[181] A Troopfull of Collective Nouns: Exploring Examples with the Word 'Troop'

A collective noun is a word used to describe a group of people, animals, or objects. One such collective noun is "troop." In general, "troop" refers to a large group or an organized collection of individuals. However, the exact composition of a troop can vary based on the context in which it is used.

When referring to people, a troop can represent a group of soldiers, particularly in a military context. For instance, a troop of soldiers may refer to a unit, battalion, or division. It suggests a collective effort and unity among the members of the military.

In the context of animals, "troop" typically depicts a gathering or herd of similar species. For example, a troop of monkeys refers to a congregation of primates moving, foraging, or interacting together in their natural habitat. Similarly, a troop of elephants signifies a social group formed by these majestic creatures, often led by a matriarchal figure.

In a more general sense, "troop" can refer to a collective noun for various objects or entities. For instance, a troop of actors represents a touring theater company working together to perform a play across multiple locations. In similar fashion, a troop of performers could also indicate a group of acrobats, dancers, or musicians who engage in collaborative artistic ventures.

Other examples of collective nouns associated with the word troop include:

1. Troop of scouts: A gathering of boy scouts or girl scouts engaged in activities like camping, hiking, and community service.

2. Troop of children: A group of kids gathered for recreational or educational purposes, like school field trips or summer camps.

3. Troop of baboons: A collection of closely related primates, mainly found in African savannas, forests, and grasslands.

4. Troop of rangers: A team of park rangers responsible for managing and protecting natural reserves, national parks, or wildlife sanctuaries.

Overall, the word "troop" encompasses a broad range of examples in the context of collective nouns. It implies a gathering or organization of individuals working together or sharing common characteristics, often emphasizing teamwork, unity, and coordination.


Troop of Acrobats

A troop of acrobats refers to a group of exceptionally agile and highly skilled individuals who are proficient in performing breathtaking feats of strength, balance, and flexibility. This vibrant collective noun phrase depicts a united group of acrobats c...

Example sentence

"I went to see a troop of acrobats perform at the circus last night."


Troop of Actors

A troop of actors refers to a group or ensemble of individuals involved in the profession of acting. Similar to a theatrical troupe, a troop of actors represents a unified entity dedicated to the art of performance. Comprised of talented actors of various...

Example sentence

"The troop of actors took to the stage, their costumes glimmering under the spotlight."


Troop of Adventurers

A troop of adventurers refers to a group of individuals who possess a common interest in embarking upon daring and exciting quests, often in search of new experiences, challenges, or treasures. This collective noun phrase encapsulates the spirit of explor...

Example sentence

"A troop of adventurers stood at the entrance of the mysterious cave, anticipation written on every face."


Troop Of Advocates

A troop of advocates refers to a group of highly skilled legal professionals who are dedicated to upholding justice and defending the rights and interests of individuals and organizations in the legal system. This collective noun phrase captures the syner...

Example sentence

"A troop of advocates gathered outside the courtroom, eager to argue their cases."


Troop Of Ants

A troop of ants is a captivating collective noun phrase used to describe a large and highly organized group of ants. Ants, renowned for their discipline and cooperation, work together seamlessly to accomplish their everyday tasks. When referred to as a tr...

Example sentence

"A troop of ants scurried busily across the pavement, in perfect unison."


Troop of Apes

A troop of apes represents a fascinating and dynamic collective noun phrase used to refer to a group of apes gathered together. Apes are known for their intelligence, agility, and complex social structures, which adds even more excitement to this particul...

Example sentence

"A troop of apes swung gracefully through the trees, their strong arms propelling them effortlessly through the dense jungle."


Troop Of Artisans

A Troop of Artisans encompasses a group of highly skilled individuals immersed in various fields of craftsmanship, blending innovative techniques with artistic creativity. This collective noun phrase portrays a sense of community and camaraderie amongst t...

Example sentence

"A troop of artisans gathered in the village square, each showcasing their unique craftsmanship."


Troop of Athletes

A troop of athletes is a collective noun phrase used to describe a group or assemblage of skilled individuals participating in sports or athletic activities. The term troop projects a sense of unity, purpose, and teamwork among these athletes. It conjures...

Example sentence

"The troop of athletes eagerly arrived at the stadium, their colorful team uniforms shining in the sunlight."


Troop Of Aunts

A troop of aunts refers to a group or gathering of aunts, often relatives or close female figures in one's family or community. This collective noun phrase evokes an image of a supportive and influential group of women who offer guidance, advice, and supp...

Example sentence

"At the family reunion, the troop of aunts took charge of organizing games and activities for everyone."


Troop of Baboons

A troop of baboons is a fascinating collective noun phrase used to describe a gathering or a contingent of these intelligent and social primates. These astonishing creatures, native to various regions of Africa and Arabia, are known for their complex soci...

Example sentence

"A troop of baboons can be seen gathering near the waterhole, displaying their hierarchy through elaborate social interactions."

Some of these collective noun phrases are traditional, while others showcase a touch of creativity. Choose the one that best fits your narrative or discussion.

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