[44] Marching in Unison: Discovering Collective Nouns with the Word 'Regiment'

A regiment is a military term that refers to a large unit of soldiers organized and trained to fulfill a specific mission or objective. As a collective noun, "regiment" can be used to describe a group or collection of soldiers who are assigned to the same regiment and serve together in various military operations.

For instance, during battles or conflicts, regiments from different branches (such as infantry, artillery, or cavalry) may combine their skills and resources to form a powerful force. The regiment, in this case, symbolizes unity, discipline, and camaraderie among soldiers who work closely together to achieve a common goal.

Moreover, regiments are not limited to active military employment but also feature in different historical accounts or civil societies. In history, it is not uncommon to hear of medieval regiments assembled for feudal lords or ancient formation of regiments under various empires. Even in modern-day scenarios, certain organizations or institutions may adopt the term "regiment" to denote a closely-knit unit, such as a police or firefighting regiment, characterized by a structured hierarchy.

In essence, a regiment represents a cohesive and coordinated collective of individuals, bound by shared objectives, training, and discipline. It showcases the importance of teamwork, trust, and loyalty within the group, emphasizing the strength that can be found when many pull from the same proverbial oars.


Regiment Of Ants

A regiment of ants refers to a large and organized group of these fascinating social insects. As one of the smallest creatures on Earth, ants have evolved complex systems of cooperation, and a regiment showcases their remarkable ability to work together w...

Example sentence

"A regiment of ants bravely marched along a narrow path, skillfully maneuvering around any obstacles in their way."


Regiment Of Artillery

A regiment of artillery is a collective noun phrase that refers to a military unit specifically focused on artillery. It describes a group of soldiers trained and equipped to operate and deploy artillery weapons in combat scenarios. With a rich history da...

Example sentence

"The Regiment of Artillery is renowned for its precision and firepower on the battlefield."


Regiment Of Athletes

A regiment of athletes refers to a group or gathering of highly skilled and disciplined individuals engaged in various sports or athletic pursuits. This exceptional collective comes together to showcase their prowess, dedication, and adherence to rigorous...

Example sentence

"The regiment of athletes marched onto the field, each one determined to give their best performance."


Regiment Of Bikers

A regiment of bikers refers to a group of motorcyclists who have come together to ride or travel collectively. The phrase, regiment, adds a sense of discipline and organization to this assembly of bikers, amplifying the unified and cohesive nature of thei...

Example sentence

"A regiment of bikers thundered down the highway, their roaring engines shaking the ground beneath them."


Regiment Of Books

A Regiment of Books is a captivating collective noun phrase that brings to mind a plethora of carefully arranged literary works emblematically forming a disciplined group. Just as a regiment in the military is characterized by its array of soldiers follow...

Example sentence

"The regiment of books lined the shelves of the library, organized according to genre and author."


Regiment Of Brothers

A regiment of brothers is a term used to describe a group of close-knit siblings or brothers who share a common bond, camaraderie, and purpose. The use of the word regiment emphasizes the organized unity and discipline associated with military units, high...

Example sentence

"The regiment of brothers gathered together, each prepared to fight for their shared beliefs."


Regiment Of Captains

A Regiment of Captains refers to a group or gathering of captains. The term regiment highlights both the organizational structure and tight cohesion within the group, while captains signifies their shared occupation as unit leaders or commanders of milita...

Example sentence

"The annual gathering of naval admirals called for a regiment of captains to discuss strategic plans."


Regiment Of Cars

A Regiment of Cars refers to a group or collection of cars, often used in a symbolic way to emphasize their impressive quantity and collective impact. Just like in a military regiment, where individual soldiers come together to form a larger cohesive unit...

Example sentence

"As the parade started, a regiment of cars lined up, each vehicle gleaming with a bright, metallic sheen."


Regiment Of Crabs

A regiment of crabs refers to a fascinating gathering or group of crabs. This collective noun phrase vividly portrays the organized and disciplined behavior exhibited by these marine creatures. Crustaceans of various species join together, showcasing harm...

Example sentence

"A regiment of crabs scuttled across the sandy shoreline, their pincers raised in defense."


Regiment Of Cricketers

A Regiment of Cricketers refers to a group of individuals who are teammates and passionate players of the sport of cricket. Just like a military regiment comprising soldiers under a common command, a Regiment of Cricketers is a united force of players who...

Example sentence

"The Regiment of Cricketers gathered on the sports field, dressed in their vibrant team uniforms, ready to take on their opponents."

Some of these collective noun phrases are traditional, while others showcase a touch of creativity. Choose the one that best fits your narrative or discussion.

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