[46] Hoards, fluffle, colony or herd? Exploring Collective Nouns for Rabbits!

A collective noun for rabbits is a warren. Essentially, a warren reflects a group or community of rabbits living together in a series of interconnected burrows or tunnels, commonly found in fields, forests, or hills. The collective noun, "warren", indicates the tight-knit social structure and natural habitat of rabbits, wherein they gather for safety and companionship, specially during vulnerable moments, breeding seasons, or in search of food. The warren provides not only shelter but also serves as a vital part of their daily existence, creating an organized and intricate network where rabbits often share mutual care, playful behavior, and secure environments that ensure their survival amidst various predators in their ecosystem. The notion of a warren conveys the image of a harmonious and active rabbit population working together, exemplifying the unity and solidarity they display within their underground dwellings in their continuous quest for uninterrupted coexistence and protection.


Bevy Of Rabbits

A bevy of rabbits is a charming and enchanting sight to behold, where a group of these small, furry creatures comes together in harmony and playfulness. It is a term used to describe the joyous assembly of several rabbits, often seen grazing, frolicking, ...

Example sentence

"A bevy of rabbits hopped playfully in the meadow, their fur shimmering under the sunlight."


Brood Of Rabbits

A brood of rabbits is a delightful way to describe a group of these furry creatures. When people think of rabbits, they often envision cute and lively animals, and a brood of rabbits perfectly captures this essence. This collective noun phrase refers to a...

Example sentence

"I was surprised to see a brood of rabbits hopping around in my backyard."


Bunch Of Rabbits

A bunch of rabbits refers to a delightful gathering or group of these endearing fluffy creatures. Picture an enchanting scene where a common space transforms into a haven of playfulness, as multiple rabbits hop, skip, and frolic together. With their whisk...

Example sentence

"A bunch of rabbits hopped through the meadow, their soft fur catching the golden sunlight."


Bundle Of Rabbits

A bundle of rabbits encapsulates the playful and lively nature of a group of these adorable creatures. Picture a bouncing herd of fluffy, cotton-tailed animals effortlessly navigating through meadows and fields. Each rabbit adds to the bundle's charm and ...

Example sentence

"I spotted a bundle of rabbits hopping across the meadow, their small white tails disappearing into the dense brush."


Burrow Of Rabbits

A burrow of rabbits refers to a delightful gathering or a community of these adorable furry creatures. This collective noun phrase perfectly characterizes the instinctive behavior of rabbits, as they are known to live in extensive underground tunnels and ...

Example sentence

"A burrow of rabbits can often be seen hopping and playing together in an open field."


Bury of Rabbits

A bury of rabbits refers to a group of rabbits gathered together in their natural habitat or burrow systems. These furry creatures are particularly known for their soundless agility and abundance across various landscapes. When observed as a bury, the col...

Example sentence

"I spotted a large bury of rabbits hopping and playing in the field."


Business Of Rabbits

A business of rabbits is a poetic and whimsical collective noun phrase that beautifully captures the essence of a group or gathering of rabbits. This phrase conjures up an image of a huddle of inquisitive and adorable creatures, caught in various states o...

Example sentence

"A business of rabbits was seen hopping through a field, their fluffy white tails bouncing in unison."


Clowder Of Rabbits

A clowder of rabbits refers to a group or gathering of these beloved and whimsical animals, adding a touch of enchantment to their presence. Typically found living in meadows, gardens, or woodlands, this collective noun phrase captures the essence of a co...

Example sentence

"A clowder of rabbits peacefully grazes in the meadow, their fluffy white tails bobbing in the breeze."


Cluster Of Rabbits

A cluster of rabbits refers to a charming and delightful gathering of these small, furry creatures native to various parts of the world. This collective noun phrase aptly describes a group of rabbits as they huddle, graze, play, or simply explore their na...

Example sentence

"As we approached the meadow, we spotted a cluster of rabbits hopping happily together."


Colony of Rabbits

A colony of rabbits refers to a group of rabbits living together cooperatively, generally in close proximity to each other, often underground in interconnected burrows known as warrens. Rabbits are sociable and gregarious creatures, so a colony provides t...

Example sentence

"A colony of rabbits hopped across the meadow, their fluffy tails bouncing behind them."

Some of these collective noun phrases are traditional, while others showcase a touch of creativity. Choose the one that best fits your narrative or discussion.

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