[41] A Slew of Collective Noun Examples: How Group Names Add Flavor to Language!

A slew is a captivating collective noun that refers to a large number or quantity of something. Derived from the Irish word "sluagh," which means a "crowd" or "multitude," the word has found its way into modern English to portray a group or collection that can range from decidedly numerous to downright overwhelming. A slew is used when a specific count or measurement seems inadequate to capture the sheer magnitude of people, objects, or entities involved. This term can be applied effectively to various scenarios, such as a team of skilled professionals collaborating to solve complex problems, a trove of treasures discovered in an ancient archaeological site, a chorus of voices joining together to sing harmoniously, or even a multitude of ideas and options presented to a decision-maker. No matter the context, a slew epitomizes an assembly of elements that effectively dominates the scene with its remarkable extent, making it an enigmatic and impactful example of a collective noun.


Slew Of Adventures

A slew of adventures is an exciting and exhilarating collection of various thrilling experiences waiting to be explored. This captivating phrase refers to a multitude of exciting and adventurous undertakings, ripe with opportunities for discovery, joy, an...

Example sentence

"We embarked on a slew of adventures during our vacation, from hiking in the mountains to snorkeling in the crystal-clear water."


Slew Of Artists

A slew of artists refers to a large group or gathering of artists that gathers in one place or comes together for a specific purpose. The term slew suggests an abundance or quantity, indicating that the number of artists present is significant. This colle...

Example sentence

"A slew of artists gathered in the park for an open-air painting session."


Slew Of Awards

A slew of awards refers to a large number or multitude of awards collected or received by an individual, an organization, or a specific work or achievement. This collective noun phrase captures the idea of numerous accolades and recognitions being given t...

Example sentence

"The actress had a slew of awards on her mantle, showcasing her impressive talent and widespread recognition."


Slew Of Bargains

A slew of bargains refers to a large number or assortment of exceptionally favorable deals or discounts available in one place or at a particular time. This collective noun phrase vividly captures the overwhelming amount of purchasing opportunities presen...

Example sentence

"The store was packed with a slew of bargains, offering discounts on clothes, electronics, and household items."


Slew Of Boar

A slew of boar refers to a group of wild boars, which are large, formidable mammals belonging to the pig family. This noun phrase encapsulates the irresistible image of a congregation of boars sunlight-drenched forest. Imagine a lively gathering where the...

Example sentence

"A slew of boar burst through the undergrowth, startled by the sudden noise."


Slew Of Boars

A slew of boars is a remarkable collective noun phrase used to describe a group of boars, captivating the imagination with a vivid depiction of their presence. Conjuring up imagery of strength, power, and wildness, this phrase perfectly encapsulates the e...

Example sentence

"A slew of boars emerged from the dense forest, causing a commotion with their thunderous running and snorting."


Slew Of Books

A slew of books is an abundant collection of literary works encompassing a vast array of genres, subjects, and authors. It represents a multitude of volumes grouped together, sharing common themes, educational value, or collective importance. This captiva...

Example sentence

"I entered the library and was immediately struck by the sight of a slew of books covering every available shelf."


Slew Of Celebrities

A slew of celebrities refers to a vibrant and remarkable group of famous individuals gathered or seen together. This collective noun phrase epitomizes glamour, stardom, and unparalleled talent, implying a multitude of renowned personalities in various fie...

Example sentence

"A slew of celebrities arrived on the red carpet, dazzling the photographers with their fabulous outfits."


Slew Of Challenges

A Slew of Challenges is a collective noun phrase that vividly communicates a vast array of melange challenges across various parameters. It symbolizes an abundant multitude of hurdles, obstacles, or issues that one might encounter in a particular situatio...

Example sentence

"In today's rapidly changing business landscape, companies are faced with a slew of challenges."


Slew Of Comments

A slew of comments refers to a large or a significant number of comments collectively grouped together. The word slew implies an abundance or multitude, while comments signifies various opinions, thoughts, or responses people express in written or spoken ...

Example sentence

"After the controversial announcement, Alice posted a slew of comments on social media expressing her discontent."

Some of these collective noun phrases are traditional, while others showcase a touch of creativity. Choose the one that best fits your narrative or discussion.

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