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A collective noun refers to a group or collection of similar individuals, and when it comes to the table, several examples can illustrate how this noun applies. One common collective noun with the word "table" could be a "set" of tables. This refers to a arranged group of tables being used together for a specific purpose, such as dining or meeting. Additionally, a "fleet" of tables may be a collective noun in the context of catering, where a large number of tables are provided for an event or gathering. Another example often used in restaurants would be a "reservations" of tables, describing the group of tables that are specifically reserved for a particular set of guests. These collective nouns highlight the diverse contexts in which tables are utilized as integral components, allowing many collective activities to take place.


Array Of Vegetables

An array of vegetables is a visually stunning assemblage of various types, colors, and shapes of fresh produce. This collective noun phrase represents a captivating selection of vegetables that together create a diverse and vibrant display. With their inh...

Example sentence

"An array of vegetables filled the farmer's market, showcasing all colors of the rainbow."


Bag Of Onions

A bag of onions is a collective noun phrase that vividly depicts a collection of onion bulbs enclosed in a sack or bag. Imagining this assortment evokes an image of rustic abundance, as the pungent scent and distinctively layered shape of each onion withi...

Example sentence

"I bought a bag of onions from the farmer's market to use in various recipes."


Bag Of Vegetables

A bag of vegetables refers to a group or collection of different types of vegetables that are conveniently tied or packaged together in a bag. This reminiscent phrase brings to mind the varied colors, textures, and shapes of these natural edibles. Commonl...

Example sentence

"I bought a bag of vegetables from the farmer's market."


Bed Of Onions

A bed of onions is a collective noun phrase that pictorially describes a mass or group of onions closely packed together in a distinct pattern, resembling a garden bed or patch solely dedicated to the cultivation of onions. This phrase is often used to ev...

Example sentence

"The bed of onions in the garden is thriving and growing tall."


Bunch Of Asparagus

A bunch of asparagus refers to a grouping or collection of individual stalks or spears of asparagus, typically gathered together for ease of handling, packaging, or sale. Asparagus, a highly sought-after and versatile vegetable, is renowned for its vibran...

Example sentence

"In the market, I saw a bunch of asparagus lying neatly on the counter, gleaming with vibrant green."


Bunch Of Beetroot

A bunch of beetroot is a descriptive collective noun phrase used to refer to a group or cluster of beetroot vegetables that are typically sold or sourced together. Beetroot is a root vegetable known for its vibrant purple-red color and distinctive earthy ...

Example sentence

"In the garden, I found a bunch of beetroot growing beautifully and vibrant in color."


Bunch Of Carrots

A bunch of carrots refers to a common collective noun phrase used to describe a group or cluster of carrots that are harvested and presented together. It conveys the idea of multiple carrots bound together at their leafy stems, forming a cohesive unit. Of...

Example sentence

"After a long day at the farmer's market, she brought home a bunch of carrots to prepare a refreshing salad."


Bunch Of Kale

Bunch of Kale is a collective noun phrase that refers to a gathering or grouping of kale, a leafy green vegetable. This simple yet evocative phrase embodies the essence of kale, renowned for its vibrant green color and distinctive curly leaves. When used ...

Example sentence

"I bought a bunch of kale at the local farmer's market for some healthy smoothies."


Bunch Of Leeks

Bunch of Leeks is a rather whimsical and amusing collective noun phrase that refers to a gathering or cluster of leeks. Leeks, recognizable by their elongated and slender green stalks topped with white bulbs, are a part of the onion family and offer a dis...

Example sentence

"At the grocery store, I saw a bountiful bunch of leeks, glistening with freshness."


Bunch Of Radishes

A bunch of radishes is a visually appealing cluster of vibrant, crisp, and delicious vegetables. This collective noun phrase captures the captivating nature of these slender root vegetables, highlighting their affinity for growing closely together. Typica...

Example sentence

"I bought a bunch of radishes at the farmers' market to make a refreshing salad."

Some of these collective noun phrases are traditional, while others showcase a touch of creativity. Choose the one that best fits your narrative or discussion.

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