[26] A Turn By Any Other Name: Exploring Collective Noun Examples

A collective noun is used to refer to a group of individuals or things as a singular unit. When it comes to the word "turn," it can be used in several collective nouns to emphasize the action of rotating or changing direction together. Here are a few examples:

1. A Turn of Turtles: In this collective noun, "turn" implies the synchronized movement of turtles. It symbolizes their mutual shift of direction or simultaneous swim, showcasing the unity and coordination within a group of these reptiles.

2. A Turn of Swans: This collective noun illustrates the elegance of a group of swans as they glide across the water with synchronized movements. It emphasizes their visually striking rotations, wherein their curved necks and graceful turns showcase their beauty and harmony as a collective unit.

3. A Turn of Card Players: Instances occur when groups of card players gather for a game, and "turn" is the central element of their play. This collective noun refers to these individuals, highlighting the significance of their sequential moves during a poker game or any other card activity that necessitates a change of action via turns.

4. A Turn of Cyclists: Used to describe a pack or group of cyclists, this collective noun emphasizes the shared experience and synchronized rotation of pedals. It signifies the collaborative efforts and teamwork displayed in collective cycling events or races.

5. A Turn of Dancers: This collective noun portrays a group of individuals engaged in synchronized dance routines, where every participant takes turns executing their steps. It highlights the disciplined coordination, rhythm, and harmony of a unified dance ensemble.

6. A Turn of Pages: While not a biological entity, this metaphorical collective noun refers to a group of people simultaneously reading a book or browsing through the pages of a magazine or newspaper. It evokes a sense of curiosity and unity, as individuals go through the textual content in turns, making it a social or communal experience.

Collective nouns that incorporate the word "turn" create imagery of coordinated movement, synchronized actions, or even metaphorical scenarios where individuals collectively undertake actions or share experiences in a systematic or rotational manner.


Turn Of Birds

Turn of Birds is a mesmerizing collective noun phrase that vividly paints a captivating image of the fleeting wonders that adorn our skies. As birds gracefully navigate their natural habitat, their harmonious movements mirror the rich tapestry of our colo...

Example sentence

"As I walked through the woods, I was captivated by the graceful turn of birds flying above me."


Turn Of Cards

Turn of Cards is a captivating collective noun phrase utilized to describe a group or collection of cards, typically used in various card games, that are reshuffled and redistributed among players. This phrase denotes the action of flipping, shuffling, an...

Example sentence

"During the poker tournament, a turn of cards determined the winner of each round."


Turn Of Colors

Turn of Colors is a captivating and transformative collective noun phrase that encapsulates the magical moment when nature undergoes its annual metamorphosis. It brings to mind the harmonious symphony of vibrant hues and splendid shades, which collectivel...

Example sentence

"Turn of Colors is a spectacular sight to witness during the autumn season, with vibrant reds, yellows, and oranges painting the landscape."


Turn Of Corners

Turn of Corners is a unique and imaginative collective noun phrase that vividly encapsulates the idyllic beauty and mystery of hidden paths, secret passages, and unexplored regions. This captivating phrase conjures images of winding trails running between...

Example sentence

"The turn of corners in this quaint old town reveals hidden shops and picturesque cafes."


Turn Of Dancers

Turn of Dancers refers to a remarkable and vibrant group of individuals united by their unparalleled artistry and passion for rhythmic movements that captivate audiences. This collective noun phrase aptly captures the essence of a group of talented dancer...

Example sentence

"A turn of dancers filled the stage with their graceful movements and synchronized steps."


Turn Of Days

Turn of Days is a captivating collective noun phrase that poetically captures the essence of the transition from day to night. Imbued with a sense of motion, it denotes the fleeting moments, the ever-changing display of colors and hues, as the sun obedien...

Example sentence

"During the turn of days, the skies blazed with shades of orange and pink as the sun dipped below the horizon."


Turn Of Events

Turn of Events is a versatile and impactful collective noun phrase that refers to a series of unforeseen and often significant changes or developments in a particular situation or story. It suggests a sudden shift or twist that alters the course of events...

Example sentence

"The turn of events was unexpected and left everyone stunned."


Turn Of Fortunes

Turn of Fortunes is a captivating collective noun phrase that elicits intrigue and sparks imagination. It metaphorically conveys the fickle nature of fate, encapsulating a series of unpredictable changes or reversals in circumstances or outcomes. Picture ...

Example sentence

"The Turn of Fortunes brought unexpected prosperity to the struggling company."


Turn Of Keys

A turn of keys refers to a collective group of keys that are used to operate locks or open various doors and compartments. This noun phrase refers to the physical action of turning a key to unlock or get access to something. A turn of keys can vary in siz...

Example sentence

"The prison guard counted the turn of keys before he handed them to his fellow officer."


Turn Of Leaves

Turn of Leaves is a captivating collective noun phrase that etches a mesmerizing image of nature's ever-changing symphony. Drawing inspiration from the wistful tapestry of autumn, this expression gracefully captures the breathtaking moment when myriad lea...

Example sentence

"As fall arrived, we marveled at the turn of leaves, witnessing nature's magnificent transformation."

Some of these collective noun phrases are traditional, while others showcase a touch of creativity. Choose the one that best fits your narrative or discussion.

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