[46] Uncover the Essence of Unity: Stand Together with Collective Noun Examples

A collective noun serves to describe a group of things or people. When the word "stand" is used as the basis for a collective noun, it captures a specific context where objects or beings are stationed or organized in a particular manner. Here are some examples of collective nouns using the word "stand":

1. A stand of trees: Refers to a group of trees growing closely together, often creating a small wooded area. It portrays an image of unity and harmony in the natural world.

2. A stand of fans: Describes a group of enthusiastic supporters or followers gathered at an event, such as a sports match or concert, providing unwavering support for their beloved team or artist.

3. A stand of guards: Conveys a group of protective individuals, typically stationed in a specific location, such as soldiers guarding a fort or security personnel in charge of ensuring safety in a particular area.

4. A stand of bookshelves: Represents a collection of bookshelves lined up together, showcasing an array of literary works. This collective noun portrays the beauty and intellectual wealth present in libraries or personal collections.

5. A stand of hypotheses: Represents a group of scientific theories or potential explanations for a specific phenomenon. The plural noun emphasizes the investigation and exploration that takes place in the scientific community, promoting open-mindedness and analytical thinking.

6. A stand of waiters: Depicts the service staff within a restaurant or an event, clad in their uniforms and ready to attend to customers. This collective noun highlights their professional and attentive demeanor.

7. A stand of flamingos: Visualizes a flock of graceful pink birds often seen standing together, showcasing their vibrant colors. This vivid imagery exhibits harmony and cooperation among these elegant creatures.

In all these examples, the collective noun using the word "stand" forms a vivid image of a grouped entity, illustrating a shared purpose, or context, where unity, protection, support, or organization prevail.


Stand Of Activists

A stand of activists refers to a group of individuals who passionately unite and fervently advocate for various causes they believe in. Just as a stand of trees showcases strength, resilience, and together forms a solid formation, a stand of activists sym...

Example sentence

"A stand of activists gathered in front of City Hall to voice their concerns about social inequality."


Stand Of Advocates

A stand of advocates refers to a group or gathering of individuals who passionately support and uphold certain causes, principles, or values. These dedicated individuals have chosen advocacy as a means to effect positive change, functioning as defenders, ...

Example sentence

"A stand of advocates gathered outside the courthouse to protest against the unjust law."


Stand Of Apple Trees

A stand of apple trees is a picturesque sight, exuding a sense of tranquility and abundance. This collective noun phrase refers to a grouping of apple trees growing closely together, whether in a well-maintained orchard or a wild and untamed landscape. Ea...

Example sentence

"In autumn, a stand of apple trees paints the landscape with vibrant hues of reds and yellows."


Stand of Arms

A stand of arms is an evocative collective noun phrase that refers to a visually striking group of weapons displayed together in an organized manner. It brings to mind a military or historical context where a collection of weapons, such as rifles, swords,...

Example sentence

"The soldiers stood in a disciplined stand of arms, ready to face any threat on the battlefield."


Stand Of Artists

A stand of artists refers to a gathering or group of individuals who are skilled in various forms of artistic expression. Within this collective noun phrase, artists come together with their distinctive talents, expertise, and creativity. They can encompa...

Example sentence

"A stand of artists gathered at the park, painting and sketching the beautiful scenery."


Stand of Bananas

A stand of bananas refers to a group or cluster of banana bunches that are typically found growing together in plantations, markets, or grocery stores. This collective noun phrase captures the visual spectacle of dozens or even hundreds of bananas growing...

Example sentence

"A stand of bananas was beautifully displayed in the grocery store, attracting customers with their vibrant yellow color."


Stand Of Believers

A stand of believers refers to a group or gathering of individuals that share common faith, belief system, or religious convictions. This collective noun phrase signifies a unified and cohesive entity of like-minded people devoted to a particular religion...

Example sentence

"The stand of believers gathered in the church to praise and worship."


Stand Of Books

A stand of books conjures up a captivating image of a small forest of literary treasures. This unique collective noun phrase refers to a grouping or collection of books arranged in a stationary manner, almost as if they were standing upright, waiting pati...

Example sentence

"The stand of books in the library showcased a wide range of genres and topics."


Stand Of Cacti

A stand of cacti refers to a group or cluster of these intriguing and resilient desert plants. The collective noun phrase describes a visually stunning spectacle found in arid regions worldwide, where cacti thrive in harsh conditions. The word stand embod...

Example sentence

"As I hiked through the desert, I marveled at the impressive stand of cacti that stretched as far as the eye could see."


Stand Of Coaches

A stand of coaches refers to a group or collection of coaches in a particular context or setting. These coaches can be related to any domain, including sports, transportation, or educational fields. When brought together, they form a supportive and cohesi...

Example sentence

"A stand of coaches gathered near the field, patiently strategizing and cheering on the players."

Some of these collective noun phrases are traditional, while others showcase a touch of creativity. Choose the one that best fits your narrative or discussion.

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