[28] Troubling Totals: Collective Noun Examples That Make Grammar Perplexing

A collective noun is a term used to describe a group of people, animals, or things. When paired with the word "troubling," collective nouns evoke a sense of disturbance, concern, or unease. These collective noun examples highlight various instances where a group as a whole causes discomfort, worries, or challenges societal norms.

1. Troubling herd: This refers to a large gathering of elephants, bison, or other powerful animals moving together. Their massive size and unpredictable behavior can create anxiety or pose threats to human safety.

2. Troubling swarm: A swarm consisting of bees, locusts, or other insects can be highly alarming. Their relentless buzzing, potential for stinging or destruction of crops, and sheer numbers create a significant disturbance.

3. Troubling horde: A horde represents a vast number of wild, unruly people or creatures in motion. This term is often attributed to scenes of marauding barbarians or a troubled group of zombies moving ferociously towards a goal or target.

4. Troubling mob: A mob typically pertains to a disorderly crowd that may be manifesting anger, frustration, or violence. Their collective behavior can incite fear, promote a sense of lawlessness, and present a social disturbance or unrest.

5. Troubling assembly: An assembly signifies a gathering or congregation of people, often associated with organized causes or movements. If identified as troubling, it suggests that their intentions, ideologies, or actions disturb societal norms and values, challenging the status quo.

6. Troubling squad: A squad represents a group of individuals engaged in a collectively harmful or disruptive action. From troublemaking teenagers to organized criminals, this term encapsulates a particular unease or worry surrounding the group's behavior.

7. Troubling congregation: Congregations comprise gatherings of people coming together for various purposes, such as worship or assembly. A congregation labeled troubling implies that their beliefs, practices, or ideologies cause concern or discomfort within a community or society.

When used alongside troubling, these collective noun examples illustrate an aura of tension, disturbance, or potential harm associated with these groups. They are emotive portrayals that bring attention to situations or groups that challenge the peace and harmony of communities.


Troubling Of Blackbirds

A Troubling of Blackbirds refers to a fascinating gathering of blackbirds observed together in larger numbers or flocks. Renowned for their awe-inspiring and harmonious qualities, blackbirds completely astound observers with their synchronized behaviors a...

Example sentence

"As I walked through the park, a troubling of blackbirds filled the air with their mournful songs."


Troubling Of Blue Jays

A Troubling of Blue Jays is an intriguing collective noun phrase used to describe a group of Blue Jays gathering together in dynamic and mysterious ways. Troubling can be interpreted as both an adjective and a verb, aptly capturing the fascinating nature ...

Example sentence

"A troubling of Blue Jays gathered in the treetops, their raucous calls echoing through the forest."


Troubling Of Buntings

A Troubling of Buntings is a fascinating collective noun phrase referring to a gathering or group of buntings, small passerine birds known for their cheerful and vibrant plumage. However, the term troubling adds a sense of unease, giving a unique and slig...

Example sentence

"I spotted a troubling of buntings flying over the meadow, their vibrant colors adding a touch of cheer to the grey sky."


Troubling Of Canaries

The phrase Troubling of Canaries beautifully captures the essence of a group of canaries in a thought-provoking and evocative manner. Defined as the collective noun for a flock of canaries, this unique descriptor draws attention to the notion that these d...

Example sentence

"A troubling of canaries filled the air with their melodious songs."


Troubling Of Cardinals

A troubling of Cardinals refers to a unique and fascinating spectacle in nature. Cardinals, known for their vibrant plumage and distinctive melodic songs, gather together in great numbers, creating a stunning sight that seems both mesmerizing and unsettli...

Example sentence

"The troubling of Cardinals gathered on the tree branches, their vibrant red feathers contrasting against the green foliage."


Troubling Of Chickadees

A Troubling of Chickadees refers to a charming collective noun phrase used to describe a group of chickadees, which are small but fascinating birds found in North America. This particular collective noun seems fitting as it aims to capture the lively and ...

Example sentence

"We noticed a troubling of chickadees gathering around the bird feeder in our backyard."


Troubling Of Crows

A Troubling of Crows is a captivating and intriguing collective noun phrase used to describe a specific gathering or flock of crows. This peculiar expression vividly conveys the mood and impression that these enigmatic bird gatherings often evoke. Inspire...

Example sentence

"As I walked through the field, a troubling of crows descended from the trees above, their ominous cawing echoing through the air."


Troubling Of Dunnocks

A Troubling of Dunnocks is an intriguing collective noun phrase that describes a group of small and unassuming passerine birds, commonly known as dunnocks or hedge sparrows. This term encapsulates their behavior and appearance in a playful and imaginative...

Example sentence

"A troubling of dunnocks can be seen flocking together in the garden, hopping around in sync with each other."


Troubling Of Finches

Troubling of Finches is a captivating collective noun phrase that captures both the curious nature and inherent beauty of a group of finches. Within this enchanting phrase lies a sense of mystery and intrigue but also encapsulates the disquietude that can...

Example sentence

"A troubling of finches perched on the tree branches, their melodic songs filling the air with a sense of joy."


Troubling of Goldfinches

A Troubling of Goldfinches is an enchanting and captivating sight for any bird enthusiast or nature lover lucky enough to witness it. This unique collective noun aptly captures the essence and inherent beauty of these charming little birds as they gather ...

Example sentence

"A troubling of goldfinches descended upon the vibrant blooming garden, their vibrant plumage adding strokes of yellow and red to the landscape."

Some of these collective noun phrases are traditional, while others showcase a touch of creativity. Choose the one that best fits your narrative or discussion.

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