[25] Revving Up Language: A Round of Collective Noun Examples

Collective nouns are a unique category of nouns that refer to groups or collections of people, animals, or things. One intriguing subset of collective nouns includes those that incorporate the word "round." These words highlight the sense of unity, cohesion, or circular arrangement within a group. Here are some fascinating examples:

1. Circle: A circle is a round group where individuals stand or sit facing inward, sharing a common activity or purpose. It often represents collaboration or connectivity.

2. Drove: Typically used for livestock such as cattle or sheep, a drove refers to a round collection of animals moving together, often during migration or transportation.

3. Huddle: When individuals gather closely together, often in a circular formation, cuddling in an intimate way, like players in a sports team, it is referred to as a huddle.

4. Mob: This is an informal term used to describe a disorderly or unruly crowd of people. Often seen during protests or riot situations, a mob resembles an unorganized, round-like group seeking a common cause.

5. Pack: Similar to a mob, a pack represents a cohesive and tightly clustered group of animals, such as wolves or dogs, that hunt, move, or reside together.

6. Ring: A ring refers to a circular group or arrangement of individuals, often sharing a common interest or objective. This collective noun is seen in contexts like boxing rings or wedding rings, emphasizing the sense of unity.

7. Cluster: A cluster signifies a round group or collection of items or objects, tightly packed together. In nature, it can represent a cluster of fruits or flowers on a single stem.

These examples showcase how collective nouns incorporating the word "round" evoke a sense of unity, cohesion, and circular arrangement within various groups, whether it be animals, people, or objects.


Round Of Applause

A round of applause is a term used to describe a collective noun phrase that signifies and encapsulates the act of applauding, typically performed by a group of people in response to a performance, accomplishment, or expression of approval. This phrase re...

Example sentence

"Their incredible performance on stage deserved a round of applause from the audience."


Round Of Boxers

A round of boxers is a collective noun phrase that refers to a specific portion or session of a boxing match, commonly occurring between two boxers, where a specific number of rounds, typically agreed upon prior to the bout, are fought consecutively. This...

Example sentence

"I watched an exciting round of boxers spar at the local boxing gym."


Round Of Cheers

A round of cheers is a lively and enthusiastic collective noun phrase that is used to describe a group of people offering applause and vocal support, typically in response to an individual's achievement, a group's performance or for a cause worth celebrat...

Example sentence

"The rowdy fans erupted into a thunderous round of cheers as their team scored a winning goal."


Round Of Debates

A Round of Debates refers to a series or collection of debates held to discuss and scrutinize various topics or issues at hand. This collective noun phrase has deep roots in the realm of scholarship, academia, politics, and intellectual pursuits. These or...

Example sentence

"The school hosted a round of debates, with students passionately discussing topics ranging from climate change to gun control."


Round Of Discussions

A round of discussions refers to a structured and organized series of conversations aimed at exchanging ideas, opinions, and solutions on a particular topic or issue. Typically conducted with a group of individuals who have a common interest or shared goa...

Example sentence

"During the round of discussions, various perspectives were brought up regarding the company's new marketing strategy."


Round Of Doctors

A round of doctors refers to a group or gathering of medical professionals who have come together for a professional purpose. This collective noun phrase highlights the collaborative nature of the medical field, emphasizing the importance of teamwork and ...

Example sentence

"A round of doctors gathered in the operating theater for a delicate surgery."


Round of Drinks

A round of drinks is a collective noun phrase that refers to a popular social activity often encountered among friends, colleagues, or any group of people. It involves each individual in the group taking turns purchasing and serving drinks for the entire ...

Example sentence

"The friends decided to treat themselves with a round of drinks at the bar."


Round Of Exercises

A round of exercises refers to a specific set or sequence of physical activities performed in order to promote fitness, strength, and overall well-being. It is commonly associated with workout sessions or fitness classes conducted in groups, where individ...

Example sentence

"The fitness instructor led a round of exercises that included squats, lunges, and push-ups."


Round Of Greetings

A round of greetings is a collective noun phrase that refers to the customary or formal exchange of greetings among a group of people. These greetings can involve spoken words, handshakes, hugs, or other forms of non-verbal communication depending on the ...

Example sentence

"After the speaker finished their presentation, a round of greetings broke out as attendees exchanged handshakes and friendly hellos."


Round Of Handshakes

A round of handshakes is a collective noun phrase that refers to the customary exchange of handshakes between a group of individuals. It is a common scene during professional meetings, social events, or formal introductions where people gather together. E...

Example sentence

"After the successful presentation, there was a round of handshakes exchanged between the team members and the audience."

Some of these collective noun phrases are traditional, while others showcase a touch of creativity. Choose the one that best fits your narrative or discussion.

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