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A rouleau is a special type of collective noun that refers to a group of small cylindrical objects or items arranged in a line or in tight formations. The word "rouleau" is derived from the French word for "little roll" due to the shape of the objects being reminiscent of small rolls or cylinders. This unique collective noun can be used to describe various items that share this particular cylindrical or tubular shape.

One common example of a rouleau is a group of coins tightly wrapped in a roll, commonly seen in banking or during the exchange of currency. These coins, typically of the same denomination and value, are neatly stacked and bundled into a cylindrical shape. Another example could be a rouleau of film negatives or small photographic slides, where several transparent filmstrips are lined up and stored together for convenience and organized handling.

Rouleaux can also refer to other objects or materials that fit this cylindrical description. For instance, a collection of rolled-up banknotes, where individual bills are tightly wound together to form a cylinder, can be termed as a rouleau of money. Similarly, artistic creations such as brushes or crayons bundled together in a cylindrical shape can be referred to as a rouleau of art supplies, highlighting the shape and arrangement of these objects.

In summary, the concept of a collect noun with the word rouleau entails groups or formations of cylindrical objects. Whether it's coins, film negatives, banknotes, or art supplies, whenever a collection shares this distinctive rolled or tubular form, the term rouleau can be used to describe and classify them.


Rouleau of Coins

A rouleau of coins refers to a grouping or collection of coins that have been tightly rolled or wrapped together in a cylindrical form. This cohesive formation helps in easy handling, storage, and transportation of multiple coins at once. Typically, this ...

Example sentence

"I needed change for the vending machine, so I grabbed a rouleau of coins from my piggy bank."


Rouleau of Money

A rouleau of money is a captivating terminology used to describe a specific phenomenon when paper notes or bills, particularly in the form of coins, are tightly rolled and secured together with an elastic band. This collective noun phrase suggests a visua...

Example sentence

"A rouleau of money was prominently displayed in the display case, showcasing the wealth of the local casino."

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