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A collective noun can be defined as a single word that is used to describe a group of individuals or things. One such collective noun is "selection." When we talk about a selection, we are referring to a group of distinct items or individuals that have been carefully chosen or gathered together based on some criteria.

For example, in a museum, there may be a selection of exquisite art pieces. This implies that a specific group of masterpieces has been chosen to be displayed. Similarly, in a library, you can find a selection of novels, indicating that a curated assortment of literary works is available for readers to choose from.

The use of the collective noun "selection" can also extend to gatherings of people. For instance, during a recruitment process, job applicants may go through several rounds of interviews before a final selection is made. Here, "selection" denotes the group of potential candidates that have reached a certain stage in the hiring process.

Furthermore, the noun can refer to groups in the natural world as well. In the animal kingdom, we often encounter examples like a selection of fish or a selection of bird species. These particular words imply that a diverse set of these creatures can be found in a given habitat or location.

In summary, "selection" serves as a collective noun that represents a carefully chosen or gathered group of items, individuals, or creatures in different contexts. Whether it's a group of artworks, curated books, finalists in a recruitment process, or diverse species in the animal kingdom, the word "selection" encapsulates the idea of a intentionally assembled cluster of elements.


Selection Of Activewear

A Selection of Activewear refers to a variety of clothing and accessories designed to enhance comfort, flexibility, and performance during physical activities or exercise. This collective noun phrase encompasses an array of garments specifically crafted t...

Example sentence

"A selection of activewear is displayed in the store, ranging from comfortable yoga pants to breathable sports bras."


Selection Of Basketball Players

A selection of basketball players refers to a group of carefully chosen individuals who possess the necessary skills, athleticism, and talent required to participate in the thrilling and highly competitive sport of basketball. These players are handpicked...

Example sentence

"A selection of basketball players gathered at the gym for a grueling training session."


Selection Of Candidates

Selection of Candidates is a collective noun phrase that refers to the process of carefully choosing and evaluating individuals who are being considered for a particular purpose, such as a job position, an award, a scholarship, or a political role. This p...

Example sentence

"The selection of candidates for the job position included a rigorous screening process."


Selection Of Clothes

A selection of clothes refers to a diverse assortment or a carefully curated assemblage of garments, accessories, and apparel items. This particular collective noun phrase carries connotations of variety, intentionality, and discernment. When using the p...

Example sentence

"I went shopping yesterday and bought a selection of clothes for the upcoming season."


Selection Of Departments

A selection of departments refers to a grouping or collection of different departments within an organization or a larger entity. It represents a diverse range of specialized units or areas of expertise that perform specific functions within a company or ...

Example sentence

"The selection of departments at the university includes the School of Business, the Department of Biology, and the College of Engineering."


Selection Of Discoveries

A selection of discoveries refers to a curated compilation of a variety of important and significant findings made in a specific field of study, often to represent a progress made or a unique insight gained. This collective noun phrase emphasizes the proc...

Example sentence

"The selection of discoveries made by scientists in the past century has greatly advanced our understanding of the universe."


Selection Of Drawers

A selection of drawers refers to a group or assortment of different types, sizes, or styles of drawers that may vary in design and purpose. Typically found in furniture, such as cabinets and dressers, a selection of drawers offers versatile storage option...

Example sentence

"I need a selection of drawers for my bedroom to organize my clothes and belongings."


Selection Of Electronics

A selection of electronics refers to a grouping or assortment of electronic devices or technologies. It is a broad term that encompasses various products and equipment related to electronics. This collective noun phrase can include items such as computers...

Example sentence

"A selection of electronics is available for purchase at the store."


Selection Of Equipment

A selection of equipment refers to a curated collection or assortment of various tools, devices, or machinery that has been specifically chosen and assembled for a particular purpose, project, or task. This collective noun phrase encompasses a comprehensi...

Example sentence

"The selection of equipment available at the gym is extensive and caters to different fitness needs."


Selection Of Events

A Selection of Events refers to a diverse group or collection of notable happenings or occurrences that have been carefully chosen or picked out from a larger pool. This collective noun phrase encompasses a range of distinct incidents, gatherings, celebra...

Example sentence

"The selection of events at the music festival was varied and exciting, offering something for everyone."

Some of these collective noun phrases are traditional, while others showcase a touch of creativity. Choose the one that best fits your narrative or discussion.

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