[24] The Scoop on Collective Nouns: Examples and Insights Revealed!

A collective noun is a word used to describe a group of individuals, animals, or objects. In the case of the word "scoop," there are different collective noun examples which can be associated with this term.

1) A scoop of ice cream: This refers to a small, rounded portion of ice cream that has been served or taken from a larger quantity. When a group of individual scoops is gathered together, it can be referred to as a scoop of ice cream.

2) A scoop of reporters/journalists: In the field of journalism or media, a group of reporters or journalists working on a particular news story would be considered a scoop. They work together to gather information, investigate, and produce news reports.

3) A scoop of bulldozers/excavators: When multiple bulldozers or excavators are involved in a construction or digging project, they form a scoop. The word derives from their scooping action, which collectively contributes to the efficiency and progress of the work.

4) A scoop of gossipers: This collective noun refers to a group of individuals who engage in spreading and discussing idle, often frivolous, or personal information, usually about others. These gossipers, when gathered together, can be described as a scoop of gossipers.

5) A scoop of coffee mugs: Coffee mugs are often used as vessels for serving coffee, and when multiple cups are placed together, they form a scoop due to their similar shape. This collective noun represents a collection of coffee mugs in a row or set display.

Overall, the word "scoop" lends itself to diverse formations of collective nouns. These examples exhibit how the word can encompass the concept of multiple objects or individuals with similarities in their functions or characteristics.


Scoop Of Anthropologists

A scoop of anthropologists refers to a gathering or collective group of professionals specializing in the field of anthropology. Anthropology is the study of human beings, their origins, behavior, societies, and cultures both past and present. Within this...

Example sentence

"A scoop of anthropologists descended upon the ancient ruins, documenting every artifact and studying the remnants of an ancient civilization."


Scoop Of Archaeologists

A scoop of archaeologists is often used to refer to a group or team of individuals working in the field of archaeology. This term is derived from the idea that archaeologists invest their skills and expertise in uncovering information and scooping histori...

Example sentence

"A scoop of archaeologists assembled at the ancient ruins, armed with excavating tools and eager to uncover hidden secrets."


Scoop Of Bargain Hunters

A Scoop of Bargain Hunters refers to a group of individuals with a shared passion and talent for seeking out and exploiting advantageous sales, discounts, and deals. This collective noun phrase encompasses a community of astute shoppers and savers who enj...

Example sentence

"A scoop of bargain hunters descended upon the warehouse sale, scouring every corner for the best deals."


Scoop Of Beans

A scoop of beans is a collective noun phrase used to describe a quantity of beans gathered or served together, typically in a culinary context. Just as a literal scoop would be used to measure beans or to serve them, the phrase paints a vivid image of a s...

Example sentence

"I bought a scoop of beans to make a delicious chili for dinner tonight."


Scoop Of Detectives

A scoop of detectives refers to a group or team of detectives who have banded together to investigate and solve complex crimes and mysteries. Like a well-oiled machine, this collective noun phrase encapsulates the expertise, resourcefulness, and collectiv...

Example sentence

"A scoop of detectives gathered at the crime scene, analyzing every clue with a keen eye."


Scoop Of Diggers

A scoop of diggers is a whimsical and evocative collective noun phrase used to describe a grouping or collection of construction vehicles called diggers. These powerful machines, often seen on construction sites, contribute to the formidable job of excava...

Example sentence

"A scoop of diggers was busy excavating the construction site, digging up trenches and removing debris."


Scoop Of Foodies

A Scoop of Foodies is a vibrant and adventurous collective noun phrase that describes a group of individuals who are deeply passionate and enthusiastic about food. With an insatiable appetite for culinary experiences, their shared desire to explore and sa...

Example sentence

"A scoop of foodies gathered at the new trendy restaurant, eagerly discussing the latest foodie hotspots and sharing culinary tips."


Scoop Of Gardeners

A Scoop of Gardeners is a delightful and picturesque collective noun phrase used to describe a group of individuals who are passionate about gardening and nurture nature's splendors within outdoor spaces. This peculiar phrase plays on the notion of gather...

Example sentence

"A scoop of gardeners gathered in the community garden, exchanging tips and techniques for nurturing their plants."


Scoop Of Geologists

A scoop of geologists is a passionate and dedicated gathering of individuals, driven by a shared love for the study of the Earth's physical structure, substance, and history. This collective noun phrase refers to a group of highly knowledgeable profession...

Example sentence

"A scoop of geologists huddled together at the dig site, exchanging excited whispers as they uncovered a treasure trove of dinosaur fossils."


Scoop Of Historians

A Scoop of Historians refers to a gathering or group of historians who share a common passion for uncovering, interpreting, and preserving the past. Much like a scoop intuitively collects and serves essential information, this gathering of historians brin...

Example sentence

"A scoop of Historians gathered at the conference to share their latest research findings."

Some of these collective noun phrases are traditional, while others showcase a touch of creativity. Choose the one that best fits your narrative or discussion.

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