence and intriguing traits of magpies, renowned scavengers and ...

Example sentence

"An unkindness of magpies crossed our path as we walked through the park, their clever eyes following our every move."


Unkindness of Ravens

An unkindness of ravens is an intriguing and mystical collective noun phrase used to describe a captivating gathering of these intelligent and strikingly black birds. Ravens are often associated with mystery and darkness, and the term unkindness adds an e...

Example sentence

"As the evening rolled in, an unkindness of ravens gathered on the old oak tree, their dark feathers gleaming in the fading light."


Unkindness Of Sparrows

An unkindness of sparrows refers to a peculiar gathering of these small-winged creatures. Unlike their reputation as delicate and gentle beings, an unkindness of sparrows presents an intriguing and often contradictory spectacle. This collective noun empha...

Example sentence

"As the onlookers marveled at the peculiar sight, an unkindness of sparrows swarmed in the trees, leaving a cacophony of chirping in its wake."


Unkindness Of Starlings

An Unkindness of Starlings is a captivating collective noun phrase that intricately captures the fascinating behavior and dynamics of these beautifully daubed birds. Starlings, small to medium-sized passerine birds known for their iridescent plumage and s...

Example sentence

"An unkindness of starlings descended upon the barren field, their synchronized murmurations filling the air with a cacophony of motion and sound."

Some of these collective noun phrases are traditional, while others showcase a touch of creativity. Choose the one that best fits your narrative or discussion.


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