[11] Fierce Fascinations: Exploring the Power of Collective Nouns for Savages

Collective nouns are intriguing words that describe groups of people, animals, or objects as a singular entity. When it comes to describing groups of savages, these unique collective nouns evoke imagery and capture the diverse and captivating nature of their existence.

1. Horde: A horde of savages suggests a chaotic and intimidating assemblage, with a multitude of individuals united by their raw, untamed energy and unconventional beliefs. This term conveys an overpowering sense of unpredictability as they surge forward and make their presence felt.

2. Tribe: Alluding to centuries of coexistence and shared values, a tribe of savages paints a picture of a closely-knit community. Understood as an extended family bound by ancestry or kinship, this collective noun elicits a sense of loyalty, traditions, and deep-rooted rituals that define their way of life.

3. Gang: This collective noun signifies an association of savages characterized by close companionship, allegiance, and often lawless behavior. Depicting a band of daring outlaws or rebels united by a common interest, a gang adds an element of intrigue, bravado, and rebellion to their portrayal.

4. Swarm: Similar to a horde, this collective noun conjures an impression of numerous savages moving together as a massive unit. Suggesting a considerable presence in numbers, a swarm imparts a sense of relentless pursuit and overwhelming force, making their actions all the more formidable and impactful.

5. Pack: Describing a coordinated and cooperative group of savages, a pack signifies the nature of their collective efforts. Associated with hunting, survival, and camaraderie, this collective noun illustrates their ability to work efficiently within their tribe, emphasizing their shared purpose and synchrony.

6. Clan: Often reflecting ancestral ties and shared heritage, a clan of savages portrays a tight-knit community governed by prominent family structures. Suggesting historical ties and strong intergenerational bonds, this collective noun implies a sense of closeness, pride, and a shared history of survival and exploration.

7. Cluster: Conveying a vivid image of savages gathered together in a tight formation, a cluster encapsulates their interconnectedness and interdependence. This term reflects their ability to create a cohesive union, collaboratively navigating challenges or relying on one another for support as they venture through untamed territories.

In conclusion, these unique collective nouns amplify the captivating mystique of groups of savages. With each term offering its distinctive nuance,


Band Of Savages

Band of Savages is an evocative collective noun phrase used to collectively describe a group of individuals who exhibit a raw, primal, and untamed nature, often characterized by their uncivilized behavior, fierce independence, and lack of adherence to soc...

Example sentence

"The band of savages emerged from the depths of the jungle, their faces smeared with war paint, ready to unleash chaos upon their enemies."


Clan Of Savages

Clan of Savages is a metaphorical collective noun phrase that is often used to describe a group of wild and untamed individuals or a tribe known for their uncivilized behavior and unrefined lifestyle. This intriguing phrase conjures images of a tight-knit...

Example sentence

"The clan of savages huddled together, their primitive instincts guiding their every move."


Crew Of Savages

The collective noun phrase Crew of Savages captures a vivid and somewhat intriguing image of a group of individuals that exude boldness, raw energy, and uncharted freedom. This phrase encapsulates a hardened, tight-knit community of unconventional individ...

Example sentence

"The crew of savages stormed the island, fueled by their wild quest for hidden treasure."


Gang Of Savages

A gang of savages is a collective noun phrase commonly used to describe a group of people who engage in aggressive or violent behavior, often acting ruthlessly and lacking cultural refinement or moral restraint. The term gang emphasizes the collective nat...

Example sentence

"The gang of savages ran through the dense jungle, wielding their weapons and leaving chaos in their wake."


Horde of Savages

A horde of savages is a vivid and evocative collective noun phrase used to describe a large group of wild and unruly individuals, usually associated with aggression, brutality, and lack of civilization. This term magnifies the intensity and brutal nature ...

Example sentence

"The entire town was in chaos as a horde of savages descended upon it, looting and destroying everything in their wake."


Mob Of Savages

A mob of savages refers to a group of individuals who exhibit wild and uncivilized behavior, often displaying uncontrollable aggression or destructive tendencies. This collective noun phrase vividly portrays a multitude of people acting in an unrestrained...

Example sentence

"The mob of savages thundered through the jungle, their war cries echoing through the trees."


Pack Of Savages

A pack of savages is a collective noun phrase that evokes a sense of wildness, uncertainty, and untamed nature. It refers to a group of individuals who are unrestrained, frequently misunderstood, and exhibit a primordial instinct for survival and dominanc...

Example sentence

"A pack of savages rampaged through the jungle, instilling fear in every heart that crossed their path."


Posse Of Savages

Posse of Savages is a collective noun phrase that denotes a group of individuals characterized by their wild and uncivilized behavior. This phrase paints a vibrant picture of a band or gang of people who exhibit a lack of social conformity and adhere to t...

Example sentence

"The posse of savages emerged from the dense forest, howling and brandishing their weapons."


Swarm Of Savages

A swarm of savages is a vivid and evocative collective noun phrase that conjures images of a chaotic and aggressive group. Swarm implies a large number of individuals gathering together in a dense and frenzied manner, evoking the idea of fierce movement a...

Example sentence

"The cities of Monarchs guarded their walls as a swarm of savages approached."


Tribe Of Savages

The collective noun phrase Tribe of Savages refers to a group of people who are considered primitive or uncivilized by mainstream societal standards. The concept of a tribe often implies a close-knit community or social unit living together in a particula...

Example sentence

"A tribe of savages gathered around the roaring bonfire, their faces painted and adorned with leaves and feathers."

Some of these collective noun phrases are traditional, while others showcase a touch of creativity. Choose the one that best fits your narrative or discussion.

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