[423] A Wide Range of Collective Noun Examples to Expand Your Vocabulary

A range of collective nouns can be used to describe groups of various entities, whether they are animals, people, or objects. The word "range" in this context indicates the diversity, multitude, or variety encompassed by these groups. Here are some examples of collective nouns that incorporate the word "range":

1. A range of animals: Referring to a diverse and varied group of animal species, such as a range of birds, a range of aquatic life, a range of mammals.

2. A range of people: Describing a broad assortment of individuals, like a range of students, a range of professionals, a range of enthusiasts.

3. A range of objects: Characterizing a wide array of inanimate items or things, such as a range of vehicles, a range of musical instruments, a range of tools.

4. A range of emotions: Capturing a spectrum of feelings or emotional states, like a range of joy, a range of sadness, a range of excitement.

5. A range of landscapes: Depicting various terrain types, such as a range of mountains, a range of forests, a range of coastlines.

Collective nouns provide a concise way to capture the diversity within a group, enabling us to express our thoughts more precisely and efficiently.


Range Of Abilities

A range of abilities is a collective noun phrase that denotes a wide variety or diversity of skills, talents, or aptitudes that individuals possess within a particular group or population. As the term range suggests, it refers to a span or spectrum of dif...

Example sentence

"The range of abilities displayed by the team was impressive, showcasing their diverse skills and talents."


Range Of Accelerations

A range of accelerations refers to a grouping or collection of various acceleration values that are measured or observed within a specific system or context. It denotes the diversity or variance in the rate at which an object or body changes its velocity ...

Example sentence

"The range of accelerations experienced by the race car drivers was vast, highlighting the different levels of skill and power in the competition."


Range Of Accents

A range of accents is a captivating and diverse collective noun phrase that encompasses the multitude of distinct vocal inflections and pronunciations found within a specific region, country, or even among a group of individuals. It denotes the full spect...

Example sentence

"The range of accents in the room was truly impressive, with voices from all over the world echoing through the air."


Range Of Acceptances

A range of acceptances refers to the collection or group of various responses, approvals, or admissions given by different individuals or entities, encompassing a spectrum of opinions, decisions, or offers that demonstrate variation or diversity. It repre...

Example sentence

"The range of acceptances for the job position was quite diverse, ranging from recent college graduates to seasoned professionals."


Range Of Actions

Range of Actions refers to a specific collective noun phrase used to describe a diverse array or variety of different actions or activities. It represents a comprehensive spectrum or assortment of potential behaviors, maneuvers, or operations, typically w...

Example sentence

"The range of actions taken by the team impressed the judges."


Range Of Activewear

A range of activewear refers to a diverse collection or assortment of clothing and accessories specifically designed for physical activities or sports. This collective noun phrase encompasses a variety of products, incorporating functional and performance...

Example sentence

"Range of Activewear offers a variety of stylish and functional athletic clothing."


Range Of Activities

A range of activities refers to a diverse and wide variety of actions, tasks, or events that are undertaken within a specific context, setting, or organization. This collective noun phrase implies a collection of different types of activities that collect...

Example sentence

"The range of activities available at the resort is quite impressive."


Range Of Admiration

A range of admiration is a collective noun phrase that illustrates a broad spectrum of respect and admiration bestowed upon individuals, groups, or objects. It refers to a diverse collection of sentiments and feelings expressed by a community or audience ...

Example sentence

"The range of admiration was evident as the audience applauded the breathtaking performance."


Range Of Advertisements

A range of advertisements refers to a diverse group or variety of advertisements. This collective noun phrase captures the concept of numerous and different types of promotional materials, campaigns, and messages designed to attract the attention and enga...

Example sentence

"A range of advertisements were strategically placed in popular magazines and newspapers to maximize brand exposure."


Range Of Agencies

A range of agencies is a term used to describe a varied collection or assortment of agencies. It refers to a group of multiple organizations or entities that are involved in a similar field or perform related tasks. The phrase emphasizes the diversity and...

Example sentence

"A range of agencies attended the conference to discuss the current global security situation."

Some of these collective noun phrases are traditional, while others showcase a touch of creativity. Choose the one that best fits your narrative or discussion.

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