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A trace of collective noun examples brings together groups or a collection of animals, even professionals or objects, referred to by the noun "trace". Typically used when describing a collective presence or a specific characteristic shared by the individuals within that group, this term perfectly captures the essence of unity and connectivity among its members. Here, we shall explore a few sterling examples:

1. A trace of hounds: It depicts a gathering of dogs, specifically those involved in hunting or trailing activities. Their coordinated effort and synchronized pursuit make them a formidable force in tracking down and capturing prey.

2. A trace of deer: Signifying a collective name for deer, a trace can underline their timidity, grace, and elegant movement in a natural habitat. With their silent yet swift agility, these animals form a seamless assimilation into their surroundings, captivating observers with their magnificence.

3. A trace of detectives: This collective noun paints a vivid image of carefully selected investigators working together towards a common goal. Their specialization in gathering evidence, including analysis, relentless reasoning, and critical thinking skills, enables them to unravel mysteries and crack complex cases with unwavering determination.

4. A trace of chalk: This representation combines grains or particles of chalk, evoking images of fine white dust forming a cohesive unit. It symbolizes the inherent unity of these minuscule entities to collectively create lines and impromptu artwork on various surfaces, making their presence whimsically visible.

5. A trace of memories: In a metaphorical sense, this evocative collective noun embodies a conglomerate of cherished or unforgettable recollections, blending seamlessly into a web that shape one's life. These memories intertwine, leaving an indelible mark on our existence, prompting emotions, storytelling, and shaping our personal narratives.

In essence, these collective nouns exemplify the beauty of unity and collective individuality that a group symbolizing “trace” can indeed create—a harmony that binds distinctive personalities or objects together for a common purpose or defining characteristic.


Trace Of Blood

A trace of blood refers to a small, faint or delicate amount of blood. This collective noun phrase denotes a tiny or subtle presence of blood, typically resulting from a minor injury or surface-level wound. It can describe a minuscule amount of blood that...

Example sentence

"The detective found a trace of blood at the crime scene that led him to further investigate the area."


Trace of Hares

A trace of hares refers to a captivating and lively sight of hares in motion. When several hares come together in a group, they create a magical and enchanting scene, often observed in meadows, fields, or forests. The rhythmic sound of their bounding leap...

Example sentence

"I spotted a trace of hares bounding gracefully through the meadow."


Trace of Rabbits

A trace of rabbits refers to a charming sight of an assembly or gathering of these small, furry creatures. Typically used to describe a grouping of wild rabbits roaming together freely, the term conjures images of these creatures bounding through fields, ...

Example sentence

"While walking in the forest, I spotted a trace of rabbits hopping in the grass."


Trace Of Time

Trace of Time is a captivating and thought-provoking collective noun phrase that beautifully illustrates the intricate relationship between humanity and the flow of time. This phrase encapsulates the silent but undeniable remnants of moments, experiences,...

Example sentence

"In the empty house, there was a trace of time, evidenced by the faded photographs and dated furniture."


Trace Of Vestiges

Trace of Vestiges is a mesmerizing collective noun phrase that captures the essence of forgotten remnants, ephemeral shadows, and delicate traces of existence. Poetic and evocative, this phrase vividly illustrates the ethereal beauty of fleeting memories ...

Example sentence

"A trace of vestiges was all that remains of the ancient civilization that once inhabited this land."

Some of these collective noun phrases are traditional, while others showcase a touch of creativity. Choose the one that best fits your narrative or discussion.


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