[20] Slate of Collective Noun Examples: Exploring the Strength in Numbers!

Collective nouns are used to describe a group of people, animals or things. In the case of the word "slate," there are several collective noun examples that are linked to different contexts.

1. A slate of candidates: This collective noun refers to a group of individuals who are running for political office, specifically those competing for positions in an election. For example, during election season, a slate of candidates would entail all the people seeking various offices in a particular political party.

2. A slate of students: This collective noun represents a group of learners, typically in an academic setting. It refers to students who are together in the same class or pursuing a particular field of study. One could say, "The biology department has a new slate of students who recently joined the program."

3. A slate of tasks: This collective noun pertains to a list or schedule of duties or assignments. Common in professional environments or project management, it denotes a compilation of responsibilities for individuals and teams working towards a common goal. For example, a manager may assign a slate of tasks to their team members for completion within a defined timeframe.

4. A slate of judges: This collective noun describes a panel or group of individuals chosen to evaluate, score, or decide upon something, often in a competition or performance. For instance, at a science fair, a slate of judges would be responsible for assessing and choosing the winners among the presented projects.

It is important to note that collective nouns are flexible in their usage and can vary depending on the context and the specific group or items being referred to. The examples above exemplify the different usage I of the collective noun "slate" in various scenarios.


Slate of Candidates

A slate of candidates refers to a group or list of individuals who are nominated or put forward to compete for a position or office. The term slate originates from the tradition of writing the names of candidates on a small board made of slate for public ...

Example sentence

"The slate of candidates for this election is an impressive group of individuals, each with their unique qualifications and strengths."


Slate Of Competitors

A slate of competitors is a term used to describe a group or panel of individuals who are competing against each other in a particular event or competition. The term slate signifies a list or schedule of contestants, leading to the concept of a collective...

Example sentence

"The slate of competitors in the figure skating competition was filled with exceptional talent and skill."


Slate Of Congressional Candidates

A slate of congressional candidates refers to a group or collective of individuals vying to become members of the United States Congress. This term typically includes all the nominated candidates from a specific political party who are running for the res...

Example sentence

"The slate of Congressional candidates features a diverse group of individuals from a variety of backgrounds and political parties."


Slate Of Contenders

Slate of contenders refers to a collective noun phrase that encapsulates a diverse group of individuals who are all vying or competing for a particular position, title, honor, or recognition. The term slate suggests a list or lineup where each contender's...

Example sentence

"The slate of contenders for this year's political election is diverse and carefully selected."


Slate Of Election Candidates

A slate of election candidates refers to a group or list of individuals who are participating in an election for various positions within a political or organizational context. This collective noun phrase highlights the process of assembling a comprehensi...

Example sentence

"The slate of election candidates presented a diverse pool of individuals, each bringing their unique qualifications and perspectives."


Slate Of Governorship Candidates

A slate of governorship candidates refers to a group or list of individuals who are running for the position of governor in a particular region or jurisdiction. The term slate suggests that these candidates are being presented in a consolidated, organized...

Example sentence

"The slate of governorship candidates is highly competitive this election year."


Slate Of Hopefuls

A Slate of Hopefuls refers to a group or assortment of individuals who are aspiring or striving towards a common goal or position. The term slate denotes a list or a set of candidates, typically in the context of an election, competition, or selection pro...

Example sentence

"A slate of hopefuls, comprising a diverse group of young entrepreneurs, eagerly gathered to pitch their innovative ideas to potential investors."


Slate Of Independent Candidates

A slate of independent candidates is a collective noun phrase referring to a group of multiple individuals who are contesting in an election independent of any major political party. This distinctive term slate emphasizes the unified nature of these candi...

Example sentence

"The slate of independent candidates includes a diverse group of individuals with various expertise and backgrounds."


Slate Of Local Candidates

A slate of local candidates refers to a group or list of individuals who are running for various local positions, such as city government, county offices, or school district boards. This collective noun phrase embodies a comprehensive selection of candida...

Example sentence

"The slate of local candidates includes a diverse group of individuals from various backgrounds and affiliations."


Slate Of Majority Candidates

A slate of majority candidates refers to a group or list of individuals who are nominated or running for various positions with the objective of gaining a majority in a particular election or selecting body. This descriptive term takes its name from the m...

Example sentence

"The slate of majority candidates presented a united front to secure their victories in the election."

Some of these collective noun phrases are traditional, while others showcase a touch of creativity. Choose the one that best fits your narrative or discussion.

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