[48] From a School of Fish to a School of Thought: Fascinating Collective Noun Examples Explained

A collective noun is a special type of noun that refers to a group of people, animals, or things. One of the most commonly used collective nouns is "school".

When referring to a group of fish, the word "school" is used, such as "a school of fish". In this context, the word defines a large group of fishes swimming together, navigating the waters in synchrony. The purpose of swimming together is often related to safety in numbers, better food sourcing, or finding mates. Fish species like sardines, anchovies, or herring are typically known for their organized schooling behavior.

However, the collective noun "school" is not only limited to fish. It can be used to describe a collection of other animals such as dolphins or sharks, where you often hear about "a school of dolphins" or "a school of sharks". In both cases, these animals show a cooperative behavior and stay together, usually for safety, hunting, or traveling long distances.

Beyond animals, "school" is also used as a collective noun for groups of individuals. Most commonly, it refers to a formal educational institution, like "a school of students". This definition encompasses a number of learners gathering together for instruction and learning under the guidance of teachers or professors.

The word "school" can also be used creatively in other ways to describe groups of people, often with a common interest or purpose. For example, a "school of thought" refers to a group of people who share similar beliefs, ideologies, or theories. Similarly, "a school of artists" would refer to a collective group of artistic individuals sharing a similar style, technique, or influence.

In conclusion, the collective noun "school" is versatile and can be used to describe a range of groups or gatherings, from fish swimming together to students learning together. Its flexibility gives it a wide range of uses in the English language, reflecting the diversity of collective behavior among different species and communities.


School Of Artists

A school of artists is a vibrant and collaborative community where talented and creative individuals from various artistic disciplines come together to learn, grow, and inspire one another. This collective noun phrase embodies a group of individuals who s...

Example sentence

"The School of Artists hosted a prestigious exhibition showcasing the works of its talented students."


School Of Boys

A school of boys is a grouping of young boys gathered together for educational purposes. This collective noun phrase brings to mind a vibrant community of energetic and curious minds, coming together in a structured environment to learn, grow and explore....

Example sentence

"The school of boys looked impressive as they stood in perfect alignment during the annual sports day."


School Of Business

A school of business refers to a specific group or organization focused on the teaching and study of business-related subjects. Often an academic institution, the term school of business typically comprises various programs, departments, faculty, students...

Example sentence

"The School of Business offers a wide range of programs and courses to prepare students for successful careers in the business world."


School of Butterflyfish

A school of butterflyfish refers to a breathtaking grouping of these vibrantly colored marine species characterized by their stunning, intricate patterns and graceful, fluttering movements. These small, tropical fish are notable for their captivating beau...

Example sentence

"A school of butterflyfish can be seen gracefully swimming off the coast, their vibrant colors creating a stunning sight."


School Of Children

A school of children refers to a group of young individuals who gather together within an educational setting, engaging in various learning activities under the guidance of teachers and supervisors. The collective noun phrase school of children reflects t...

Example sentence

"The school of children lined up in the hallway, eagerly awaiting the signal to go to class."


School Of Crabs

A school of crabs refers to a group of these remarkable creatures gathered together in their unique social structure. With their tenacious and compelling behavior, crabs display an array of fascinating characteristics as they come together as a unified un...

Example sentence

"A school of crabs scuttled across the sandy beach, their tiny legs moving in perfect synchronization."


School Of Critics

A school of critics is a collective noun phrase that refers to a group of individuals who specialize in critically analyzing and evaluating works of literature, art, music, film, or other creative endeavors. This collective noun phrase portrays a communit...

Example sentence

"The school of critics unanimously agreed to publish a scathing review of the play."


School Of Dancers

A school of dancers is a captivating collective noun phrase that invokes imagery of graceful individuals moving in harmony and rhythm. Comprising a group of skilled and talented performers, this ensemble represents a visual feast of fluidity, precision, a...

Example sentence

"A school of dancers gracefully glided across the stage, their movements perfectly synchronized."


School Of Divers

A school of divers is a captivating sight in the underwater world, bringing together a diverse group of individuals passionate about exploring the depths of the ocean. Immersed in their shared love for the sea, this collective noun phrase refers to a gath...

Example sentence

"A school of divers descended into the vibrant reef, their neon-colored wetsuits blending with the dazzling array of marine life."


School of Dolphins

A school of dolphins is a truly enchanting sight, as it describes a gathering or group of these beautiful and intelligent marine creatures swimming together in harmony and synchrony. Dolphins, renowned for their remarkable social behavior, exhibit a compl...

Example sentence

"I spotted a school of dolphins from the boat, gracefully leaping and playing in the waves."

Some of these collective noun phrases are traditional, while others showcase a touch of creativity. Choose the one that best fits your narrative or discussion.

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