[41] Scatter Up Your Knowledge: Collective Noun Examples Are Everywhere!

A collective noun refers to a group of individuals, animals, or things. In this case, the collective noun examples with the word "scatter" depict situations where a group takes on a particular action or behavior, bringing a distinctive energy or pattern to their movement.

1. Flock of Scatter: When a flock of birds fly in a scattered or fluid manner rather than forming a cohesive V-shaped formation, they manifest the collective noun "flock of scatter." It conveys a sense of freedom and spontaneity in their flight paths.

2. Swarm of Scatter: A swarm of insects, such as bees or flies, that disperses in a spontaneous and chaotic manner is referred to as a "swarm of scatter." It evokes images of these insects rapidly branching out to different destinations with impressive agility.

3. Herd of Scatter: Typically associated with ungulates, like deer, antelopes, or cattle, a "herd of scatter" refers to a group where individuals frequently move in random directions, as opposed to maintaining a unified movement. This collective noun presents a sense of restlessness among the members, simultaneously curious and vigilant while they explore their surroundings.

4. Group of Scatter: This versatile and widely applicable collective noun "group of scatter" encompasses diverse scenarios involving humans and animals. It characterizes a collection of individuals moving in an erratically dispersed manner, reflecting their diverse interests, exploration, or search for resources in their environment.

5. School of Scatter: Used when describing fish, particularly those in large bodies of water, a "school of scatter" presents a dynamic collective noun example. Adapting swiftly to their surroundings, the school members spread out amorphously, often shining and intermingling, creating an immensely captivating visual spectacle.

These collective noun examples involving the word "scatter" vividly illustrate the dynamic and expanding nature of collective groups, showcasing the diversity of behaviors that can occur within them. From the flexibility of flight in scattered flocks to the organic formations found in schools or herds, they illustrate the essence of a dispersed unity perfectly.


Scatter Of Antelope

A scatter of antelope refers to a group or gathering of these graceful herbivores found in various habitats across the world. Characterized by their slender bodies, long legs, and distinct spiral-shaped horns, antelopes are known for their agility and exc...

Example sentence

"In the distance, a scatter of antelope grazed peacefully on the African plains."


Scatter Of Ashes

A scatter of ashes refers to the act of dispersing or spreading cremated human remains over a specific area or location. It is not only a symbolic gesture but also a common practice to commemorate the life and memories of a departed loved one. As a collec...

Example sentence

"The family gathered by the lake to have a scatter of ashes ceremony, reminiscing about the loved one they had lost."


Scatter Of Balloons

A scatter of balloons is a whimsical and playful collective noun phrase that charmingly describes a collection or group of balloons. This delightful term evokes the image of a kaleidoscope of colors and sizes as balloons are released into the air, floatin...

Example sentence

"A scatter of balloons filled the bright blue sky, carrying wishes and dreams with each gentle breeze."


Scatter Of Beads

Scatter of Beads refers to a lively and vibrant collective noun phrase used to describe a visually stunning scene or display of beads. The term scatter implies a spontaneous and random arrangement, suggesting that the beads are scattered about in an appea...

Example sentence

"As we sorted through the box of old jewelry, we fondly recalled the memories attached to each scatter of beads."


Scatter Of Bees

A scatter of bees is a unique and captivating natural spectacle that unfolds with graceful chaos. It describes a group of bees, buzzing and humming in unison, as they engage in their busy and purposeful activities. Picture a scene filled with an enchantin...

Example sentence

"As I walked through the garden, I noticed a scatter of bees hovering around the wildflowers."


Scatter Of Butterflies

A scatter of butterflies is a enchanting sight to behold, a magical ballet of iridescent colors gracefully flitting through the air. This collective noun phrase captures the essence of a group of butterflies, loosely displaying their ethereal beauty in un...

Example sentence

"As we walked amongst the wildflowers, a scatter of butterflies danced around us, their colorful wings creating a magical spectacle."


Scatter Of Coins

A scatter of coins refers to a collection or group of coins that are spread haphazardly across a particular area. The word scatter suggests that the coins are randomly dispersed, giving the impression of a disorganized, yet captivating scene. The phrase c...

Example sentence

"I found a scatter of coins on the sidewalk today, ranging from pennies to quarters."


Scatter Of Confetti

A scatter of confetti is a whimsical sight that enchants any celebratory event. Enticingly vibrant in its hues, this collective noun phrase refers to that picturesque moment when tiny shreds of decorative paper are joyously released into the air. Like col...

Example sentence

"At the end of the wedding ceremony, a scatter of confetti filled the air as guests celebrated the happy couple."


Scatter Of Dancers

A scatter of dancers is a vibrant and energetic display of movement and coordination. This collective noun phrase aptly captures the dynamic nature of a group of dancers, as they gracefully take center stage and captivate the audience with their synchroni...

Example sentence

"A scatter of dancers twirled gracefully across the ballroom floor."


Scatter Of Drops

A scatter of drops is a collective noun phrase used to describe a group of water droplets that have become disorganized and spread out. When a liquid is splattered, dispersed, or undergoing rapid movement, individual droplets can break away and form this ...

Example sentence

"As the rain showered down, a scatter of drops formed on the delicate petals of the flowers."

Some of these collective noun phrases are traditional, while others showcase a touch of creativity. Choose the one that best fits your narrative or discussion.

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