[160] Unlocking the Wonders of Collective Nouns: Examples That Set the Stage!

A collective noun refers to a group or collection of people, animals, or things that are perceived as a unit. When it comes to the word "set," there are several examples of collective nouns that represent a gathering of various objects belonging to a particular category. A set, indicating a grouping of related items, forms a common noun, kindling the imagination with notions of completeness and order. Here are some examples of collective nouns containing the word "set":

1. A set of books: This collective noun describes a collection of books that have a common purpose or theme, often forming part of a series or offering a comprehensive coverage of a subject.

2. A set of dice: Referring to a group of small polyhedral objects used in games or gambling, this collective noun reinforces the idea that the dice function together as a whole to determine an outcome.

3. A set of keys: This collective noun depicts a group of keys that are linked by the common purpose of unlocking various locks - be it for doors, safes, vehicles, or any other possession.

4. A set of tools: Describing the gathering of various instruments used for specific tasks, this collective noun denotes the completeness and organization necessary to accomplish a wide range of activities.

5. A set of clothes: This collective noun represents a combination of garments, typically including items like shirts, pants, dresses, and accessories, that form a complete outfit or wardrobe.

Overall, collective nouns with the word "set" offer a way to envision various objects working together as a unified unit, sharing a purpose, or complementing each other in functionality or aesthetics.


Set Of Actions

A set of actions is a group of individual actions that are performed simultaneously or consecutively towards achieving a specific objective or outcome. It represents a collection of deliberate movements, gestures, or behaviors undertaken by individuals, e...

Example sentence

"The therapist met with the client and identified a set of actions to address their anxiety."


Set Of Activewear

A set of activewear refers to a collection or ensemble of purpose-designed clothing and accessories that are specifically tailored for physical activities and exercise. This collective noun phrase encompasses a versatile range of garments like athletic to...

Example sentence

"I purchased a set of activewear for my upcoming fitness class."


Set Of Anchors

A set of anchors refers to a group of multiple anchor units. Anchors, typically heavy objects designed for stability and security, are used to secure and immobilize ships, aircraft, or structures in place. These objects can be various shapes and sizes, bu...

Example sentence

"A set of anchors lined the dock, ready to secure the boating vessels."


Set Of Apple Trees

A set of apple trees refers to a group or collection of apple trees growing together in a particular area. The phrase set implies a harmonious arrangement of these trees, suggesting that they are positioned in a deliberate way, perhaps in an orchard or ga...

Example sentence

"In the orchard, I spotted a vibrant set of apple trees, their branches weighed down with ripe fruit."


Set Of Athletes

A set of athletes refers to a cohesive group of sportsmen and sportswomen gathered or organized for a particular purpose, like participating in a sporting event, training together, or representing a team or country. These skilled individuals command physi...

Example sentence

"A set of athletes gathered at the stadium, ready to showcase their remarkable skills and compete against each other."


Set Of Basketball Players

A set of basketball players refers to a group of individuals who participate in the popular team sport of basketball. It represents a collective noun phrase that emphasizes the cohesion, coordination, and mutual support among the players. A basketball tea...

Example sentence

"The set of basketball players huddled together before the game, discussing their game plan."


Set Of Beachgoers

A set of beachgoers is a lively assemblage of individuals who converge on a scenic shoreline, encapsulating the vibrant essence of summer vibes and seaside adventure. Whether flocked under the comforting shade of a beach umbrella or basking in the golden ...

Example sentence

"A set of beachgoers gathered on the sandy shores, enjoying the warm sun and cool ocean breeze."


Set Of Beavers

A set of beavers refers to a group of these highly industrious and socially bonded aquatic mammals native to North America and Eurasia. In a set of beavers, individuals work together to create and maintain their complex and awe-inspiring structures known ...

Example sentence

"A set of beavers is busy constructing their dam along the riverbank."


Set Of Beliefs

A set of beliefs refers to a collection or group of ideas, principles, values, or doctrines that are shared and held by a particular individual, community, or belief system. This represents the assemblage of concepts and perceptions established over time ...

Example sentence

"A set of beliefs shapes an individual's perspective on the world."


Set Of Boats

A set of boats refers to a gathering or grouping of various vessels designed for sailing across bodies of water. This collective noun phrase encapsulates the diverse types, sizes, and styles of boats coming together in a harmonious arrangement. Whether it...

Example sentence

"A set of boats lined the dock, ready to embark on their next adventure."

Some of these collective noun phrases are traditional, while others showcase a touch of creativity. Choose the one that best fits your narrative or discussion.

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