[48] Intriguing Collective Nouns for Queens: Unveiling the Royal Lexicon

A collective noun for queens refers to a group of queens or royalty that share a common characteristic or purpose. In history and literature, there have been numerous instances where powerful queens have banded together to form alliances and support each other. While there is no widely recognized specific term for a group of queens, one can consider using the phrase "a court of queens" to represent a collective noun for this esteemed group. Imagining a court of queens transports us to a regal environment where these eminent women occupy positions of power and influence. In such a court, queens may come from different realms and backgrounds, each with her own unique strengths and virtues. They govern wisely, exhibit grace, and inspire others through their sheer leadership and charisma. A court of queens becomes a gathering of brilliant minds, where ideas are exchanged, alliances are formed, and a collective strength blossoms. This collective noun implies a sense of unity, camaraderie, and sisterhood among the queens, envisioning a powerful force that helps shape history, influence societal norms, and inspire generations to come.


Alliance Of Queens

The Alliance of Queens is a majestic and influential collective noun phrase that encapsulates the power, grace, and unity exhibited by a group of exceptional female rulers. This distinct assembly is characterized by the fusion of extraordinary leadership,...

Example sentence

"The Alliance of Queens convened to discuss pressing matters concerning the realm."


Ancestry Of Queens

The collective noun phrase Ancestry of Queens refers to a lineage or genealogical tree of queens throughout history. It encompasses the identities, relationships, and heritage of past and present sovereign female rulers. This gathering of queens traces ba...

Example sentence

"The Ancestry of Queens dates back centuries and makes for a fascinating study of royal lineage."


Assembly Of Queens

An assembly of queens is a captivating and empowering concept that represents a gathering of incredibly influential and inspirational females. This unique germinal group implies a meeting of powerful women who possess qualities such as strength, resilienc...

Example sentence

"An assembly of Queens gathered at the historic palace to discuss policies of utmost importance."


Bloodline Of Queens

The phrase Bloodline of Queens refers to a unique and prestigious collective noun that encapsulates a lineage of influential and powerful female rulers throughout history. It represents a fascinating genealogical chain that connects queen regnants, empres...

Example sentence

"The bloodline of queens ensures the royal succession by passing down regal heritage through generations."


Castle Of Queens

Castle of Queens is a mesmerizing and enchanting ensemble of powerful women, coming together to form a united force in both strength and grace. As a collective noun phrase, it refers to a group of queens, embodying a regal and majestic aura that commands ...

Example sentence

"The Castle of Queens is a mythical gathering place for powerful women from different lands."


Conclave Of Queens

A Conclave of Queens is a resplendent and majestic term used to collectively describe a gathering or assembly of powerful and influential queens. This regal phrase encapsulates the idea of a celestial congregation, where reigning female figures, each poss...

Example sentence

"The Conclave of Queens gathered in a grand assembly, their regal presence captivating all who beheld them."


Coronation Of Queens

The collective noun phrase Coronation of Queens refers to the ceremonial event or ritual where multiple queens are crowned or formally installed into their positions of monarchial leadership. This grand occasion symbolizes the transfer or establishment of...

Example sentence

"The coronation of queens is always a grand event filled with regal beauty and ceremonial solemnity."


Coterie Of Queens

A coterie of queens is a remarkably majestic and regal group that exudes unrivaled elegance and charm. Comprising a collection of powerful, charismatic, and influential women, this exclusive gathering showcases the epitome of feminine strength and leaders...

Example sentence

"A coterie of queens gathered in the grand ballroom, their regal presence demanding attention."


Council Of Queens

The collective noun phrase Council of Queens depicts a powerful and prestigious assemblage of women rulers who gather to discuss and make decisions of utmost significance. Composed exclusively of queens, this council represents a harmonious amalgamation o...

Example sentence

"The Council of Queens gathered to discuss matters of great importance to their respective kingdoms."


Court Of Queens

A Court of Queens is an exceptionally regal and majestic collective noun phrase that invokes an image of elegant power and exquisite nobility. This term brings to mind a group of queens, portraying a hierarchical gathering of female rulers with immense au...

Example sentence

"The Court of Queens is a stunning assembly of powerful monarchs from different realms."

Some of these collective noun phrases are traditional, while others showcase a touch of creativity. Choose the one that best fits your narrative or discussion.

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