[35] Roll with it: Exploring Collective Noun Examples featuring the Word 'Roll'

A roll in English refers to a small piece of bread that is usually baked in a cylindrical shape. However, the word "roll" can also be used as part of a collective noun, commonly highlighting large groups of animals or people moving or functioning together. Here are some examples of collective nouns featuring the word "roll":

1. A roll of musicians: Denotes a gathering of musical performers, typically used when describing a marching band or a large orchestra playing together harmoniously.

2. A roll of thunder: Refers to a group of successive loud rumblings of thunder that are heard one after another, usually during a thunderstorm.

3. A roll of dice: Represents a term used in regards to gambling or board games, indicating the action of throwing multiple dice together simultaneously.

4. A roll of researchers: Depicts a significant number of scientists or scholars working collectively towards identical research goals or objectives.

5. A roll of film: Describes an old-school term associated with photography when a certain amount of processed photographic film would be "rolled" exposing the frame for capturing an image.

6. A roll of bills: Refers to a tightly wrapped collection of banknotes, often referencing a large sum of money or a particular currency denomination.

7. A roll of coins: Designates a cylindrical stack of coins of the same denomination, commonly encountered either in money exchange counters at banks or vending machines.

Though the word "roll" is not solely associated with collective nouns, it illustrates how this word can create a deeper understanding and context when describing groups or assemblages of various objects or beings. Whether describing nature's forces, human activities, or material possessions, incorporating the word "roll" can enhance the vividness and color of our communication.


Roll Of Bills

A roll of bills is a collective noun phrase that refers to a group of banknotes, specifically currency in the form of paper money. This bundle or stack of bills is typically rolled tightly together for storage and ease of transport. As a collective noun, ...

Example sentence

"The man pulled out a roll of bills from his pocket to pay for his expensive dinner."


Roll Of Blueprint

A roll of blueprints refers to a collection or group of architectural or engineering designs neatly rolled up together, typically on large sheets of paper or vellum. This collective noun phrase emphasizes the practicality and organization required in the ...

Example sentence

"The architect examined the roll of blueprint with a critical eye, ensuring the measurements were accurate."


Roll Of Bread

A roll of bread refers to a delightful assortment of bread rolls tied together, usually arranged neatly in rows or stacked on top of each other. Exhibiting a captivating array of shapes, textures, and flavors, this collective noun phrase showcases the uni...

Example sentence

"The baker placed a newly baked roll of bread on the counter, filling the air with its heavenly aroma."


Roll Of Canvas

A roll of canvas is a collective noun phrase that refers to a group or bundle of canvas material that has been rolled up for storage or transportation. Canvas, a heavy-duty woven fabric typically made of cotton or linen, is widely used for its durability ...

Example sentence

"The artist unrolled a large roll of canvas to begin their masterpiece."


Roll Of Carpet

A roll of carpet refers to a unique and versatile collective noun phrase that aptly describes a group or collection of carpets. It evokes the image of multiple carpets wrapped tightly and neatly around each other, forming a cylindrical shape. This collect...

Example sentence

"The workers carried the heavy roll of carpet up the stairs to the apartment."


Roll Of Certificates

A roll of certificates refers to a group or collection of officially issued documents that serve as evidence of certain qualifications, achievements, or completions. This collective noun phrase emphasizes the act of rolling and unrolling, commonly seen in...

Example sentence

"The university presented a roll of certificates to the graduating class."


Roll Of Cinnamon

A Roll of Cinnamon is a delightful and fragrant collective noun phrase that brings to mind images of warm, freshly baked treats and cozy comforts. It conjures up visions of golden-brown cinnamon rolls rising in the oven, their irresistible aroma wafting t...

Example sentence

"I bought a fresh roll of cinnamon for my holiday baking."


Roll of Coins

A roll of coins refers to a group of identical, cylindrical-shaped coins that are tightly wrapped and secured together in a paper or plastic wrapper for convenience in transportation and storage. The coins typically have the same face value and are organi...

Example sentence

"I have a roll of coins left from my trip to the laundromat."


Roll Of Cotton

A roll of cotton refers to a collective noun phrase used to describe a group or a bundle of cotton fibers that have been collected, processed, and tightly compressed into a cylindrical shape, commonly marked by having a central tube called a core. This no...

Example sentence

"The roll of cotton sat untouched in the corner of the textile factory."


Roll Of Credits

A roll of credits refers to the list of individuals and contributing parties typically displayed at the end of a film or television show. This collective noun phrase roll of credits emphasizes the act of credits rolling on the screen, highlighting the man...

Example sentence

"At the end of the movie, a roll of credits started, showcasing the hard work and talent of the entire cast and crew involved in the production."

Some of these collective noun phrases are traditional, while others showcase a touch of creativity. Choose the one that best fits your narrative or discussion.

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