[19] The Quarrel Family: Collective Noun Examples Showcasing Unity and Disagreement

A "quarrel" is not only used to refer to a disagreement or conflict between individuals, but it can also act as a collective noun. When used in this sense, a "quarrel" pertains to a group of specific living beings. Here are a few examples of collective nouns with the word "quarrel":

1. A quarrel of sparrows: Flocks of sparrows are commonly referred to as a quarrel. These small, social birds are often observed flitting about, chattering and bickering amongst themselves, hence the term quarrel.

2. A quarrel of squirrels: Squirrels, especially when they gather in search of food or during mating season, can be referred to as a quarrel. Their animated behavior, chasing each other and engaging in playful disputes, contribute to the term.

3. A quarrel of monkeys: Certain primate species, like macaques or baboons, exhibit the collective name of a quarrel due to their dynamic social nature and potential for conflicts within their troop.

It is worth noting that collective nouns can vary regionally and may depend on personal preference or colloquial use. These examples with the word "quarrel" illustrate groups of animals commonly associated with some level of fussing, quarreling, or squabbling, which ties in with the word's meaning of an argument or disagreement.


Quarrel Of Artists

A Quarrel of Artists is a unique and vibrant collective noun phrase used to describe a group of talented and expressive individuals who share a passion for artistic creation. This term paints a colorful picture of an eclectic gathering of artists who may ...

Example sentence

"A quarrel of artists got into a heated debate about abstract art during the gallery opening."


Quarrel Of Chess Players

A Quarrel of Chess Players refers to a group of passionate individuals who are deeply engrossed in the strategic and highly intellectual game of chess. The collective noun highlights the intense focus, concentration, and emotional intensity that often ari...

Example sentence

"A quarrel of chess players gathered in the park, engaged in intense debates and competitive matches."


Quarrel Of Commentators

Quarrel of Commentators is a unique and captivating collective noun phrase that aptly describes a group of commentators who engage in heated debates and disagreements. A quarrel is typically associated with heated arguments or disputes, which perfectly ca...

Example sentence

"The quarrel of commentators continued throughout the match, as they passionately debated every play and decision made on the field."


Quarrel Of Cooks

A Quarrel of Cooks refers to a lively and often dissonant gathering or collective of cooks. This witty and slightly whimsical phrase perfectly captures not only the cacophony and headstrong personalities that can sometimes define a group of cooks but also...

Example sentence

"In the busy kitchen, a quarrel of cooks frantically bustled around, each tasked with their own culinary masterpiece."


Quarrel Of Critics

A Quarrel of Critics refers to a grouping or assembly of professional analysts and evaluators engaged in the task of scrutinizing artistic works, literature, movies, performances, or any other form of artistic expression. These highly informative and crit...

Example sentence

"The quarrel of critics clashed over whether the film was a masterful work of art or a complete flop."


Quarrel Of Debaters

A quarrel of debaters is a descriptive and imaginative collective noun phrase that evokes an image of intense and animated discussions or arguments among a group of individuals engaged in thoughtful deliberation. Inspired by the inherent nature and fervor...

Example sentence

"A quarrel of debaters gathered in the auditorium, ready for an intense discussion."


Quarrel Of Drivers

A Quarrel of Drivers is a unique collective noun phrase describing a gathering of individuals who control and operate vehicles. This phrase encapsulates the complexities, diversity, and occasional confrontations that arise within the realm of drivers. Eac...

Example sentence

"A quarrel of drivers broke out when two cars collided at the busy intersection."


Quarrel Of Fishermen

A quarrel of fishermen is a captivating collective noun phrase that refers to a group of individuals who engage in the art and skill of fishing. It portrays a vivid image of a gathering of enthusiastic fishermen, each brewing a fervent passion for their b...

Example sentence

"A quarrel of fishermen gathers in the harbor, eagerly discussing their latest catch and swapping tall tales of the biggest fish that got away."


Quarrel Of Football Fans

A Quarrel of Football Fans refers to a group of passionate and energetic individuals united by their love for the game of football. This collective noun phrase captures the intense emotions and occasional heated interactions that can arise when fans discu...

Example sentence

"A quarrel of football fans erupted outside the stadium, with rival supporters exchanging heated words."


Quarrel Of Lawyers

A quarrel of lawyers refers to a gathering or group of attorneys engaged in heated discussions, disputes or legal arguments pertaining to a specific case or general legal matters. It denotes the clash of legal minds, passionately debating their respective...

Example sentence

"A quarrel of lawyers filled the courtroom as they argued vehemently about the case."

Some of these collective noun phrases are traditional, while others showcase a touch of creativity. Choose the one that best fits your narrative or discussion.

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