[9] Queueing up for Collective Nouns: Eight Examples That Will Make You Wait Your Turn!

A queue is a collection of examples par excellence for exploring collective nouns. Just like the action of waiting in line, a group of people forming a queue is known to evoke a sense of orderly patience. Translating this into the world of collective nouns, specific terms have been invented to perfectly describe the cluster of individuals standing in line.

One collective noun example associated with a queue is "line." The term "line" is used to describe a row of people standing behind each other, patiently waiting for their turn, often in queueing areas such as entrances, ATMs, or theaters. It vividly captures the collective sense of order and anticipation. Imagine a crowded movie theater foyer, observing a line of anxious film lovers, eagerly waiting to enter and claim a seat for the latest blockbuster.

Another excellent example is the use of "queue" itself as a collective noun. This linguistic oxymoron allows for double interpretation: a single queue forming its own collective representation. When someone refers to "a queue of people," it signifies unity within diversity, presenting a strong visual image of a well-ordered line of individuals eager to accomplish a particular task – a startling symphony of individuals, each with their own dedication and purpose.

A less commonly used collective noun yet equally intriguing is "a line-up." It conjures a scenario where individuals voluntarily form a queue, building natural camaraderie while standing side by side, coordinating limbs, and awaiting their turns. This term particularly emphasizes coordination among the people within the queue – capturing their subtly synchronized movements and echoing the collective rhythm of anticipation found in queues.

In conclusion, collective nouns immersed in the world of queues exhibit creativity, specificity, and a touch of wondrous paradox. Reflecting the disciplined harmony of people in a queue, the examples mentioned (such as "line," "queue," and "line-up") artistically encapsulate the cooperative nature of those standing shoulder to shoulder, revealing the elegance and unity present in a seemingly elementary action of patiently waiting one's turn.


Queue of Actors

A queue of actors refers to a captivating gathering or assemblage of talented individuals who are skilled in the performing arts. This collective noun phrase captures the essence of a group of actors waiting in a line, symbolizing their dedication, ardent...

Example sentence

"In the theater lobby, a queue of actors lined up eagerly, clutching their headshots and resumes."


Queue Of Candidates

A queue of candidates refers to a group or line of candidates waiting or competing for a specific position, job, or opportunity. This collective noun phrase captures the image of individuals patiently lining up, often with hopeful and expectant anticipati...

Example sentence

"At the job fair, there was a queue of candidates eagerly waiting for their turn to be interviewed."


Queue Of Cars

A queue of cars refers to a line or sequence of vehicles that are lined up or waiting in an orderly formation. This collective noun phrase emphasizes the organization and unity of multiple cars waiting in succession, typically seen in scenarios such as tr...

Example sentence

"A long queue of cars snaked its way down the road, causing a traffic jam."


Queue Of Files

A queue of files refers to a grouping or collection of various files organized in a particular order, typically waiting to be processed, accessed, or managed. This term is commonly used in the context of digital or physical environments where files are st...

Example sentence

"There was a long queue of files waiting to be processed in the office."


Queue Of Jobs

A queue of jobs refers to a group or sequence of tasks awaiting completion, typically scheduled or managed in a specific order. The collective noun phrase queue of jobs captures the concept of various tasks or projects being lined up and organized systema...

Example sentence

"The queue of jobs in the tech industry seems to never end."


Queue Of Plans

A Queue of Plans is a descriptive collective noun phrase that captures the imagery of a line or sequence of organized and structured intentions, projects, or goals waiting patiently to be implemented. Used metaphorically, this phrase conveys an image of c...

Example sentence

"The queue of plans was pulled out of a hat, each idea waiting its turn to be implemented."


Queue Of Suitors

A queue of suitors is a fascinating and somewhat peculiar collective noun phrase that is used to refer to a group of hopeful individuals seeking the affection or attention of a particular person. Imbued with an air of anticipation and competition, this ph...

Example sentence

"In the novel, the protagonist finds herself at the center of attention, with a seemingly never-ending queue of suitors vying for her affection."


Queue Of Tasks

A queue of tasks is a collective noun phrase that depicts a sequence or line-up of various activities or assignments waiting to be accomplished. It represents a systematic arrangement of tasks where each one follows the other in chronological order or bas...

Example sentence

"The manager delegated a queue of tasks to each team member, ensuring productivity was maximized."


Queue Of Television Shows

A queue of television shows refers to a collection or group of television shows that are lined up or waiting to be watched in a particular order. Just like people waiting in a line, these television shows are queued up to be viewed one after another, prov...

Example sentence

"A queue of television shows is waiting patiently in my streaming app, ready to entertain me for hours."

Some of these collective noun phrases are traditional, while others showcase a touch of creativity. Choose the one that best fits your narrative or discussion.


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