[39] Stringing Along: Exploring Collective Noun Examples

Collective nouns are a specific type of noun that refer to a group or collection of people, animals, or things. In the case of the word "string," several collective nouns can be attributed to it.

Firstly, "string" in a musical context brings to mind an orchestra or a group of musicians who are together performing various stringed instruments, such as violins, cellos, and guitars. This collective noun captures the elegance and harmony achieved through ensemble playing.

In a different sense, a "string" may also refer to a collection of objects linked together. examples include strands of pearls, equal-beige connecting beads, or decorative lights strung together. These objects, when grouped as a "string," create a visually engaging and cohesive arrangement.

Furthermore, the word "string" can denote a group of individuals organized for a specific purpose or affiliation. For instance, in a school or musical setting, a string ensemble represents a collective of students or musicians dedicated to playing in harmony and producing melodious compositions.

Lastly, in the field of linguistics and computer science, a "string" refers to a sequential collection of characters, symbols, or words. In programming, a string also represents a data type that stores and manipulates text-based information. Such strings can be organized into arrays and processed collectively to achieve specific objectives.

In summary, the usage of the collective noun "string" encompasses various interpretations – from a group of musicians playing stringed instruments, to objects linked together, to an organized affiliation, or even a sequential collection of characters. Thus, these examples highlight the versatility of the word "string" and its ability to create unique connections among entities or concepts.


Ball of String

A ball of string is a fascinating collective noun phrase often used to describe a tightly wound mass of string or thread. Picture a tangle of colorful, slim strands intricately intertwined and densely accumulated into a rounded shape. The ball of string c...

Example sentence

"I found a ball of string at the back of the drawer, all tangled up."


Bits Of String

Bits of String is a quaint and fascinating collective noun phrase that evokes images of disparate and tangled lengths of various types of string. It captures the essence of a multitude of small, often unrelated segments of string that come together to for...

Example sentence

"Bits of string were scattered across the table, reminding me of the many projects I had started and never finished."


Box of String

A box of string is a charming and curious collective noun phrase used to collectively describe multiple strands, colors, and types of string spooled or intertwined intricately together and stored in a container. As the box is opened, a visual feast of cre...

Example sentence

"I just bought a box of string for my crafting workshop."


Bundle of String

A bundle of string refers to a large or extensive collection of various types of string or twine bound or grouped together. It carries the image of multiple strands of string twisted, wound, or haphazardly joined in a compact and tangled form. This collec...

Example sentence

"In the craft corner, there sat a colorful bundle of string, waiting to be woven into friendship bracelets."


Coil of String

A coil of string refers to a collection or gathering of multiple strands or lengths of string that have been wound or wrapped together in a circular or spiraling shape. The term coil emphasizes the neat and organized manner in which the string is arranged...

Example sentence

"I reached into my drawer and pulled out a coil of string to untangle."


Collection of String

A collection of strings refers to a group or assortment of various types of string materials, strands, or threads. Ranging from delicate threadlike strings to sturdy cords, this diverse gathering showcases the versatility and usefulness of strings in vari...

Example sentence

"A collection of string was tangled up in a messy heap on the craft table."


Cord of String

A cord of string refers to a specific unit of measurement used to quantify an assortment of string material gathered or organized together. Typically, a cord of string can include various types of string, such as cotton, nylon, hemp, or even metallic thre...

Example sentence

"The craft room was well-stocked with a cord of string of different colors and thicknesses."


Hank of String

Hank of String is a unique collective noun phrase that refers to a gathering or collection of string, specifically described as a hank. A hank typically signifies a bundle or coil of loosely wound thread, rope, or any material used for tying or knotting. ...

Example sentence

"A hank of string laid messily on the table, tangled and waiting to be unraveled."


Knot of String

A knot of string is a collective noun phrase used to express a bundle or tangle of various types of string or threads. It conjures up an image of intertwined cords, unraveling threads, or braided yarns in a disorderly and complicated manner. The term knot...

Example sentence

"A knot of string was left behind after the arts and crafts activity at the school's fair."


Length of String

Length of String is a unique and intriguing collective noun phrase that captures the concept of measurement, exploring the various lengths of string. This phrase suggests an assemblage or collection of different lengths, sizes, and types of strings, each ...

Example sentence

"The length of string needed to tie all the packages together was surprisingly long."

Some of these collective noun phrases are traditional, while others showcase a touch of creativity. Choose the one that best fits your narrative or discussion.

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