[22] A Spate of Collective Noun Examples: Exploring the Vast Span of Language

A collective noun is a term used to describe a group or collection of people, animals, or things. One such group can be referred to as a "span." A span typically pertains to objects or entities that are related to each other in terms of their measurement, distance, or size. It signifies a specific expanse or range of objects that share a common characteristic.

Here are some examples of collective nouns using the word "span":

1. A span of bridges: This refers to a collection of bridges located close to each other, typically found over a river, creek, or any body of water. For instance, the city of Prague boasts a beautiful span of bridges over the Vltava River, including the iconic Charles Bridge.

2. A span of horses: This represents a gathering of horses that are typically compared or contrasted based on their size, color, breed, or purpose. Horse shows often feature a span of horses of similar category parading together.

3. A span of time: This indicates a specific period encompassing events or activities. For instance, the Renaissance period covers a span of time from the 14th to the 17th century, characterized by significant cultural and artistic developments.

4. A span of aircraft: This refers to a group of planes produced by the same manufacturer or models used for similar purposes, like commercial airliners. An airshow may showcase a span of aircraft, showcasing the technological advancements of a particular company or era.

5. A span of construction: This term signifies the range of structural elements such as beams, trusses, or arches typically used together to give stability and support to various types of construction such as bridges, roofs, or buildings. A span of trusses ensures structural integrity and has become a popular choice in modern architecture.

In summary, the collective noun "span" is often utilized to describe a group or collection of objects, animals, or even time periods that share a common characteristic or connection based on measurement, distance, or size.


Span Of Arabians

Span of Arabians refers to a magnificent gathering or group of Arabians, charmingly epitomizing the grace, elegance, and rich heritage associated with this iconic breed of horses. As a collective noun phrase, it accentuates the unity, strength, and beauty...

Example sentence

"The span of Arabians galloped across the vast desert as one united force."


Span Of Carriage Horses

A Span of Carriage Horses refers to a group or team of horses that are specifically trained and harnessed together to pull a carriage or other type of wheeled vehicle. This collective noun phrase Span is commonly used to indicate a small group of horses, ...

Example sentence

"The Span of Carriage Horses trotted gracefully through the city streets, impressing onlookers with their elegant gait and synchronized movements."


Span Of Clydesdales

A span of Clydesdales refers to a group of Clydesdale horses being harnessed together side by side. The collective noun specifically alludes to the horses' arrangement and their unified appearance as they combine their immense power and elegance. Clydesda...

Example sentence

"The Span of Clydesdales paraded through the town, their sheer size and power commanding attention."


Span Of Colts

A span of colts refers to a group or a herd of young male horses, typically under four years old, that have not yet reached the adult stage. This collective noun phrase perfectly captures the energy, playfulness, and vigor commonly associated with these s...

Example sentence

"The span of colts can be seen frolicking and galloping across the open field."


Span Of Donkeys

A span of donkeys is a whimsical collective noun phrase that refers to a group or gathering of these gentle and sturdy creatures. Known for their charming and often comical appearance, donkeys bring a sense of togetherness and laughter to any scene when t...

Example sentence

"A span of donkeys grazed lazily in the meadow, enjoying the warm sun."


Span Of Draft Animals

Sapn of Draft Animals is a collective noun phrase that pertains to a specific grouping of animals trained and utilized for heavy pulling or hauling purposes such as plowing fields, transporting goods, or facilitating construction projects. The term span d...

Example sentence

"As they trudged along the rough terrain, a span of draft animals powered the heavy wagon, their muscles rippling under their fur."


Span Of Fillies

Span of Fillies is a collective noun phrase used to describe a gathering or assembly of young female horses, known as fillies. A span is a unit of measurement referring to the length or distance between two points, suggesting a connection or continuum bet...

Example sentence

"The span of fillies galloped across the open field, their youthful energy bouncing through the air."


Span Of Foals

A span of foals refers to a group of young horses that are roaming, grazing, or interacting together. It is a curious sight to behold, as the vitality and playfulness of these gentle creatures are particularly prominent during this stage of their lives. W...

Example sentence

"The span of foals dashed across the field, their hooves kicking up dust."


Span Of Geldings

Span of Geldings is a captivating collective noun phrase that encapsulates a group of striking and majestic horses. When referring to a gathering of these regal creatures, the term span alludes to the tranquil harmony of their formation. Geldings, in part...

Example sentence

"The span of geldings galloped across the open field, their hooves thundering on the grass."


Span Of Horses

Span of Horses refers to a group of horses that have been harnessed together to work or pull a carriage, wagon, or plow. This collective noun phrase denotes a harmonious assembly of these majestic creatures, symbolizing strength, power, and unity. When ha...

Example sentence

"A span of horses pranced gracefully through the open field, their hooves thundering against the lush green grass."

Some of these collective noun phrases are traditional, while others showcase a touch of creativity. Choose the one that best fits your narrative or discussion.

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