[61] A Serving of Collective Nouns: Recognizing Fleets, Clusters, and Arrays!

A collective noun refers to a group or collection of individuals, animals, or objects as a single entity. When the word "serving" is associated with a collective noun, it typically represents a group of individuals or objects involved in providing food, assistance, or specific roles. Here are a few examples of collective nouns where "serving" is used:

1. Serving of food: In a restaurant or for a large event, numerous waitstaff fulfilling the task of bringing food to the tables can be referred to as a "serving of waiters" or a "serving of servers."

2. Helping of volunteers: When a group of volunteers come together to serve a cause or contribute their assistance for a particular activity, they can collectively be called a "serving of volunteers" or a "helping of volunteers."

3. Squad of waiters: When a team of waiters or waitresses work harmoniously to serve customers, they can be referred to as a "squad of servers" or a "serving of waitstaff."

4. brigade of caterers: A group of caterers, chefs, and serving staff meticulously coordinating to provide food and drinks for an event, such as a wedding or corporate function, can be described as a "brigade of caterers" or a "serving of catering staff."

5. array of hors d'oeuvres: An assortment of small appetizers or finger foods arranged aesthetically for a gathering can be termed as an "array of servings" or a "selection of bite-sized offerings."

6. Ensemble of attendants: When attendants or support staff work synergistically to assist in serving guests, like in hotels or airports, they can collectively be called an "ensemble of attendants" or a "serving of support personnel."

The use of collective nouns with the word "serving" represents these groups coming together to fulfill their specific roles, emphasizing the collaborative aspect and expertise involved in various service-oriented scenarios.


Serving Of Appetizers

A serving of appetizers is a delectable and enticing collective noun phrase that describes a platter or tray filled with a delicious assortment of bite-sized culinary creations. This captivating ensemble of tantalizing small plates and miniature gourmet d...

Example sentence

"The waiter brought a serving of appetizers to our table."


Serving Of Beans

A serving of beans is a delightful collective noun phrase that evokes images of a wholesome, nourishing dish. When one envisions a serving of beans, one can envision a delicious plate of legumes, cooked to perfection and bursting with flavorful goodness. ...

Example sentence

"The chef prepared a delicious serving of beans to accompany the main dish."


Serving Of Beer

A serving of beer refers to the collective noun phrase used to describe a specific quantity or portion of beer. It is a unit of measurement that determines the amount of beer being poured or consumed in a single instance. The phrase emphasizes the act of ...

Example sentence

"A serving of beer is essential when you are cheering for your favorite sports team."


Serving Of Beverages

A serving of beverages is a collective noun phrase referring to a quantity or portion of drinks being provided for consumption. It typically encompasses a variety of beverages such as water, juices, soft drinks, tea, coffee, and alcoholic drinks. Whether ...

Example sentence

"The waiter placed a serving of beverages on the table, including coffee and tea for all the guests."


Serving Of Bowls

A serving of bowls is a distinctive and aesthetically pleasing collection of various types of bowls, each designed for different culinary purposes or cultural preferences. This collective noun phrase perfectly captures the harmony and depth created when s...

Example sentence

"During the potluck, each guest brought a serving of bowls filled with colorful salads."


Serving Of Bread

A serving of bread represents a delicious portion of this universally loved staple food. This collective noun phrase encapsulates the idea of multiple pieces or slices of bread that are used or served together. Whether it is a basket filled with warm and ...

Example sentence

"The bakery made a fresh serving of bread early in the morning, ready to be put on display."


Serving Of Cake

Serving of Cake refers to a precise portion or individual slice of this delectable confectionery. Demonstrate this serving, a charming delicacy emerges, meticulously arranged to gratify the taste buds. A serving of cake enhances any occasion, elevating ce...

Example sentence

"The waiter brought us a serving of cake that was big enough for everyone at the table."


Serving Of Casseroles

A serving of casseroles refers to a delightful assortment of these scrumptious oven-baked dishes that come together to form a sumptuous meal. This collective noun phrase embodies warmth and comfort at its core, reminding one of family dinners and communal...

Example sentence

"A serving of casseroles was laid out on the buffet table for the guests to enjoy."


Serving Of Cereal

Serving of Cereal refers to a specified quantity or portion of cereal that is typically consumed at one time. It serves as a collective noun phrase to describe an individual portion of cereal that is measured and served. A serving of cereal is typically u...

Example sentence

"I opened a box of my favorite cereal, and poured a serving of cereal into my bowl."


Serving Of Cheese

A serving of cheese is a delectable ensemble of various kinds and flavors of cheese, artistically arranged on a platter or dish, eagerly awaiting to entice your taste buds. This collective noun phrase signifies a portion or helping of cheese, carefully cu...

Example sentence

"The cheeseboard looked incredibly tempting with a serving of cheese out for everyone to indulge in."

Some of these collective noun phrases are traditional, while others showcase a touch of creativity. Choose the one that best fits your narrative or discussion.

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